Embed your new MLB.com/jibjab video!

My story on MLB.com has all the details about how you can now create an MLB.com/jibjab video featuring five characters in a Major League Baseball setting. It’s the newest and coolest Starring You campaign for JibJab and the theme of this one is “Take Me Out To The Ball Game.” We’re looking for examples of MLB.com bloggers who have done this and embedded the finished product into their blog post — please be sure to leave your URL in comments so we can highlight them here. Here’s the one created by No. 1 Latest Leaders fan blogger Rays Renegade:

[mlb-jibjab url=http://mlb.jibjab.com/view/P5btRDYqPTfDTbuO]

Important: these kinds of embeds will have to be whitelisted by WordPress.com going forward. To embed your MLB.com/jibjab video like that one, you must include the following in your HTML field, and just substitute the actual URL from your own embed code.


Does anyone know how to get the MLBlogs Top 100 button or a sitemeter button or hit counter back on our blogs? Any help would be appreciated, I really suck with computers. Email me at southernbelle816@gmail.com

Blog Stats widget is on your dashboard in Appearance –> Widgets. Will help Tues with Top 100 badge if you qualified. Happy MD weekend.

Here’s the Orioles version I made, but the embed is not exactly working perfectly for me.

-Avi M
2131 and Beyond: The games. The news. The experiences. The Orioles.

You guys have Zack Hample?The Baseball Collector as the FANS Top Dog this month. Thought you brought him over from the MLB Pro Bullpen to stiffen us up and produce roses out of…….clay.
Being # 2 to a book author is not shabby at all. Plus a guy giving $$$ to charity…Grand Salami.

Nevermind, I think I just figured it out :O) Thanks!

Anyone know where I put that bit of code? Does it go IN the embed code already there…if so, where? I cannot get it to work. And yes, I substituted by own url. Thanks!

I believe WordPress.com only lets embed certain types of video without purchasing an upgrade.

I made one. It was a lot of fun. I also had problems with embedding it and only got a link as a result. My solution was to post a picture that related to the video and link the picture to the video using the same URL that posted when I tried embedding it the first time. Works well as a substitute until it embeds properly without any tricks. Click on my name below and check it out. Fun way to celebrate taking the series from the Mets today!

I tried it and the embed code will not work…it just posts a weird code.

You know us Rays Mark….Always a thorn in someone’s side. (lol). Trying to figure it out myself….Thank Goodness my computer is smarter than me!

Thanks – checked out your embed code and found an issue trying to embed it into this community blog as well using the html field. We’re looking into that here, and in the meantime if others can please try doing this, let us know results.

Decided since it was an off day for the Rays at home…Perfect time for Longo, Price, Joyce, Zorilla and “The Legend” (Sam Fuld” to sing us a crafty tune.
Having a rough time embedding it, so here it is for now:

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