Latest Leaders – July 2010

Latest Leaders by page views from July 1-30:


31. MLBlogosphere (lol)



I humbly thank everyone who has ever taken a ride on my TROLLEY!! Thank you one and all.

Looking forward to making this list in the near future! Though with Kaybee (Unfinished Business) giving the Padres excellent coverage and commentary, it might be difficult to crack, though may I say I think I bring a fresh perspective on the Padres 🙂

Looking forward to making this list in the near future! Though with Kaybee (Unfinished Business) giving the Padres excellent coverage and commentary, it might be difficult to crack, though may I say I think I bring a fresh perspective on the Padres 🙂

UGH! Still didn’t make it again this month. Come on! I know the Indians stink, but I make reading about a last place team HILARIOUS!

It’s not as funny now that I don’t have Jhonny “my parents set me up to fail at life by spelling my name wrong” “Peralta to verbally berate daily, but still humorous (if I do have to pull a Kayne and say so myself). And who doesn’t like a good Major League reference every now and then.

Now put down those Comics Classics of War & Peace and Song of Hiawatha & read my blog instead….veghead.

-Amy (Jobu’s Teepee)

21 in order of the great one Roberto Clemente! Thank yinz for reading. Its not too exciting watching the Pirates this year so I’m sure its not the most interesting thing reading about them either. Youre all great!

Why is MetsBlog considered part of the MLBlogs Network? It looks to be part of something called SNY. Curiously yours…

Everything is true!
Go in look look:
Believe that you may need.

Hey Mark…..remember me??? I’m back to blogging on a regular basis after what seems like eons. The leaderboard thing is definitely cool. Makes me wonder where I would have ranked a few years ago when I was pulling in the most visitors to my blog.

So how is it compiled? Comments? Total visitors? Unique visitors? Etc, etc.

It’s good to be back and I would welcome any and all comments as I love a good hearty discussion. My lastest ramblings include the Reds / Cardinals debacle and why Wainwright should clearly be the NL Cy Young.

– Tiffany

Well still on the list… even though inside sources say there is a conspiracy to missrepresent the visitors I have… no worries I am still hanging onto the list with my finger tips….and still waiting for the visitor magnet I requested on the wish list sometime ago…

eating Cheddar to go with montly w(h)ine…
seriously, Mark… maybe something that makes sure a posting is done on the blog to enable it to be in the list for that month… cause there is a couple, i.e. 20 and 25 that seem to be higher than when they were posting.. 20 didn’t even make the list last month and previously was in the 40’s..etc etc…
Mark.. I know it’s tough to do your job and this is afterall a free service to all us bloggers… and for that we thank you….
Okay finished eatin ma cheddar….

Happy Bloggin to all and congrats to those legits on the list

Phillies Outside

Oh yeah, I want to thank the readers for putting me back on the list. 🙂 Thank guys.

I see that I’m back on the list, and at no. 48. Hmm, looks like there’s three other Phillies’ fan blogs on the list. I think this is the first time that this has actually happened.

Congrats to everyone on the list! Mimi, D, Renegade, Jeff & Al, Beth, et. al. . . who work hard on their blog, especially to the new ones–great to see more Red Sox writers. That’s damn funny D about not offering great deals. I think there is some spamming going on, to state the obvious. I am also starting to think there is some spam in the Top 50 list. Not offering sour grapes here but some blogs haven’t posted since April. Things that make you go hmmmm.

I have no great deals to offer like the above person, just a quality blog, with solid pictures and a good story. Not much pressure being in the Number 3 spot. Thanks to the MLBLogs crew for what you do… Thanks to the kind folk who visit the Rockpile Rant on a regular basis…D

Congrats to everyone making the list. Still hoping to join y’all someday.

#11!! Thanks to everyone who has been coming by and reading and leaving comments — it’s much appreciated. 😀


*Fist bumps, y’all*
Jeff & Al

As always thank you for complinig the stats and figures and giving us some pride in what we do on, Been a wild 2010. I have been issued Photographer Credentials for each one of the Rays concerts this years and have enjoyed every second of it.
Hope anyone and everyone who reads my posts knows that if you believe in what you write, and try and kind your place…Everything works out in the end.
Congrats tothose above and below me, and keep writing so we can also see the MLB experience from different sets of eyes.
I dedicate my # 5 to Rocco Baldelli, who is working out at Port Charlotte right now and could be a key Rays call-up in September.

Rays Renegade

thanks for all the love everyone 🙂

Thank you Mark!! Number 29 for the month of July! Thank you my readers for keep coming back. I really appreciate it. Congrats to those who made it on the list! Well deserved.

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