Latest Leaders – May 2010


The blogging is heating up along with the temperatures. Summer is unofficially here and the MLBlogosphere is hopping. For traffic in the month of May, claimed its customary top spot in the Pro Blog category, with Better Off Red‘s Top 5 finish setting off wild celebrations in The Queen City. Once again, the She-Fan held off the guys at Red State Blue State for bragging rights among fan bloggers, while Todd Zolecki‘s run continues atop the beat writers.

2. Mets Minor League Blog  
3. Bronx Banter  
4. Better Off Red  
5. Inside the Dodgers  
6. Fantasy 411  
7. Behind the Mask  
8. Alyson’s Footnotes  
9. The Baseball Collector  
10. Baseball Nerd  
11. Ben’s Biz Blog  
12. Beat the Streak Report  
13. The Byrd’s Nest    
14. Around the Horn in KC  
15. Bloomberg Sports  
16. *touch* ’em all  
17. Inside the Giants Clubhouse  
18. B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful  
19. Fan Interference  
20. Inside the White Sox  
21. The Kimberly Jones Blog  
22. Newberg Report  
23. Phillies Insider  
24. Big Papi’s Blog  
25. Official Tigers Fan Guestbook  
26. Heard It From Hoard  
27. Down the Line with the Phillies Ballgirls  
28. MLBlogosphere (lol)
30. Notes from NatsTown  
31. Tommy Lasorda’s World  
32. Is this thing on?  
33. MLB Urban Youth Academy  
34. Vine Line’s Cubs Club Blog  
35. The Fact of the Matter  
36. Torii’s Storiis  
37. Brian Anderson’s House of Blogs  
38. The LumberBlog  
39. Red Sox Insider Blog  
40. Above the Plate  
41. Kara’s Hot Corner  
42. Clubhouse Confidential  
43. John & Cait…Plus Nine  
44. Gameday  
45. View From the Booth  
46. Twins Ballpark Update  
47. Inside the Chiefs  
49. ‘Topes Tattler  
50. The Dish  

1. Confessions of a She-Fan  
2. Red State Blue State  
3. The Future Blog of the Red Sox  
4. Rockpile Rant
5. Phillies Phollowers  
6. Cook & Son Bats’ Blog  
7. Julia’s Rants  
8. Rays Renegade  
9. I Live for This  
10. Counting Baseballs  
11. Unfinished Business  
12. I’m Not A Headline Guy…  
13. Yankees Chick  
14. The Closer
15. The Happy Youngster…Brew Town’s Ballhawk  
16. Yankee Yapping  
17. Confessions Of A Baseball Fan  
18. Crzblue’s Dodger Blue World  
20. Passion & Pride Collide  
21. The Three Bs  
22. Pretty In Pinstripes  
23. A Misplaced Astros Fan  
24. Your Infield Fly is Down  
25. Baseball Canadiana  
26. Live, Eat, and Breathe Yankees  
27. Love of The Game: Through 2 Different Pairs of Eyes  
29. Baseball, Orioles, and Life  
30. Indians, Cardinals, and Tigers! Oh my!  
. Linea de Primera  
32. Phillies Outside  
33. Baseball And Red Sox All The Way From Ireland!  
34. The Pittsburgh Peas   
35. Pick Me Up Some Mets!  
36. A Diatribe from a Journalism Student  
37. This is what the girl thinks….  
38. Rocky Mountain Way…Outside Coors looking in  
40. METrospection & More  
41. Perpetual Padres Saga
42. La Pagina de Tony Menendez  
43. Blogging ‘Bout Baseball  
44. Ted’s Take  
45. Cardinal Girl  
46. Everything Baseball  
47. Underneath the Halo  
48. Amazine  
49. More Cowbell  
50. Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts  

1. The Zo Zone  
2. Bombers Beat  
3. Muskat Ramblings  
4. Beck’s Blog  
5. Bowman’s Blog
6. Brew Beat  
7. Major League Bastian  
8. Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer  
9. Mark My Word  
10. Postcards from Elysian Fields  
11. CastroTurf  
12. Mets Cetera  
13. Britt’s Bird Watch  
14. Brownie Points  
15. By Gosh, It’s Langosch  
16. The Fish Pond  
17. Tag’s Lines  
18. Haft-Baked Ideas  
19. Kelly’s Corner  
20. All Nats All the Time


Mark and the MLBlogs crew who do what you to. Thanks for the Front Page luv..That’s really cool and I appreciate it…D

wow, so thats what it feels like to be in the top 30… Thanks readers and fellow bloggers for stopping by and have a great summer!

Stop by the Rockpile Rant and check out “Blogging without Borders”. This is where Dr Rocker(writer of the MLBlog “Sox Rocker”) and I switch places and blog for each others teams. This is a first here on MLBlogs so come on over and see how the Dr and I pull off this crazy Blog Swap.
Thx..”D” The Rockpile Ranter.

Well, I would still like to know how to make the top 50. Congrats to all who made it, I’m a loyal follower of quite of them. Hopefully I will be up there with you in the near future!

MY! OH, MY! Thanks to everyone who has checked in on our adventures! More big adventures start tomorrow — California here we come!

Thank you to all the Trolley Riders out there. It’s you all that makes this very fun!!
Mike BTB

Congrats to all the leaders, but I am still bummed out I didn’t make it on the Top 50. Come on people, just because I am a Cardinals fan doesn’t mean you can’t visit my blog and have a nice discussion…Whatever, I guess I will just have to try harder in June…

Thanks to everybody for stopping by the Cowbell. It means a great deal to me that you might be reading some of the blather I put out there from time to time. It is cool to squeak into the top 50, and now I’ll start working on raising my game with the hopes of moving up the charts! Regardless of what happens, doing this is a great deal of fun and I look forward to this next month.

Thanks once again for all your hard work Mark! You’ve helped to create a great community of bloggers here!


Alright…..#13!! Nice little b-day present for myself, if I do say so.


Thank you all that visit my blog! I got #18 like March! Bill Russell wore #18 for the Dodgers and Kuroda-san wears it now.
Congratulations to all! Like Jeff said, excellent company!

I have to ask…. How do you go about making the list. I have a hit counter and everything and to touch on what Peter said above I post almost daily compared to some that have been idle for weeks and in some cases months. Something seems to be wrong. Since starting my blog about 2 months ago I’ve had 15,000+ hits. What exactly does it take? I feel like I have a pretty strong following. Thanks

Excellent company all! Cheers!
–Jeff & Al

Thank you so much Mark for putting this list up so quickly! Thanks to my dear readers for checking out my blog even though I wrote ONE entry for the month of May. You guys rock. Since school year is over, I promise to get back to my regular blogging routine. Thanks again everyone and Go Padres!

Seriously? I agree with Peter. If I just sit here and keep hitting reload will I make next month’s list?

I’d like to congratulate #24 and especially #33, cause I’d like to know how they did it, along with some of the others….

Phillies Outside

Congrats to all of you topping the charts!

Nice job everyone! And thank you to everyone for stopping by my blog. And D is right…many of us do this plus have jobs, kids and all that so it is great to know the hard work pays off :O) Thanks to Mark too for getting the lists up so fast!


Now that’s what I call a solid Top 10. Props to all but serious props to those of you in the top 100 who blog, work, have kids and still make the list consistantly. That takes talent…D

ugh…so frustrated I didn’t make it again. Come on Indians fans, rally round me…since rallying around the team isn’t doing much good this year.

That was quick!
As always, got to thank Mark Newman and the finew folks at MLB Advanced Media for letting us, the MLB fans have our forum and let us allexpress our own points of view about our teams.
Thanks again to all that pass by and comment or tell me in the stands at Tropicana Field that they have read my little blog. Means alot to finally relive my life’s career goal again and write……And I could not think of a better group to let read my ramblings.
Summer brings with it some of the hottest postings of the year…..Let the rivalries and competitions commence……

Rays Renegade

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