December 2009

An exciting new fantasy product

We hope you are enjoying the off-season and all the Hot Stove talk that is starting to build during the winter meetings and beyond.

You may have heard recently about a new product for Fantasy Baseball that Bloomberg and are readying for the 2010 baseball season…a product that takes player analysis to a new level, and will be a lot of fun for fantasy players. Here is the link to a story about the product in the New York Times.

The BLOOMBERG SPORTS(TM) team wants to be sure that you are aware of the product, as someone who is passionately involved in the coverage of baseball.  We will be reaching out to you to sample the service and get your input before it is available to consumers.  The feedback of those who follow the sport so closely is invaluable to Bloomberg in building the best tool ever for baseball fans.

We are organizing an invitation-only event in New York City in late January for a group of the most influential baseball writers who would like to learn about the development of the product and the technology behind it.  We hope you will be able to join us for this event, where you will get a complete walk-through of the new service and a free subscription to these analytical tools.

We hope to see you in January, and we know you will be impressed by this one-of-a-kind product.

Share your Custom Jersey stories

yankeejersey.jpegHope you all are having a wonderful offseason! I would like to invite everyone to please share your Custom Jersey story in the comments section of my article just posted and see what others have to say about that fixture in our fashion lives. Remember to leave a link to your blog (you have to omit the http:// though) when you do!

What jerseys are in your closet and why? Which one have you always wanted most?

What is your next jersey purchase? Please note that if you order one of those dream jerseys from Majestic Athletic at the Shop (online only) by 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday, it will be guaranteed delivery by Dec. 24 — and it also will be 10 percent off.

Do you wear yours into enemy territory?

Have you ever ripped off the letters from the back like one fan I talked to who replaced the letters D-A-M-O-N with S-T-E-R-N after Johnny left the Red Sox? Do you wait to see who lands where in the Hot Stove season, or do you go for one now?

I wear a No. 5 Pujols jersey most often. I had a nice White Sox jersey with my last name on it but a certain ballpark dog mustard stain took care of that. Also, why is that we only spill mustard on our shirts when we are wearing home white custom jerseys?

Anything else you want to share about Custom Jerseys, please add to the comments section of the story. Thanks and happy blogging!


Latest Leaders – November 2009


All the activity at MLBlogs shows there’s no such thing as an offseason in baseball. The Phillies’ Scott Eyre rode the carryover from his World Series appearance to lead all players, while Kevin Slowey‘s return to blogging saw him shoot up to second. once again ruled the Pro blogs, but the Hot Stove Blog is ablaze with news and rumors. Confessions of a She-Fan and Red State Blue State went 1-2 amongst fan blogs, while The Zo Zone claimed to spot over Bowman’s Blog in the Beat Writer category.

Here they are — your full Latest Leaders for November 2009:

1. Scott Eyre’s Blog 
2. kevin slowey’s (offseason) blog 
3. Matt’s Blog 
4. Torii’s Storiis 
5. Ank’s Blog 
6. Reed Between the Lines 
7. Braves in the AFL 
8. Derek’s Blog 
9. Giants in the AFL 
10. U.S. Department of Agriculture: A Farm Team Worth Playing For 
11. Behind the Mask 
12. Disco Hayes 
13. Matt Kemp’s Blog 
14. Big Papi’s Blog 
15. Parker’s Pitch 

2. Hot Stove Blog 
3. Bronx Banter 
4. Mets Minor League Blog 
5. Was Watching 
6. Baseball Nerd 
7. Inside the Giants Clubhouse 
8. The Baseball Collector 
9. Inside the Dodgers 
10. Alyson’s Footnotes 
11. Phillies Insider 
12. Better Off Red 
13. Fantasy 411 
14. *touch* ’em all 
15. Notes from NatsTown 
16. MLBlogosphere (lol) 
17. Reds Internal Affairs 
18. Newberg Report 
19. Ben’s Biz Blog 
20. Around the Horn in KC 
21. Down the Line with the Phillies Ballgirls 
22. Inside the White Sox 
23. Twins Ballpark Update 
24. Vine Line’s Cubs Club Blog 
25. Tommy Lasorda’s World 
26. B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful 
27. Clubhouse Confidential 
28. Red Sox Insider Blog 
29. Friar John’s Blog 
30. A Voice From Twins Territory 
31. MLB Urban Youth Academy 
33. Cooperstown Chatter 
34. @MLB 
35. Heard It From Hoard 
37. Welcome To The Show 
38. Brian Anderson’s House of Blogs 
39. MLB Network 
40. MiLB Snap Shots 

1. Confessions of a She-Fan 
2. Red State Blue State 
3. Phillies Phollowers 
4. Yankees Chick 
5. A Bite Off The Big Apple 
6. I’m Not A Headline Guy… 
7. Julia’s Rants 
8. I Live for This 
9. Rockpile Rant 
10. The Future Blog of the Red Sox 
11. Passion & Pride Collide 
13. Cook & Son Bats’ Blog 
14. Bottom of the Ninth 
15. Rays Renegade 
16. The Golden Rule 
17. A Girl’s View of the Brewers, and Other Related Baseball Things 
18. Unfinished Business 
19. My Baseball Heaven 
20. All Phillies All the Time 
21. Blogging Dodgers and Baseball 
22. Ted’s Take 
23. The Happy Youngster…Brew Town’s Ballhawk 
24. Life and Indians Baseball through the Eyes of a Clemson Girl 
25. King Yankees 
27. The Diamond Diva 
28. Live, Eat, and Breathe Yankees 
29. Blood, Sweat & Pinstripes 
30. Total Bases 
31. Yesterday’s Hitter! 
32. Behind The Bombers 
33. Everything Baseball 
34. Rangers Lowlights for Cynics 
35. This is what the girl thinks…. 
36. Pretty In Pinstripes 
37. For the Love of the Game 
38. The Pittsburgh Peas 
39. The Official Scorer 
40. A Diatribe from a Journalism Student: Baseball Edition 
41. Yawkey Way Yaker 
42. Counting Baseballs 
43. LC Column 
46. Yankee Yapping 
47. Linea de Primera 
48. Red Sox, Rants, Randomness 
49. The Yankees Baseball Whisperer 
50. King of Cali 

1. The Zo Zone 
2. Bowman’s Blog 
3. Muskat Ramblings 
4. Brew Beat 
5. Noble Thoughts 
6. Beck’s Blog 
7. Haft-Baked Ideas 
8. Bombers Beat 
9. Postcards from Elysian Fields 
10. rallymonkeys 
11. CastroTurf 
12. Major League Bastian 
13. Tag’s Lines 
14. By Gosh, It’s Langosch 
15. Mark My Word 
16. Brownie Points 
17. Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer 
18. All Nats All the Time 
19. Street’s Corner 
20. The Fish Pond 

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