Where to find the PRO blogs

Ever want to know who’s blogging along with you in the Major League Baseball family? We’ve just added a new page on MLB.com that indexes all (mostly) active accounts with the PRO theme, generally those bloggers who are employed by MLB. These range from players like Marlon Byrd and Torii Hunter to front-office execs like Bob Rose and Tommy Lasorda  to MLB.com beat reporters like Jen Langosch and Bryan Hoch. Did you know the Phillies Ballgirls are on here?

Check out the brand-new MLBlog of MLB Official Historian John Thorn if you haven’t already, and learn more about the origins of baseball. See what Keith Olbermann is blogging on Baseball Nerd, and get help for your roster from the MLB.com Fantasy 411 gurus. And don’t miss a chance to ask Ozzie Guillen questions and see if he answers them.

It’s the only place where you can blog along with a wide variety of Major League personnel, and we’ll keep that page updated as we add new accounts regularly. With all the MLBlogs now on WordPress.com, expect that number of interested MLB bloggers to go up, too. Also be sure to see if you ranked in our Latest Leaders, as seen in the previous post, and keep the feedback coming in comments here about the new platform while also letting us know if you’ve done something special with the new WP software so we can help show off your blog.


Can you please add the ‘Riders Insider Blog to the Broadcasters list of the new MLB.com index of Pro Blogs. Here is the link: http://ridersinsider.mlblogs.com/ – Thanks!

Done! Thanks, Brian.

If anyone’s looking for more MLBlogs to read, especially those not listed in the Latest Leaders, I have a running list of blogs attached to the top of my site, organized by league and team. Hope this is helpful!

GREATLY appreciate the MLB links back to our MLB.com/blogs community! Really nice work with the customization — added you to the examples in this post. Thanks.

How do I search tags in blogs, like in the past? For example if I wanted to search “Giants” where do I do that?

Love the new program. I’ve been able to give Prose and Ivy a whole new look. All are welcome (even if you don’t root for the Cubs!) so check it out! I created an entire page to MLBlogs because the red ribbon disappears. More updates to come!

Prose and Ivy

Everyone please keep leaving comments here with your URL if you have jazzed up your MLBlog using the new WordPress dashboard features. Please be *sure* to include navigation back to http://mlb.com/blogs and/or http://mlblogs.mlblogs.com if you do, so that people can find their way back to MLBlogs if you redesign with a new theme, as the red MLBlogs Network ribbon on the top disappears when you leave the MLB themes. I will highlight some of these cool looks shortly. Thanks!

I went to my media library and deleted pictures that I saw were not unattached. Now on the other pictures that are attached to posts, sometimes I see duplicate pictures. I started deleting duplicates but the properties to the pic look the same so sometimes I lose the pic in the post and sometimes I dont. I realized I should have cleaned up my pictures when I uploaded them initially.


Does anyone know where to go to write a blog description under your blog title?

Yes. It’s under settings, then general settings. Write what you would like see under your blog title in the tagline section. It doesn’t take HTML like the old MLBlogs but it works out okay.
— Kristen

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