May 16th, 2011 and relaunch MLBlogs

The blogging community is now upgraded.  Here’s a guide to get started:

Everyone will receive a activation email that will contain very important details on how to access your new dashboard, and that email is going to the address currently associated with your MLBlog.

Join the crowd at!If you did not receive an activation email from, please enter the email address you use to log into your MLBlog.

If you do not have access to that account, please fill out this form to change to a different email address.

* * * FAQ for migrated bloggers:

* * * Support form:

All Blog Support will be handled by the very capable support team – NOT customer service or any other source.

If you have trouble receiving your activation or account information emails, also please check your spam/junk email box. If you have an option to unblock specific email addresses, try allowing * (all emails from the domain) and/or addresses.

No unpublished drafts were moved over from Movable Type to, so if you failed to publish or copy those in advance, as cautioned here, then they’re goners.

If you encounter any missing content after the final conversion, it should show up shortly afterward. Use the support contact if you see lagging issues. Your old profile pic from Movable Type will not convert to Get to know Gravatar.

We will continue to post monthly Latest Leaders right here, and we’ll catch up with April’s rankings in just a bit. Be sure to bookmark this blog and get yourself onto the Latest Leaders. We at want to drive traffic to you, and is one of the biggest sites anywhere. Remember, this is — you are blogging along with Tommy Lasorda, Torii Hunter, Marlon Byrd, the Phillies Ballgirls and front offices everywhere (see right link list).

You are going to have access to the three types of themes you’re used to (per MLB and Club), plus the impressive volume of WordPress themes. In turn, this is going to drastically expand this community, because hundreds of thousands of WordPress bloggers will have access for the first time to MLB themes. We’re also gaining the capability to add a wide variety of widgets to the blog sidebar, as well as complete customization capability for the sidebar.

Your blog’s URL will remain the same, for example and not

Be sure to change your time zone. Just go into Settings to do that. You also can add the descriptive text that goes under your blog’s title.

Love your At Bat 11 app? Search for the WordPress app as well. Then use them both regularly. It is really cool to blog via mobile, even approving comments or rejecting spam from anywhere.

Once you have received the activation email from, we recommend bookmarking your dashboard at that point to save time and logging in there. You also will be able to log in from a link at or simply

Check back here regularly and happy blogging!

Pregame warmups!

8:13 pm ET update: Very close to ready…you may see your blog now but are waiting for the WordPress activation email. URLs will stay the same, conversion still in progress. Almost there, stay tuned and thanks again for your patience…

4:38 pm ET update: We are basically just dragging the infield now, preparing the field for thousands of MLBloggers to get back to work!

The conversion is just about complete, looking for any last bugs. Thank you again for your patience. I can tell you from a weekend of approving 100s of comments via mobile app on an MLBlog that our new WordPress platform rocks!

Will be back shortly with the Play Ball shout and everything you need to know on this end. Please be sure you have read everything in the last post as well.

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