MLBlogs Latest Leaders for 2009



Back by popular demand, we’ve compiled the Latest Leaders for MLBlogs for the past year. As it turned out, 2009 was a great year to be an MLBlogger, with some new faces joining some old standbys with large audiences. For the second-straight year, it was a Cub (Reed Johnson, this time) who boasted the most traffic amongst the player-bloggers. reigned supreme in the Pro Blogs category, while Confessions of a She-Fan edged out last year’s top Fan blog, Red State Blue State. It was newcomer Bowman’s Blog that ended up leading the team beat writer blogs. Congratulations to everyone on the list and here’s wishing you all a very happy 2010!

Here’s a link to the 2008 Latest Leaders for those of you who would like to do a year-to-year comparison.

1. Reed Between the Lines  
2. Torii’s Storiis   
3. Ank’s Blog  
4. Behind the Mask  
5. Matt’s Blog  
6. Disco Hayes  
7. Dining with ‘Dre  
8. kevin slowey’s (offseason) blog  
9. Scott Eyre’s Blog  
10. Matt Kemp’s Blog  
11. Big Papi’s Blog  
12. Deep Thoughts By Gordon Beckham  
13. Derek’s Blog  
14. Perk’s Place  
15. Moskie Madness  
16. Beau knows diddly  
17. Bally’s Blog  
18. Plouffe!  
19. Rick’s Blog  
20. Laying Down the Lawrie  
21. Wagner’s Compositions  
22. Life in Grey Pants  
23. Future in Pinstripes  
24. 30 is the new 20  
25. Huston Street’s Blog  
26. Braves in the AFL  
27. Hanley’s Blog  
28. Giants in the AFL  
29. Michael Cuddyer’s Blog  
30. Prince’s Blog
2. Hot Stove Blog  
3. Bronx Banter  
4. Mets Minor League Blog  
5. Was Watching  
6. Pinstriped Bible  
7. Trade Talk  
8. Inside the Dodgers  
9. The Kimberly Jones Blog  
10. YES Blog  
11. Baseball Nerd  
12. Fantasy 411  
13. The Baseball Collector  
14. Alyson’s Footnotes  
15. *touch* ’em all  
16. Around the Horn in KC  
17. Phillies Insider  
18. Inside the White Sox  
19. Reds Internal Affairs  
20. Inside the Giants Clubhouse  
21. Ben’s Biz Blog  
22. The Max  
23. MLBlogosphere (lol)  
24. Newberg Report  
25. MLB.TV Blog  
26. The USA Baseball 16U Blog  
27. Red Sox Insider Blog  
28. B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful  
29. Vine Line’s Cubs Club Blog  
30. Tommy Lasorda’s World  
31. Kaat’s Korner  
32. Beat the Streak Report  
33. The Blob  
34. Twins Ballpark Update  
35. Friar John’s Blog  
36. Down the Line with the Phillies Ballgirls  
37. The Nets Insider  
38. Deep in the Red  
39. MLB Urban Youth Academy  
40. The Pulse  
41. Brian Anderson’s House of Blogs  
42. Off The Wall with Chris Shearn  
43. Mrs. Singy  
45. New Era Presents the Call-Up  
46. Heard It From Hoard  
47. Notes from NatsTown  
48. Comerica Park, 48201  
49. Is this thing on? &nbsp
50. View From the Booth  
51. Better Off Red
52. Inside the Chiefs  
53. Remembering Harry Kalas  
54. The LumberBlog  
55. Organizational Report  
56. got milb?  
57. Gameday  
58. Twins Confidential  
59. The Dog Ate Daron’s Homework..Again  
60. Chirp Chatter
61. Harold Reynolds Presents 
62. Psychollingy 
63. From the Booth with Steve Stewart 
64. A Voice From Twins Territory 
66. Jesse Sanchez at the Park   
67. Delmarva Shorebirds Blog 
68. Siguiendo a los Mets 
69. MiLB Snap Shots 
70. Welcome to Third and King 
71. ‘Topes Tattler 
72. It’s a Kind of a Family. It’s a Kind of Insanity. 
73. 2009 Reds Winter Caravan 
74. Extra Innings with the K Crew 
75. Welcome To The Show 
76. Clubhouse Confidential 
77. Cooperstown Chatter 
78. Colorado Springs Sky Sox Official Team Blog 
79. MLB.TV Mosaic Blog 
80. A ‘Braves’ New World 
81. An Astros Minute   
82. The Dish    
83. Voices of The Game    
84. @MLB   
85. A’s Ticket Services   
86. Geeking on the Draft   
87. Desde el Desierto  
88. MLB Musings with Michael – Look Who I Just Interviewed!  
89. Tony Schiavone Blog  
90. Mobile Blog  
91. Yankee Stadium Memories   
93. Brooks Robinson’s Hot Corner    
94. John & Cait…Plus Nine   
96. El Champion Bat   
97. DetrΓ‘s de Los Dodgers  
98. Diggin’ In to the Legends with SuperMario  
99. Ask Dave  
100. Rainiers Rants  

1. Confessions of a She-Fan  
2. Red State Blue State  
3. Julia’s Rants  
4. The Happy Youngster…Brew Town’s Ballhawk  
5. Rockpile Rant  
6. The Future Blog of the Red Sox  
7. Phillies Phollowers  
8. I Live for This  
10. Rays Renegade  
11. Pick Me Up Some Mets!  
12. Blogging Dodgers and Baseball  
13. Yankees Chick  
14. I’m Not A Headline Guy…  
15. A Diatribe from a Journalism Student  
16. Counting Baseballs  
17. The ‘Burgh Blues  
18. Indians, Cardinals, and Tigers! Oh my!  
19. Eat, Sleep, Baseball  
20. Unfinished Business  
22. Baseball, The Yankees, and Life…  
23. Plunking Gomez  
24. Baseball Cleats & Shoes  
26. King of Cali  
27. Bruce Markusen’s Cooperstown Confidential  
28. Cambios y Curvas  
29. Statistician Magician  
30. The 1 Constant  
31. Passion & Pride Collide  
32. Rocky Mountain Way…Outside Coors looking in  
33. The Diamond Diva  
34. All Baseball All The Time  
35. King Yankees  
36. Flair For The Dramatic  
37. Hook, Line Drive, & Sinker  
38. Cook & Son Bats’ Blog  
39. A Misplaced Astros Fan  
40. The Closer  
41. The Yankees Baseball Whisperer  
42. Live, Eat, and Breathe Yankees  
43. Phillies Red Pinstripes  
44. The Pittsburgh Peas  
45. The Watercooler  
46. sittingstill  
47. Baseball Canadiana  
48. Everything Baseball  
49. Yogi Brewer  
50. Cardinal Girl  
51. Bottom of the Ninth  
52. The Brewer Nation  
53. The NYC Autograph Collector  
54. Linea de Primera  
55. A Bite Off The Big Apple  
56. A Girl’s View of the Brewers, and Other Related Baseball Things  
57. cat loves the dodgers
58. Bjarkman’s Latino and Cuban League Baseball History Page  
59. The Season Experience  
60. Ranger Rumors  
61. Baseball Bats  
62. We’re talkin Homer, Blue Jays and MLB  
63. Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts  
64. The Rumor Mill – MLB Rumors  
65. Redbird Chatter  
66. More Cowbell
67. DYNASTY League Baseball from designer of Pursue the Pennant 
68. This is what the girl thinks…. 
69. Ted’s Take 
70. Angry Fan’s Baseball Fix
71. Red Sox Nation Daily  
72. Hitless Wanderings in Texas   
73. Baseball’s Hottest Wives   
74. District Boy  
75. MLB in the eyes of a 14 year old  
76. Up in Section 360  
77. Prose and Ivy 
78. Perfect Pitch 
79. Yawkey Way Yaker 
80. For Love of The Game 
81. Twins Limey  
82. Hello Halos! My View of the Big A   
83. Sports Propaganda   
84. Bringing Diamond Back(s)  
85. Bleeding Pinstripes  
86. The Squad  
87. Dodgers Trends 
88. Crzblue’s Dodger Blue World 
89. Outside the Phillies Looking In 
90. The Golden Rule 
91. New Mexican Yankee Fan  
92. Mets’ Main Man   
93. Pinstripes in the Bronx   
94. Art of the Pale Hose  
95. Go Redlegs!  
96. When it Rains it Pours  
97. Blogging ‘Bout Baseball 
98. El Casillero de los Medias Rojas 
99. How ‘Bout Those Phils? 
100. Wrightoholics     

1. Bowman’s Blog  
2. The Zo Zone  
3. Muskat Ramblings  
4. Bombers Beat  
5. Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer  
6. Postcards from Elysian Fields  
7. Beck’s Blog  
8. CastroTurf  
9. Brownie Points  
10. Brew Beat  
11. All Nats All the Time  
12. Mark My Word  
13. By Gosh, It’s Langosch  
14. Major League Bastian  
15. Haft-Baked Ideas  
16. rallymonkeys  
17. The Fish Pond  
18. Being Ozzie Guillen  
19. Noble Thoughts  
20. Kenny G Around the Horn  



Can anyone tell me how I go about getting the MLBlogs Top 100 banner for my blog?

Please e-mail me at


Stop by the Rockpile Rant and check out how to enter the “Pitch Your Team”Video Contest. The cutoff for video entries is the All-Star Break. Show your team luv.
D..The Rockpile Ranter.

My latest entry “He Pitched a Perfect Game, I Get a Perfect Ball!” Woohoo!!

I am truly lucky and blessed to have these friends and to have shared so many Dodger moments with them

Hi Mark
I have been pushing like crazy to get back on your list since december, and you haven’t done another list.
Can we look forward to another one soon?


Hi, Mark, and all at …

Thanks for listing a quote from my blog on the mlblogs homepage … It is always enjoyable to read the many fine quotes listed in that section !!!
Enjoy Spring Training !!!
— Jimmy, “BY&L”

Mr. MLBLogosphere I think your listing is good for bloggers to see how they are doing, however I have scanned through the ‘Fans Blogs’ and wonder how some bloggers feel about being beaten on the list by blogs that are inactive for more than 12 months. You should maybe consider eliminating those blogs from qualification if they had no posts in the year or month your list represents.
Just a thought as most blogs I have looked at the bloggers work hard and deserve some recognition, but when a blogger doesn’t make your list because of inactive blogs, it could dishearten them and make them stop blogging in an areana that relys on fan paticipation.
I like MLBlogs, many varied views, with lots of information too.

– MLB Critic

Sorry Mark but I am going to “bitch and moan” – Fine – if MLB Network wants to show the Red Sox -Orioles game today to the rest of the country then great! BUT to BLACK IT OUT IN THE BOSTON AREA AND NOT ALLOW A LOCAL STATION TO BROADCAST IT???? Do the folks in California and Texas care as much about this game as we were in the Boston area do?? NOT OKAY!!!

Julia’s Rants

Since the Android OS is going to put iPhone into extinction, I think MLB enterprises should get an MLB At-Bat app available on Android systems. I’d buy it in a heartbeat, as would others. I have the free beta MLB Android app, but I don’t think it will allow for live streaming… at least I don’t think so. If I’m wrong then yay for me.

Thank you for the “Rays” front page this morning.
I know I can not speak for all of us, but I am excited about this year.
Again, I want to thank you for including myself and the other bloggers, including the Rays Spirit Team in this front page.
I will do everything I can to earn that honor in 2010.

Rays Renegade

number 69,

Thanks Mark. It was a good one

Looking forward to a great season!! Congrats to those who made it on the list too!! As for the comment above me (the gucci one) random is all I have to say right now. LET’S GO RED SOX!!

Never mind! User problem…Thanks.

Anyone else having problems logging in to create posts or update your blog? It takes me to creating a new blog instead of updating mine. It was OK when I tried at work but from home I am having problems.

Great job with the list again Mark. Are we going to get badges this year? If you can I would love them. Looking forward to the next latest leaders!


Awesome !!! … #22
It is great to be ranked #22 on the 2009 MLBlogs “Fans” Leaders List !!!
“Thank You”, to all who visited my mlblog throughout the 2009 season !!!
Also, “Congratulations”, to all blogs on all the 2009 MLBlogs Leaders Lists !!!
And, special “thanks” to Mark and all at MLBlogs/, for all your efforts … that have made MLBlogs such an excellent “Baseball Blogging Community” !!!
I look forward to another great baseball season in 2010 !!!
Take care, everybody …
Enjoy Spring Training !!!
Best Wishes,
— Jimmy, “BY&L”

Congrats to those who made Top 100 for 2009. You guys upped the ante for those of us who were Top 100 in previous years.

Mark, if we didn’t make Top 100, how do we remove the badge off of our MLBlogs? Please advise…

Thanks, all!

It’s been a while since I was last here. Lot of new faces grazing the top 100 fan blogs, and Jane is still running at the top of the list. Congrats to everyone, especially to Bowman for topping the beat writers’ category.

so where are you? are you OK?

Listing it up! I’m happy. Also, everyone else on here rocks.

I am happy for my 25 position. Ever I am in the list like the first blog in Spanish, so I guess I must to be proud, specially because the second one is ever the Yankee blog Cambios y Curvas… At least the Sox fans we beat them in that… πŸ™‚

Mark, first off, many thanks for all your hard work! A quick question – how do those of us new to the year-end Top 100 get one of those little banners for the header of our blog? Not an urgent issue, but just wondering, when you have a moment. Thanks!
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Happy birthday to Jackie Robinson today January 31st! he would have been 91. Check my tribute to him

That is sweet of you to come here and let bloggers know that you read them regarless if you have read mine or not.
Question: Why is it that sometimes we get post that are out of order? My answer to a question was the first post and the question second. I know Jane also has had that problem and also in the ITD blog.
Also Mark, #12 blog’s link is actually linked #13 Yankee Chick so both #12 & 13 are pointing to Yankee Chick’s blog. I know Roberto put a link there to his blog a year ago.
Thanks Mark for all you do for us!

Thanks to everyone who reads Prose and Ivy! I enjoy hearing from each of you and sharing my thoughts re: the Cubs throughout the year. I’m thrilled to be on this list for a second straight year. Congratulations to everyone on the list…there are many on here that I read regularly! You’ve got a great group of baseball fans here Mark! Keep up the great work with MLBlogs.

Prose and Ivy

Thanks to all of you who may have wondered by Cook & Sons Bats’ Blog. 2009 was awesome. Now, let’s hear it for 2010! Exciting times are ahead of us.

i hope to crack the top 100 soon

I am a constant reader of many of these blogs. It’s great to hear about all the information with people on or close to certain teams and the true feelings of the fans. Best of 2010 is where I hope to be.

Hey! Back to back in the Top 100 in 2008 and 2009 for DYNASTY League Baseball.

I didn’t make it!!!!!!!! That’s cool I’m #101 I’m sure

Looks like I didn’t even make it on the top 100. That’s not great at all. I need some serious catching up to do. Once again, congrats to everyone who made it on the list.

Huh, I see the fan list goes up to 100 now. I was wondering why it stopped at 57 before. I’m number 63 – cool! Probably shouldn’t admit that it’s the year I was born, now you can all figure out how old I am. πŸ™‚
Congrats to all who made the list!
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Was thinking last night with Truck Day on the horizon, and Spring Training report dates being so anxiously anticipated, maybe this is the perfect time to repost the J-Blog school you did during 2009.
It would give the new bloggers a chance to also pick-up on some of the wiesdon you gave all of us last year…..
Just a thought.

Rays Renegade

Just outside the Top 50 after a couple of unplanned lapses. Good thing when we’re hot, we’re really hot! LOL

Hopefully I’m not unemployed at all this year and the Brewer Nation will be back up in the upper echelon for 2010, just like the team in the standings!!

Thanks Mark and everyone!

Adam “Big” Rygg (Bounces to the site…easier to tell your friends!)

ugh didnt mean for that to post 3 times. sorry

how exactly is this list made? page views only? i’m thankful for everyone who has stopped by and read “The Peas” My goal is to make you loyal readers Pirate supporters! Also thankful for thos who will be secretly cheering for the Bucs while root, root, rooting hard for your own team!

number 44….thank you!

how exactly is this list made? page views only? i’m thankful for everyone who has stopped by and read “The Peas” My goal is to make you loyal readers Pirate supporters! Also thankful for thos who will be secretly cheering for the Bucs while root, root, rooting hard for your own team!

number 44….thank you!

how exactly is this list made? page views only? i’m thankful for everyone who has stopped by and read “The Peas” My goal is to make you loyal readers Pirate supporters! Also thankful for thos who will be secretly cheering for the Bucs while root, root, rooting hard for your own team!

number 44….thank you!

I’m not here to be popular, really. I see this as more of a popularity contest, that I won’t be whining about too much. Congrats to everyone that made it, I hope your mouth isn’t full of foam after you find yourself in this list.

Matthew T.

Congrats to everyone who made the list!!

Thanks so much everyone! #20 is pretty cool, I mean for a whole year? That’s amazing!! Thanks so much for reading me blog πŸ™‚
PS: I miss Kouz.

Lucky #13 for me! Of course I’d end up with Alex’s number. πŸ˜‰

Thanks to all who checked out my blog last year, either just by reading it or by leaving messages…’s greatly appreciated. Hope to see you this coming season as well.


Congratulations to all the bloggers here, regardless of their ranking. Everybody deserves applause (clap clap clap) for putting their passion into words. And thanks to those who stop by “Confessions.” It’s much appreciated.


Good company as always. We love being a part of this and look forward to it for a long, long time. Peace, Y’all!
–Jeff & Al

Thanks to everyone for stopping by! Lucky #7 – cool :O) Very proud to be included with such great bloggers!


Number 5 for the entire year. Amazing…Thank you for keeping the Rant around. Guess I owe it all to Mr Zack Hample. Without his zest for snagging baseballs and writing about it, I’d never be doing what I do. I met a lot of cool people this season through my blog. Blogging is so much more than I ever thought it could be. For me it’s a way of making lasting friendships, conquering personal fears, expressing yourself, spending time with my family and most of all having fun and enjoying baseball. Mark..Thank you Sir for another great year of leadership. I look forward the next level of MLBLogs.
Please check my picture side project at:
Let me know what you think..Good Luck to all and lets see where this season takes us?
D The Rockpile Ranter

Back up to 17, thass how we do it! #17, 17 losing seasons? Meh, mere coinkidink. (.com!!!)

Wow!! I am excited that my blog even placed. Thanks everyone for all your support!

Congrats to everyone mentioned on all of the lists for 2009.
For those who did not make the lists, do not fret or get discouraged.
Just keep writing what you enjoy about blogging about and soon you will get more commenters and more views, which can turn into a solid following here on
Moved up 13 spots in 2009, which is amazing and I owe all of it to the people and bloggers who have come by and been amused or imformed by my special brand of rambling. I have had over 182,568+ views since August 2008, and I thank every one of you for the support!
Again, thank you Mark Newman, out Blog Ptofessor for doing another Latest Leader posting at this busy time in preparation for Spring baseball.
Hopefully I can keep up the smiles and the interesting posts agin here in 2010 and shoot for a small step forward again next year…………Just keep on blogging people!!!

Rays Renegade

Congrats everybody. Next year I’m sure CastoTurf will reign supreme! I honestly think that is the best beat-writer blog and it has some great comment threads. 31 days until pitchers and catchers. Let’s go Mets!

Wow! #3? A long way from #95! Thank you Mark for doing this – we all know the off-season isn’t quiet for you – and thank you to ALL the bloggers here and all those who read and comment on our blogs! This is a wonderful community of people who love baseball! The friends I’ve made here are friends I know I will have with me the rest of my life! The only thing that remains to be said is – is it April yet? πŸ™‚


Fifteen?! REALLY?! You guys are amazing for reading my blogs, even in the sporadic months at the end of the season. Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! πŸ™‚ That really means a lot to me. Congrats to all the leaders!

Ooh yeah.

Congrats to everyone! I thought 2009 will be top 100 blogs as well. I’m surprised I didn’t make it on the list. I’ve been blogging for more than a year. Well that’s very disappointing. Looks like I have to put in more work on my entries.

I would not be surprised that you made the top 100. Is just that the lsit only goes to the 50’s. I am enjoying how how young bloggers like yourself, Elizabeth, Kaybee are developing and just are getting better and better. I bet you are in the December list.

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