An exciting new fantasy product

We hope you are enjoying the off-season and all the Hot Stove talk that is starting to build during the winter meetings and beyond.

You may have heard recently about a new product for Fantasy Baseball that Bloomberg and are readying for the 2010 baseball season…a product that takes player analysis to a new level, and will be a lot of fun for fantasy players. Here is the link to a story about the product in the New York Times.

The BLOOMBERG SPORTS(TM) team wants to be sure that you are aware of the product, as someone who is passionately involved in the coverage of baseball.  We will be reaching out to you to sample the service and get your input before it is available to consumers.  The feedback of those who follow the sport so closely is invaluable to Bloomberg in building the best tool ever for baseball fans.

We are organizing an invitation-only event in New York City in late January for a group of the most influential baseball writers who would like to learn about the development of the product and the technology behind it.  We hope you will be able to join us for this event, where you will get a complete walk-through of the new service and a free subscription to these analytical tools.

We hope to see you in January, and we know you will be impressed by this one-of-a-kind product.


I would love to raise my hand high and take a look at this new product.
Sounds like a great tool for not just evaluating players before a Fantasy draft, but maybe to check for daily matchups for games during 2010.
Technology is always evolving.
Maybe this is the next step for scouting and predicting player’s performances and worth on the common market.

Rays Renegade

How do I sign up? Sounds really cool…D

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