May 25th, 2011

How bloggers are using new features

One of the many great things about our new blogs is the enhanced ability to customize your MLBlog’s look and feel. A number of you already have done some extensive work on your blogs, and we wanted to highlight some examples for those still getting a feel for the new platform.

The Cardinal's BasePhillies Phollowers is a good example of the wide variety of widgets now available. Same with The Heirloom.

Links are handled slightly differently than in the past, and we are seeing some great use of Link widgets in your sidebars. Strictly Cubs Baseball is one such example of good use of the Link widget to highlight favorite blogs, while This is a very simple game takes it even a step further, categorizing the blog links by division.

Kaybee of Unfinished Business is one of the MLBloggers who has integrated her blog with her Twitter account. World Series 41, Rangers Fan 1 put a poll widget in his sidebar for readers to weigh in with their votes.

On the multimedia front, 2131 and Beyond! is showing what you can do with photos in, while the guys at Red State Blue State are kings of all media with their videos and podcasts.

Prose and IvyFinally, a number of you have discovered the wide variety of non-MLB themes available out there. Ashley’s West Coast FanGirl, The Phanatic Addict, Prose and Ivy and Yankees Chick are three great examples of this. And if you want to see an amazing customization job, check out The 1 Constant.

Got any others you want me to include here? Please leave the URL in comments and I’ll check. Also be on the lookout for Latest Leaders to see which blogs are most-viewed.

If you do decide to go with a non-MLB theme, we strongly suggest taking a page from Matt at The Cardinal’s Base and linking back to and/or to this community blog, as you will lose that red MLBlogs Network navigational ribbon atop the MLB themes. And we again welcome all you pre-existing bloggers who have just discovered our new MLB themes. Happy blogging!

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