and relaunch MLBlogs

The blogging community is now upgraded.  Here’s a guide to get started:

Everyone will receive a activation email that will contain very important details on how to access your new dashboard, and that email is going to the address currently associated with your MLBlog.

Join the crowd at!If you did not receive an activation email from, please enter the email address you use to log into your MLBlog.

If you do not have access to that account, please fill out this form to change to a different email address.

* * * FAQ for migrated bloggers:

* * * Support form:

All Blog Support will be handled by the very capable support team – NOT customer service or any other source.

If you have trouble receiving your activation or account information emails, also please check your spam/junk email box. If you have an option to unblock specific email addresses, try allowing * (all emails from the domain) and/or addresses.

No unpublished drafts were moved over from Movable Type to, so if you failed to publish or copy those in advance, as cautioned here, then they’re goners.

If you encounter any missing content after the final conversion, it should show up shortly afterward. Use the support contact if you see lagging issues. Your old profile pic from Movable Type will not convert to Get to know Gravatar.

We will continue to post monthly Latest Leaders right here, and we’ll catch up with April’s rankings in just a bit. Be sure to bookmark this blog and get yourself onto the Latest Leaders. We at want to drive traffic to you, and is one of the biggest sites anywhere. Remember, this is — you are blogging along with Tommy Lasorda, Torii Hunter, Marlon Byrd, the Phillies Ballgirls and front offices everywhere (see right link list).

You are going to have access to the three types of themes you’re used to (per MLB and Club), plus the impressive volume of WordPress themes. In turn, this is going to drastically expand this community, because hundreds of thousands of WordPress bloggers will have access for the first time to MLB themes. We’re also gaining the capability to add a wide variety of widgets to the blog sidebar, as well as complete customization capability for the sidebar.

Your blog’s URL will remain the same, for example and not

Be sure to change your time zone. Just go into Settings to do that. You also can add the descriptive text that goes under your blog’s title.

Love your At Bat 11 app? Search for the WordPress app as well. Then use them both regularly. It is really cool to blog via mobile, even approving comments or rejecting spam from anywhere.

Once you have received the activation email from, we recommend bookmarking your dashboard at that point to save time and logging in there. You also will be able to log in from a link at or simply

Check back here regularly and happy blogging!


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I’d also discoverd that I’d also lost all of April 2010. I’m not happy about losing a lot of my work. I wonder if anyone else have lost posts.

Per the relaunch post, please contact Support for any such issues. They are handling all support for MLBlogs.

I’d send them a message on that yesterday. Still waiting to hear from them why they’re missing and how long it will take for them to show up.

I’d just taken a look at my blog, and it would seems that a large part of it is missing. How bad is it? I seems to have nothing for October 2009, which I know is not true, since I’d wrote a lot of stuff during the Phillies run to the World Series that season. What should I do to see if it will ever come back?

I actually like the new system I couldn’t even log on to MLB blogs when it was hosted by the previous company is my first experience with WordPress. And I must say that I still have a lot to figure out, but at least I can keep my blog up to date now. What I do miss however is the ability to see the latest blog updates on the home screen, aside from the “latest leaders” I like reading about other teams and bloggers that aren’t necessarily “leaders I hope there’s a way that the site administrator can bring that aspect of the old site back very soon.


We are working with on bringing back Most Recently Active feed…stay tuned and thanks.

This is the mlblogs news I have been waiting for! 🙂
Still the best way to find new blogs to check out!
Watching the Dandelions Grow

Hey guys, love WordPress and all the opportunities made available. It’s exciting.
—Mark Gauthier

Finally able to log in, but my profile pic comes up blank every time I download it. It looks like every other blogger is having no trouble with this. Also, can you change you screen name, or do all my comments from now on say from ‘mlblogsburrilltalksbaseball’? That would be kind of lame. I’ve had no response or help from word press on any problems whatsoever, so your help would be appreciated.
‘Minoring In Baseball’

I can help with the second part of your question.

When you login to, there should be a grey bar at the top of your browser.
-Click on the words “My Account”
-A page called “My Public Profile” should come up.
-About halfway down the first screen, there is a section labelled “Display name publicly as” – this is where I changed my display name from “mlblogskeleighannah” to the much less lame “Keleigh”.
-Now, once you post, it should show up as “By: displayname” and link automatically to

I hope that helps.


Hi Mike – it took me a day or two to figure out the photo thing too. You have to go to My Account, Change My Profile and then use the Gravatar buttons on the left hand side. It will take a few hours to show up after you finish. I did mine before work one day and it was up by the time I got home, but not at lunch if that helps. If you want, feel free to email me (you have my address probably from old comments) if you see I’ve figured out something you haven’t found yet – Word Press is probably overwhelmed with the lot of us. 🙂
— Kristen

I will take my blog someone where else too if this doesn’t change maybe; paying for something that use not be paid for is wrong and you will lose bloggers with this. Photos are part of our blogging a least 75% of bloggers on mlblogs use it. I am mad about that all my hits are gone and basically start over, yea I got a email that said bah bah bah it could covert it something bah bah bah, BULL and am mad I had over 2500 hits now I only have what 80 that’s a huge difference.

C’mon MLBlogs, step up to the plate on this one. You bragged up this conversion to WordPress but you left out some of the most important things that would be happening. And to whoever keeps posting that I should post my pics somewhere else and link them, that’s crazy and would make reading entries a Pain in the Azz. Four years spent here blogging for nothing, at least 60 of my entries are lost, misc pictures missing and I just had to pay 50 bucks to add more pictures and that will probably last a month. MLBlogs really dropped the ball here, what did you think would happen when those of us who use pictures in our blogs found out about having to pay to upload?

@Rockpile Ranter

And to whoever keeps posting that I should post my pics somewhere else and link them, that’s crazy and would make reading entries a Pain in the Azz.

Excuse me for not being clear enough I didn’t me just to link an image to the post and if the person wanted to see the image they would have to click a link I was referring to using the link method as in embedding the actual image into the post…

WordPress,com converts the link into a embed code while in the editor you have 3: options to embed a image 1: “upload from your computer” 2: “insert link to convert into into embed code” 3 “use existing image from the “Media Library”…

If you haven’t already read the support document I linked to I encourage you to!

I do not have a blog, but love reading a lot of the MLBlogs that are on here. I read several blogs that really wouldn’t work without photos that the blogger took at the game. People telling other people to use photos from Flickr are probably the blogs I don’t read. Why would someone that blogs using words and their own photos want to look for random photos on another website, and not their own? Also, last time I checked, the people writing these blogs aren’t getting paid for writing them, but just purely for the enjoyment of rooting for their favorite team. WHY would someone PAY money out of their OWN pocket to write a blog for the enjoyment of people they don’t even know? I’m sure Mark is making money running this site, so he could care less. I also find it very funny that Mark talks about this great new thing, but completely failed to mention that if you wanted to keep posting photos, it was going to cost you. For all of the blogs I read, that always have great gameday photos, I’m sorry to hear about MLB screwing you. I had a blog in 09′ for about two weeks, and it took up WAY too much time, so I had to quit, so I know how many countless hours you people have put into these blogs, away from family and friends.

I’ve got to agree with others about having to basically pay to post pictures. I can’t blog without pictures. This needs to change, or I’ll have to take my blog elsewhere.

I’m now totally opposed to this migration to WordPress.

Please refer to this reply I left for a free workaround to embed your own images within your blog post

While I’m happy about some of the added bells and whistles from WordPress, I can’t say I’m so excited about all of our missing content, including images, video embedding and entire text entries (in some cases) and the lack of our tags leading to only posts written by us. That was one way we used to keep things tidy for ourselves. Now you click on a tag at the bottom of our posts and it shows posts from blogs all over the world, instead of just ours. We have been blogging here (happily) for over 3 and a half years, with over 1200 entries and quite the internet footprint (though I’m afraid much of that footprint is gone now?), and we don’t want to go anywhere else. We’ll work through these bugs but I had to voice my opinion, that I am not very satisfied (some of my support questions have been completely ignored) with all the extra work we’re having to put in just to make our stuff look like it is supposed to.
–Jeff & Allen

Categories are blog specific. They’re not a total solution for the way tags are used, but at least they can help with the sort of organizing you’re talking about. I’m finding these very helpful on the new platform. Said all along that missing content was not lost and would gradually show up based on how the PRO blog conversion went. Keep me posted if you are not hearing excellent support response, that is expected. Thanks as always and greatly respect your feedback.

I understand, except the last three and a half years of tag work doesn’t convert to the new “categories” so we are sorta at a loss on that. I also wasn’t aware of the pay-for-storage option until recently. Thankfully, support has been coming today… some content is still missing. Working on that with them. With anything new there will be hiccups, I understand, but most of all, I am saddened to see our internet footprint demolished by the conversion. My stats are down by about 90% as we are less searchable now that the conversion is complete and our old archives are not out there in web universe drawing in new readers as powerfully as they once did. I liked that our blogging was part of a small community of like minded baseball geeks and I hope that MLB does as much to keep this community tight. So far with this switch, it seems like we’ve been thrown into the rest of the blogging world, away from our niche, just based on how the tags and the search functions work, but I hope mine is just a temporary reaction to something new… that over time MLB will do its part to maintain this awesome community. The NFL, the NHL, the NBA… they can’t touch what we have here.. cuz they don’t have it! I would hate to see MLB lose it.

Loving the switch to WordPress! Everything has been smooth so far. Does anyone know how to edit the banner, though? Some extra unwanted text is left on mine, but I can’t figure out how to access and delete it.

You can edit the “tagline” (banner) by navigating to Settings > General in your dashboard.

Consider using flicker for your pictures. If you’ve been blogging for a really long time just get rid of some of the really old pictures.

I’m pretty happy with the changes. My blog has a totally new look, and I love it.

Like “D”, I too am over the storage quota already. I’ve decided to simply upload pictures to my own website and then load them into my entries from my website. I thought that would work. I wrote an entry last week before the conversion, all I need to do is upload my pictures. But it simply will not work. Maybe half of my pictures are showing up. Others act like they’re going to show up (while in the editing function), but don’t show up when I “preview” the entry. Other pictures simply will no load into my entry — even though they show up just fine where I uploaded them to my website. Pre-conversion, I would have had this entry posted yesterday after relatively quickly uploading the pictures. Instead I have wasted hours with nothing to show for it. Not fun.

@Cook & Son Bats
Please refer to this reply I left for a free workaround to embed images within your blog post

I didn’t get any e-mail from word-press, but still able to log in weird, so is that a problem am okay without getting the email needed from wordpress that it kept saying that you must get or something.

how come all photos are not showing up, anyone have the same problem.

Starting to root through the overabundant Word Press garden for the plentiful fruits of our new World.
Found a few tasty morsels that are impressive like the Twitter widget addition.
Trying to figure out the Flickr Widget so I can use it as my primary photo place instead of stuffing them in the Word Press system.
Trying to find ways of Compromise instead of stressing on the little stuff. In time we will all be participants instead of spectators…..Still going to try and swing for the fences…with every post.
Might post less pictures, but Flickr would have a huge selection.
Change can sometimes be stressful, even lost a few hairs by self-manipulation, but things are starting to

As positive as you want to make this conversion I’m not happy. The reason I blog here is there was no charge and I could upload as many pictures as I want. Today I tried to write a blog and before I can even write my first blog entry I have to pay for more picture storage space as I’ve used mine all up. How great is that? I guess for some this conversion is a good thing, not so much for me. I now know why the conversion took place. You may not feel me now but you will when you use up all of your storage here. Mark why was there no mention whatsoever of us having to pay for storage? A heads up would have been nice…D

I hope they change that c mon paying for things that we didn’t have to before is dumb and an outrage why do we after pay for dumb storage. I think it’s dumb that you after pay for something that shouldn’t be paid for. Now I am mad about that too because I like to put photos to go with my writing so it doesn’t look boring to read. And the fact we didn’t get a heads-up is dumb as well now you probably going to have a lot of mad bloggers comment on this when they find out. Please fix this problem.

Oops I replied to the wrong comment which is above yours

@ “D” The Rockpile Ranter
Hi There!
You could use the option of storing the images via a 3rd party site then embed the image via the direct link option at no extra cost via
This support document explains the process –>

How come I only have 74 hits and before all this I had almost if not over 3000 hits and now just 74 please someone tell me some others have the same problem, am trying to get into the top 100 and just lost about 2900 hits? Anyone can tell me that would be great and thanks! Great so far other than that problem and some of my photos are not showing up why is that too?

@Big E

Hi There!
You could use the option of storing the images via a 3rd party site then embed the image via the direct link option at no extra cost via

This support document explains the process –>

@big E
Sorry about that I replied to your comment by mistake… I meant to reply to the comment below your comment.

I like that I can access the blogs faster on my droid. I don’t like that on the main page, when I try to log on, I am being locked out at work. Darn it! oh well. I’ll find a way… I can’t see all my pictures but again, it could security at work. I’ll check at home but it will be after the Dodger game tonight. Is Kershaw’s bobblehead tonight and there is a chance of rain but I’ll be there rooting my boys against the Brewers.

Just starting to root around into everything available to us on our “new” blogs. It’s going to take awhile just to learn everything! So many more options than before is great! In particular, I love the automatic linking feature available! The only thing I can see that I’ll really miss (besides the latest entries on the front page) are the descriptions we could give to our favorite blogs under the old format. Oh, well. I’ve already found at least half a dozen plusses to one minus, so we all finish ahead!

Hi, Steve. You still can enter a text description under the blog title on the MLB themes. The only thing you can’t do is use html in that area. To add your description, go to Settings on your dashboard. Have fun!


The transition was as smooth as silk for me! Thanks for all of the emails prior to the transition and the help as always.

Now, I just have to find some content! 🙂

So, it’s going to take me a while of poking around to get used to things, but almost everything seems to be in order over at my new blog. However, I miss the space on the homepage where it listed the most recently updated blogs and I was wondering if that (or something like it) was going to re-appear at some point. It was the best way for following along with other bloggers!
(Watching the Dandelions Grow)

So, it’s going to take me a while of poking around to get used to things, but almost everything seems to be in order over at my new blog. However, I miss the space on the homepage where it listed the most recently updated blogs and I was wondering if that (or something like it) was going to re-appear at some point. It was the best way for following along with other bloggers!
(Watching the Dandelions Grow)

Hey, Keleigh, thanks and it looks like you are making progress! Regarding the old “Most Recent Activity” automated feed on … yes, that is a casualty of the conversion and we hope will be able to help re-produce at least something similar to that. Making sure MLBloggers can find MLBloggers is always important to us and that is a post-relaunch issue we will address. In the meantime, as always, follow the Latest Leaders here (new one about to come out) and leave comments with your URL on all of those blogs…people find you that way pretty easily. Have fun!

My blog seems to be a bit of a mess. None of the links transferred over, the entire sidebar is at the very bottom of the page, some pictures do not show up, entire posts are gone, etc.

Please use the Support form if you haven’t already, and keep me posted here. Looks like you are starting a new WP blog? Want to make sure you stay in Latest Leaders!

I sent in a “Support Form” early this morning. I have made a lot of headway in the design and whatnot of the blog but there are still a lot of of posts that are simply gone. The title of those posts shows up but the body is no where to be found.

It has been fun with all the design options. I wish I could figure out how to make the “pages” at the top function like drop down boxes…

Hi, pics are not lost. If they remain slow in showing up, use the support contact for any help in that area. Also, use the FAQ I mentioned, and you’ll see Space Upgrade information in the topics on the right.

I’m worried, very few pictures have uploaded on mine. Hey Mark do we have to pay now to upload pictures? Do the past pictures I have in my blog entries get grandfathered in?

Very smooth transition! My blog is up. I got the email on schedule. My pictures are loading slowly but surely. And I can tell there are all kinds of fun new toys on the dashboard. Seriously, this was a big job. Well done!

Thanks, Kristen! Use the support contact if you have ongoing issue with pics migrating and keep me posted! Enjoy those cool new toys!

Well, I’ve got my new blog all tricked out the way I want it, and I was able to retrieve the HTML code for my visitors counter, so that’s even better. I love the themes we have to choose from now, and I think I chose one that suits me well. So far, so good!


That was fast! Great job, Beth! Anyone can use our existing MLB themes or customize using the new features. Please be sure to point people back to (and here!) from your relaunched MLBlog!

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