Conversion to WordPress is under way!

The move to WordPress is under way! Thanks for your patience as we interrupt service to convert many thousands of fan MLBlogs from Movable Type. Here’s what you need to know:

First and foremost, you’re going to love using the WordPress dashboard and top blogging tools. So please pardon the dust while we (a) bring something very cool to’s blog community and (b) bring our MLB themes to the entire WordPress population!

The switch began at 10:30 a.m. ET on Friday, as previously communicated, and you will not be able to access blog software nor view your blog until the conversion is complete. We are projecting 5 p.m. ET on Monday (May 16) for service restoration and will provide any updates on timing here.

Anyone trying to access your fan MLBlog during that downtime will see an “Under Construction” page and will be referred to this community blog. I will respond here to comments throughout the downtime and update this post as needed along the way.

Everyone will receive a WordPress Activation Email that will contain very important details on how to access your new WordPress dashboard, and WordPress is going to email the address that is currently associated with your MLBlog. All users were asked to update that email.

If you have trouble receiving your activation or account information emails please check your spam/junk email box. If you have an option to unblock specific email addresses, try allowing * (all emails from the domain) and/or addresses.

If you did not heed our warnings to publish any unpublished drafts before the downtime, then those unpublished drafts will be vapor when you get your new WordPress blog. There is no exception.

If you get the urge to write during this downtime, write it in a text editor like Notepad (PC) or TextEdit (Mac) and save it to copy and paste into your new blog when the next system is targeted to be online on May 16. If you post every day and are worried this ends your streak, no problem, just backdate your posts and publish them once we’re all live on WordPress.

If you encounter any missing content after the final conversion, it should show up shortly afterward. Please note that your old profile pic from Movable Type will not convert to WordPress. You’ll want to get to know your Gravatar options. Way cooler as with everything there.

PRO MLBlogs are not affected. Those were migrated over as a test last month to ensure that the mass of fan blogs are converted as smoothly as possible.

The community blog will respond as needed to comments on that blog during this outage weekend and will let you know when the final changes are completed, signaling your return to blogging in a brand-new way using the latest blogging software from our WordPress friends.

Once the conversion to WordPress has been completed, all Blog Support will be handled by the very capable WordPress support team – NOT customer service or any other source. WordPress has extensive support documentation at and can be contacted directly at

As always, this community blog also will be a help resource on any issues that are representative of a collective need, but this will not be a technical-support blog.

You are going to have access to the three types of themes you’re used to (per MLB and Club), plus the impressive volume of WordPress themes. In turn, this is going to drastically expand this community, because hundreds of thousands of WordPress bloggers will have access for the first time to MLB themes. We’re also gaining the capability to add a wide variety of widgets to the blog sidebar, as well as complete customization capability for the sidebar. Fun is coming.

Your blog’s URL will remain the same, for example and not … and did you know that Tommy Lasorda posted the first-ever MLBlog? He’s going strong and now using WordPress.

Once you have received the activation email from WordPress, we recommend bookmarking your WordPress dashboard at that point to save time and logging in there. You also will be able to log in from a link at or simply

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