Status update on photos and storage

All or nearly all of the photos on fan MLBlogs have been restored, a final step in the conversion process as outlined in previous posts. Thanks for your patience.

We have made sure that you have enough storage space to continue posting photos on your blog. This was very important in advance planning, as you can look through our Latest Leaders and see many examples of blogs that have great photo usage, like Crzblue’s Dodger Blue World, Rockpile Ranter, MLB groundskeeping guru Murray Cook and Cook & Son Bats’ Blog.

The default storage limitation on is 3GB, standard for their many millions of bloggers. To check your current storage status in your dashboard, go to Appearance –> Media. This was not an issue for all but a small handful of the thousands we converted.

For anyone who will require further space, the first tier of paid storage is 5GB. The next tier is 15GB. See the Space Upgrade page for more details, part of the FAQ for MLBloggers you were presented here after the relaunch was announced on Monday. And reminder to go here if you need MLBlogs Support.

Did you see what Prose and Ivy or Yankees Chick or By Gosh, It’s Langosch have done with their MLBlogs?

Will approve all constructive comments on this community blog. Thanks for all the feedback (also for those who commented on Paul’s post), and please keep it coming. Also please do share in comments any tips you feel are useful for your fellow MLBloggers in utilizing the new functionality. It’s cool to see so many people enjoying the infinitely upgraded capabilities, and we’ll have the April Latest Leaders up asap, probably later tonight. Be sure to check and see if you ranked among the most-viewed MLBlogs, and also see to the right here about how to have your MLBlog spotlighted in this space over coming days!


I’ve enjoyed blogging at from Japan, and would like to continue on the upgraded WordPress server. What time zone setting should I use in the dashboard for consistency of posting date and time? Should I use EDT?

Thanks for the update Mark. I’m still missing like 80 entries but I’ll talk with tech support. I’ll figure some way to make this work.
Congrats to the new faces (and old:), in top 5..”D”

Yes, agreed. There are so many great widgets! Check out my blog! It looks nothing like it’s former self! Loving it!!!

Hey Mark,
WordPress is definitely a big adjustment compared to the old platform, but it’s already been a lot of fun, too! Thanks for the hard work on the conversion and for mentioning my blog in the above post! I appreciate it! I look forward to seeing what everyone does with their blogs considering all the new options.
Prose and Ivy

As you know I popped a lot of photos up on each and every post. I used your advice and checked and I have over 68% left before an possible photo GB upgrade.
My large concert collections will be attached via the Flickr widget soon so to clear space, plus make them all in one central location for everyone to enjoy.
I am still trying to decide if I am going to tweak the page….I have a few ideas…..Might be interesting.
Thank you for the inclusion on the page at the bottom. I love blogging here, and the comments you made showed all the sweat, strained eyes and effort is noticed.
Thanks again Professor.

Thanks! And good advice on Flickr widget!

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