Latest Leaders – June 2011

At the midway point of the season, the June Latest Leaders* feature a nice mix of familiar and fresh faces. Congrats to those who made it and be sure to look over the full list from You may discover a new blog or two for your blogroll!

MLBlogs Latest Leaders by page view from June 1-30:

MLB PRO | Full roster
1. The USA Baseball 16U Blog
2. Better Off Red
3. Fantasy 411
4. The USA Baseball 14U Blog
5. Beat the Streak Report
6. Alyson’s Footnotes
7. Bloomberg Sports
8. Inside the Dodgers
9. The WELL WISHES FOR GARY Official Greeting Card
10. Baseball Nerd
11. Comerica Park, 48201
12. Around the Horn in KC
13. Ben’s Biz Blog
14. The Byrd’s Nest
15. The Veteran and the Rook
16. Great Scot!
17. John & Cait…Plus Nine
18. Heard It From Hoard
19. Gonzo and ‘The Show’
20. B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful
21. Tommy Lasorda’s World
22. Blogs Central (lol)
23. CastroTurf
24. Inside the White Sox
25. Rattler Radio
26. Dodgers Photog Blog
27. Padre Knows Best
28. Curly W Live
29. ‘Riders Insider Blog
30. Phillies Insider
31. Newberg Report
32. ‘Cats Corner
34. The LumberBlog
35. Down the Line with the Phillies Ballgirls
36. MLB Urban Youth Academy
37. Vine Line’s Cubs Club Blog
38. Bird Droppings
39. Above the Plate
40. Ozzie Speaks
41. The D-blog
42. Clubhouse Confidential
43.Our Game
44. Is this thing on?
45. Yard Work
46. On the Mike with Mike Safford (Voice of the Boise Hawks)
47.’s On the Beat
48. Brian Anderson’s House of Blogs
49. The Cutoff Man

1. The Baseball Collector
2. Rays Renegade
3. Rowland’s Office
4. Rockin’ Redlegs
5. Cook & Son Bats’ Blog
6. Red State Blue State
7. Counting Baseballs
8. Phillies Phollowers
9. Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend
11. Pinstripe Birthdays
12. Blogging ‘Bout Baseball
13. DYNASTY League Baseball from designer of Pursue the Pennant
14. The Future Blog of the Red Sox
15. Beisbol 007
16. Crzblue’s Dodger Blue World
17. The Pittsburgh Peas
18. The Ballpark Guide
19. baseballqueen
20. Reds Country
21. This is a very simple game…
22. Live, Eat, and Breathe Yankees
23. 2131 and Beyond
24. I’m Not A Headline Guy…
25. Yankee Yapping
26. The BRAWN of BRAUN
27. The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived
28. Collection of Baseball
29. G*Nats
30. Art of the Pale Hose
31. The Yankee Dinosaur
32. Milwaukee Fireworks Stores
33. Pick Me Up Some Mets!
34. The Unbiased MLB Fan
35. The Cub Den
36. Minoring In Baseball
37. Unfinished Business
38. Phillies Red Pinstripes
39. A Girl’s View of the Brewers and Other Related Baseball Things
40. Observing Baseball
41. All Things Pirates: Breaking down the Buccos
42. Major League Ballhawk
43. Perfect Pitch
44. Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts
45. Rox Addict
46. Strictly Cubs Baseball
47. steel city ballhawk
48. Blue Jays Nest
49. Sarge’s Phillies Phantasy Camp Diary
50. The Baseball Haven

1. The Zo Zone
2. Bowman’s Blog
3. All Nats All the Time
4. Beck’s Blog
5. Bombers Beat
6. Muskat Ramblings
7. Brew Beat
8. Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer
9. Mark My Word
10. Postcards From Elysian Fields
11. Britt’s Bird Watch
12. Mariners Musings
13. Tag’s Lines
14. The Fish Pond
15. Haft-Baked Ideas
16. Major League Bastian
17. Brownie Points
18. North of the Border
19. Major Lee-ague
20. Bollinger Beat

All 30 beat writers also contribute to our Trade Deadline blog at’s On The Beat

* If you leave the MLB themes for other themes options now available on, you are no longer technically part of the blogs family, but rather among the millions in the community. Thus your blog will not show up in the reports we use here for Latest Leaders. Thanks for your understanding.


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Esta pagina es un estimulo para todos los que informamos sobre Beisbol. saludos a todos.


August is officially here, can’t wait to see how the leader board is going to look. Any word of when it might be posted?

Working on it right now! Hopefully today…

How is “leaders” determined?


Page views tracking only blogs that have an MLB theme provided by Major League Baseball Advanced Media.

Lots of great blogs out there! If you want a new and interesting take on baseball, be sure to check out my blog!


I can’t seem to get a video uploaded. I only get the link. Help!! what am I doing wrong? 😦

I finally made it to the top 50!! (34th to be exact.) So happy. Haha.

I too miss the ‘recently updated’ section of the blog network.

Speaking of stats…..I was checking out some all-time leaders…..only 15 players have a total of 1,500 runs, 1,500 rbi, .400 OB% and .500 slugging….Ted, Babe, Barry, Gehrig, Hornsby, Cobb, Foxx, Speaker, Mantle, Musial, Ott, Manny, Bagwell, Thome and Chipper…..dang….Ted and Babe were on base nearly 1 out of every 2 trips

So many people voicing their concerns on this M L B-inspired format issue and the Latest Leaders List. This open dialogue whether positive or negative will help make the community stronger in the future. The vibe we have generated in the recent past as a fortified community is why I turned down a chance to write for Baseball Digest for the 2011 season.
The deciding element in my decision was the bond and vibe this community brought out monthly when these lists were posted.
Some have called them “popularity contests”. Some have wondered how to be included. Someone pointed out to me the Baseball Collector came over from the MLB Pro blogs in April to our FAN Section. No biggie I love competition..Bring it!
The answer to future success is simple. It is a combination of the things that made us a standouts in the baseball blogging community as a whole…;Bringing a new edge, insight and voice to the sport that all of us hold close to our hearts. This community is only as strong as we let it be…..
I say it is time to raise the bar, jump the shark and show why we are the best Major
League Baseball writers never to see a paycheck…..What do you say?

I miss the community as well, that’s why I’m going to change my blog format back to the old one. I must say it sucked not seeing the Rant on the current Latest Leaders list. Congrats to those who made the list and those who chug on. Props to my boy the Rox Addict for breaking the Top 50 this month…D

Hm, this kind of stinks. I really liked my new theme, but I guess I’ll switch back so that I can be part of the community again. I see that everyone has pretty much said this before, but it kind of stinks that in order to take advantage of WordPress, you have to leave the community. Two other things I miss are the Search function and the ‘Recently Updated’ List on the homepage. Those were ways that I found new blogs, and without it, I have to resort to this now-partial leaders list.

I liked your story on Stan Musial’s homer being the top All-star moment but had a question – you said in reference to him beating Ripken that he ran into too many left-handed 500 home run hitters. I don’t think Musial hit 500, did he? I thought he was just short like Gehrig. If I am in error, I apologize. Great story Mark!

Congrats to all! I haven’t been able to blog as much as I’d like lately, but happy to see I’m still up there.

Aside from this, I’ve noticed that since the move to WordPress, there seems to be much less commenting than there used to be; comments that get misdirected into spam if I forget to login to WP before I comment; comments that don’t post right away because they need to be “moderated” (?), especially if a link is included; and a LOT, LOT, LOT of spam! Anybody else have similar issues? Any ideas?

I am pleased to be among great writers, once again. But mlblogs is surely not the same. I’ve been here for almost three years and have met some great people and have had great opportunities. This switch to wordpress seems to have killed all that we once had. In my spare time I still enjoy checking everyone’s work out, including my own. But right, this community feeling that I prided myself on is lacking now. I hope it can be repaired.

I’ll miss my old (new) layout but I have thought about this long and hard and think that it’s best that i revert back to the MLBlogs theme for now. I love this community and want to help it thrive.

I looked back at an email I received from a friend who is now a popular writer for a Philadelphia based website that I’m involved with who told me that he decided to start writing about the Phillies because of my blog. I want more people to have this experience as well.

Congratulations to all the great bloggers on MLBlogs for their achievements, and please allow me to apologize for my earlier rants.

Congrats Everyone who made it!

Hot dog! What a group of AWESOME! I love this place!!! Me and my baseball obsession give fist bumps to all!
–Jeff (I also represent Al, and Jo)

Greetings Everyone!
I was on the Amtrak on my way to work when I tentatively openned the latest leaders. Seeing as I am not blogging as much due to so much to do, I thought I was going to drop like the stock market. I said out loud “YES! #16!!! 16” YEs!’ ::pumping my fist:: I had to look around the train but people were busy sleeping or with headphones on. That being said, I am sad not to see other familiar blogs there. I hope the kinks get worked out.
I had such a wonderful time at SABR41 convention in Long Beach! Had a blast listening to all the baseball geeks like the guys from Fangraphs, Rob Neyer, ex players, medical panel, media pannel.etc. It was great being a tourist in my neck of the wood and being a volunteer as well.
Thank you all that visit my blog. pics and post from SABR41 upcoming. Next year’s SABR vonvention will be in Minnesota. Had a great time in Minneapolis when I was there the end of June to watch my Dodgers play the Twins so I think is a great location for SABR42. . Met wonderful people at SABR41. I could not believe how friendly everyone was there. Among many people I met at SABR41 was John Thorn.
SABR42 in 2012 will be in Minneapolis
SABR43 in 2013 will be in Philadelphia.

Congratulations to all and thanks to everyone that reads Reds Country!

Wow! Thank you to everyone who continues to visit my blog. And congratulations to the latest leaders. I can’t tell you how pleased I am to be counted in your number.
But I miss the community at large. I understand that there are difficulties with any change and we need to be patient. I know MLBlogs is working on solutions for some of our concerns, including recreating the “recently updated blogs” list and the search by team function and that these things take time, but is there any way to fix this too? Maybe a way to start including folks who’ve changed their theme but still have .mlblogs in their address or for people to return to MLBlogs by changing their theme back? I think this would help us maintain our sense of community over the long term. That said, I really love MLBlogs for providing this forum for us. Blogging here with all of you this year is the most fun I have had in any baseball season, and that is seriously saying something. 🙂
— Kristen

I totally agree. Sure doesn’t feel like a community anymore. I like all the things wordpress has to offer, but because I want to use them I am kicked our of “The Family.”

Mark, you need to fix this otherwise you’re going to rip this community apart.

Without the list including my blog I don’t have any way for the others to find me anymore.
Nobody ever told us we couldn’t be on the list if we changed themes. I may as well just become another dot com that nobody can find.

I feel for you. This totally bites. You and Phanatic are right. Thanks for giving us the boot mlblogs.

Congrats to everyone that made the list. Kudos to you for not switching. Sorry I’m so bitter, but this is so upsetting, and to see below that the guy who runs this had an “Oh well, I don’t really care if we lose you” attitude is pathetic.

Hi Jennifer and Chris, I would love to visit both of your blogs! In my experience, the easiet way to help people visit your blogs regardless of who is on leaders list is to start including a link to your blog in your comments, either in your name like I (and others) do or in the body of your comments like some of the others do. Honestly, the leaders list is a great resource, but it just shows our blog names. Comments show our personalities and thoughts and are a better way to meet people who’s blog we might like to visit.
Regarding this development, I for one am not getting angry. This is the first leader’s list from a full month with WordPress and it’s just one more kink. I’ve project managed systems and platfrom migrations for work before and there are always kinks. We’ve made our opinions known about this particular kink. Let’s give them a chance to think about it and see if there is solution…or if the solution is as simple as changing your theme back to an MLBlogs theme. Have a great night and I hope to see you around the blogosphere.
— Kristen

I agree with what Kirsten said. Make sure to include some info when you comment so people can find your blog. I subscribed to this thread so I could see if others were as upset as me, and it appears I was correct.

I know I blew up in my comments below, and that may have sparked some of these hostilities, and for that I’m sorry. Mark has done a really great job and I think he’s going to figure something out. I know that when I looked down the list there were a bunch of perennial All-Star blogs that were missing, and I don’t really think that he wants them lost. My blog made the Top 100 for a year straight, and I’m totally bummed that it’s not there now. At the same time one of the biggest hang ups of the old platform was the lack of decent layouts available, and that’s why I decided to change my theme. Who wouldn’t want a way to differentiate themselves from thousands of blogs that all look exactly the same.

I think that this list is very important though if you want to be able to find other blogs. There is no way that I’m going to be able to bookmark all these great blogs. With the old platform we could click on the MLBlogs home page and see who had recently updated, and search for other blogs, now you can’t do any of that. Maybe they will find a widget we can all use to stay linked together. I can’t imagine that they can’t actually track us if we all have the same domain name.

I am torn because there have been a lot of great things said here by everyone, and I hope that they can find a way to resolves these issues, as they are more important then some seem to think. I know that I was really upset when I saw that I didn’t make the list when I had more traffic come to my blog this month than in any other month in its existence.

I would just like to see a commitment from MLBlogs that they will look into this. It was a shock form me not to see The Rockpile Ranter, The Yankees Chick, The One Constant, and some others missing. I don’t want to have to switch back, but if there isn’t another way I guess I’ll consider it.

Chris and Jennifer hang tight. There has to be a solution to this problem.

Well said, Kristen!

I’ve been trying to get my blog onto this list for months. I guess it’s not possible now? What a letdown. How are you not part of the family when your blog says @ the end? Totally not fair!

Very disappointed to find out I’m no longer in the Latest Leaders list because I chose to utilize a different theme for my blog than what I had been previously stuck with. I don’t see how that’s fair, seeing as our domain name is still, as opposed to

Not much else I can really say about that.

Yes! Mines not there anymore either. LAME!

Thanks to those who helped get us up to number 5 this month.
However, its sad that some regulars (Rockpile Ranter!) are gone due to the theme switch. I’m a fan of some of the word press upgrades (and displeased with other *upgrades*), but it seems like the word press conversion might be tearing the mlblogs community apart, which is sad because its been a very cool community to be a part of.

Agreed. I thought we were trying to get rid of all the asterisk in baseball. I am saddened by this too. Saddened that the guy who oversees MLBlogs thinks that losing a lot of the people that made MLBlogs a success as a “necessary tradeoff”. I posted a similar comment to yours that was censored by said guy, even though it contained zero foul language, just an opinion.

#22! Congrats everyone! Can’t believe the season is half over.

Congratulations to everyone who made the list. I started my blog a few days ago and I hope to have the readers, subscriptions, and votes to join you one day.

Congrats to all who made the list. I am glad that after making it to #50 earlier in the year I am at #41. Thanks so much for reading and please continue to do so.

It took me about a year and a half, but I finally made the top 50. Thanks everyone one for stopping by.

Congratulations to everyone on the list and thanks to everyone who’s read my blog over the past month. It’s been a roller coaster- but a very fun one- for the Giants and for me. Brownies and hugs all around!

Be sure to see the asterisk at the bottom of the post, too. Lost some regulars in the Latest Leaders as a result of the theme-switching, but that’s a necessary tradeoff of having a wonderful new platform on For now at least, it looks like the only way to ensure you can stay in Latest Leaders or get there is to keep the MLB theme. Either way, happy baseball blogging, everyone!

Really bummed Mark. This was never very clearly stated until now. My other post which says it’s still awaiting moderation is a pretty good point. Here’s hoping that you can resolve this issue. At least it would be great to hear that you will try.

Wow, super excited to make the top 50 list in 18th spot in my first full month with this blog. Thanks to all my readers for making this happen and to MLBlogs for keeping track of everything. Very, very exciting! If you haven’t see my blog, feel free to check me out. I’ve traveled to about 20 different pro ballparks so far this summer, with another 20 or so to come:

June just seemed to fly by like a Bautista/Konerko bomb. Seemed like yesterday we were just taking down the decorations for Opening Day. I have had more than a few distraction this month with my job travels/home move, but July is always a month to get exicited about…..All-Star Game, H R Debry and the Trade Deadline.
Thanks a million again to the many who have glided by my blog and posted comments, or just came for a friendly visit. Been a great half a year so far…But many surprises still await all of us. Got to go explore a few blogs, meet some new writers and hopefully see all of us again on this list at the end of July.

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