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Welcome to a couple of familiar television friends here at MLBlogs. Tonight we just launched the MLB Network‘s MLBlog. Content will be posted by the talent you know and love at the Network’s awesome Studio 3 and Studio 42 worlds for the “MLB Tonight” show. It will be a natural companion to your regular viewing of the network that blew away the record for largest launch in cable television history. If you love MLB Network, you’ll love their blog. Talk to them!

That launch follows the recent startup of the TBS Hot Corner MLBlog, and the same thing applies there. Good chance that you already are enjoying the insights of studio talent such as Chip Caray and Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley. Keep an eye on that blog throughout the TBS coverage this postseason, and interact with the broadcasters.

Thanks to everyone who voted for us in the OMMA Awards. Headed there shortly, let’s see if we bring you back any hardware. Speaking of hardware, be sure you are voting for awards like the Hank Aaron Award and Roberto Clemente Award on Besides doing your duty as a baseball fan, it’s a way to win one of those World Series trips. Someone at is going to win them, might as well be a fan like you!

Sorry for the slow posting here, have been busy being @MLB over on Twitter. Thanks to all of you who have followed us there! We are almost at 500,000 followers, and that means it’s time for a 500K Giveaway over there. It will be a big one, too. Join us! Also keep an eye out for our new Twitter MLBlog here, an extension of @MLB.

As you’ve no doubt noticed, we’re doing the Latest Leaders at about the start of every month now. It’s easier that way, and just give or take a few days in case it’s not on the first. Whether we will do that in the offseason remains to be seen. Definitely will come back with our second annual MLBlogs Top 100, though. Whenever you see one of those graphics around the MLBlogosphere, you know that person’s blog was one of the 100 most viewed in the 2008 calendar year. We gave those out at the end of 2008.

Thanks again for all the great blogging this season! Keep it up! It’s crunchtime…and clinch time!

– Mark/


//Why do you blog – for your rank or because you LOVE BASEBALL?//

Both. I enjoy the feeling of knowing that people read what I write and enjoy reading what I write and I also love writing about baseball. I should think that’s obvious.

//(Can’t help but notice that it’s the Yankee bloggers looking for the latest Leaders List….)//

I can’t possibly see what this has to do with anything.


Hey everyone – Mark might be a “tad busy” with the playoffs. Why don’t you all layoff the “latest leaders” requests. Why do you blog – for your rank or because you LOVE BASEBALL? If it is the later – then the ranking does not matter! If it is the former, then by patient and learn to LOVE BASEBALL! Mark – thanks for all that you do for use lowly bloggers! This is truly one of the best times of the year… even if my Red Sox are “enjoying” an early off season! (Can’t help but notice that it’s the Yankee bloggers looking for the latest Leaders List….)


Are we ever going to see the Latest Leaders for September? Or are you planning on doing a combined September/October when the playoffs are over?


Hi Mark
I’m just curious why the main screen for mlblogs went from a Yankees blog to a Dodgers blog…what you dont like the Angels or Phillies or maybe MLBlogs fits into the bracket of Media loves the Yankees… a previous post I did..
or maybe you just don’t have any control over that and it’s all automated stuff…
Outside the Phillies Looking In

Just wanted to publicly thank the other 13 bloggers who participated in the 1st annual ESPN MLBloggers Fantasy League this season with me.
You might have read the blog by now, but I had a tough battle in the last two weeks of the season to pull out the first Championship.
It was an awesome season, and I hope that all of us can again do it all again in 2010.
I am thakful to all of you for your psortmanship and competitve juices that kept myself and the other members of the group on their toes all season long.
Again, looking forward to again doing the “Live” Draft and playing throughout the 2010 season.

Rays Renegade

Rays Renegade

LATEST LEADERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here come the YANKEES
Let’s get behind and cheer the YANKEES
They’re gonna learn to fear the YANKEES
Everyone knows they play to win, cause

They’re the New York YANKEES
Show them today why you’re the YANKEES
No other way when you’re the YANKEES
Wadda ya say we win a brand, new, ballgame

We’re gonna shout when ya powder the ball
We’re gonna scream, “put it over the wall”
The other teams gonna know what it means to play the Y.A.N.K.E.E.S
We love the Yankees
Shout it out loud , We Love The YANKEES
We’re really proud of our YANKEES
And we’re gonna win today
2, 3, 4, Hit, Run, Fight, Score, Go! Go! Go!

We’re gonna shout when ya powder the ball
We’re gonna scream “put it over the wall yo”
The other teams gonna know what it means to play the Y.A.N.K.E.E.S
We love the Yankees
Shout it out loud, We Love The YANKEES
We’re really proud of our YANKEES
And we’re gonna win today

Y.A.N.K.E.E.S. Yes
Y.A.N.K.E.E.S. Yes

Hi Mark,

It is the last wager of the season between a Red Sox and a Yankee blogger – yeah, I lost and you won’t believe what I had to do this time – it’s “hot stuff”!



NYColeman – they will come. Thank god that the Latest Leader’s AREN’T out. I have gotten so many views over the past two weeks. : )


NYColeman – they will come. Thank god that the Latest Leader’s AREN’T out. I have gotten so many views over the past two weeks. : )



The dropped fly ball by Matt Holiday hurt, but it did not cost us the game. Franklin had 4 more batters to get 1 out and couldn’t. That worries me about next season. And until the Cardinals move Rasmus to 3rd in the batting order so our RBI batters (Albert, Matt, Luddy) can come up with men on base then we will not break out on offense.
If we are to contend next year, we need to understand that as a small market team we must sign out greatest players to longer term, less cash, contracts. Holiday, Wainwright, Schomucker, Ryan, Yadi, and a free agent starter need to be signed to long-term deals this winter. And the face of the franchise, Albert, needs to be signed to a lifetime contract.

I like Rays Renegade’s suggestion..The Gold, Silver and Bronze of Blogging. We all know it,… blogging is about bragging rights. Give the new bloggers something to shoot for and make the current leaders work to hold their ground. I can’t imagine this not being a win/win situation for MLBlogs.
After all, MLBlogs is the Premiere blogging community in all of Sports. Mlblogs should set the blogging community standard and take into consideration some of these great ideas. One of the things I’d like to see along with the Gold, Silver and Bronze banner is a blog background that I can choose. Also(just throwing this out there) how about a ranking meter that is up to the minute accurate located on the main page.
The meter would tell you which blogs are in the top 50 at that moment. That would be cool and save you all the caculating for the Rankings at the end of the month. This is the best community in all of sports and thank you everyone at MLBlogs for what you do everyday for us…D

FYI all – a friend of mine (who is a low-life Yankee fan) and I have started the blog “Red Sox vs. Yankees” for both Red Sox and Yankee fans to discuss and debate.


Yes Mark – it is me – one of the MOST LOYAL Red Sox fans – in a Yankees t-shirt and hat! Scott is delighted and you will be too! Yes – there are pictures!


Where are our latest leaders for september?
— NYColeman

Why is it that the first time I have a chance to be one of the “latest leaders” you guys decide not to post them? Lol, life just never works out when it comes to the little things.
— NYColeman

Thank you for everything Mark. It was exciting to actually make it to the top 100 blogs since I am still a rookie. This is my first season having a blog. My first post was in Spring Training. I have met so many wonderful people. It has been a wonderful experience.
I can’t believe that the season is over but now I am ready for postseason.

Mark I totally agree with Renegade, there should be gold silver and bronze for 25, 50, and top 100 bloggers. That is such a great Idea, and I credit him for that!! But could the backgrounds be gold instead? Like if you are top 25, your background is gold — with the logo’s of “your team” being gold too. It’s just an idea, a crappy one at that. Thanks for you time. By the way, when is the latest leader’s coming out?


Well since Ted recomended a blog, I like to recomend Buz’s blog featuring YH (Yesterday’s hitter) at Have you had a chance to check it out?
I know the Dodgers have been dragging this but I can feel it, I can taste it! Tonight will the night!

Hi Mark,

I know how much you “love” it when I “have” to blog about the Yankees – so I thought you might enjoy the blog I have up – it is part one of my current wager with Scott – Do you know all 11 Yankees that I wrote about? I bet I might have stumped even you!

Get ready for the post season – Red Sox – Rockies WS? I’m READY!


Was wondering if we might even break the MLBlog design for the year end leaderboard into Top 25, Top 50, Top 100 each having a little different logo for theor 2009 blogs.
You know, the gold, silver and bronze of blogging.
Just an idea, not trying to cause a ruckus.

I know you are going to be loving the post season there in the MLB’s office’s backyard, so be sure to enjoy the Hard Rock and everything else when you wander down to that new stadium in the Bronx.

Rays Renegade

Mark I recommend a blog on the rise. “The Cheddar” has been looking like a great blog for the Atlanta Braves. I normally don’t do this but I think that blog has talent. Make sure you put him as the featured blog in time. He is one to watch for.

Thanks for all you do!! You are the best. Hopefully I crack the top 20. From 35 to 20 would mean a big leap. Thanks Mark. Got some Jane Heller eh hem – Ted revamped style goin on over here if ya ever wanna come by and comment.


Good afternoon from Boston,

Before all of the hate messages start rolling in, I am not a Red Sox fan!!

I am the Director of Sales at the Hyatt Place – Boston/Medford located just minutes from Fenway Park. I am reaching out to Angels Fans to let them know that they are welcome at the Hyatt Place – Boston/Medford for when the Angels and Red Sox square off in the playoffs.

We have great rates available for the MLB playoffs and as I mentioned you are all welcome here at the Hyatt Place – Boston/Medford.

Please check out our website at and please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or if you would like to make reservations.

Good luck in the post season!!
Anthony Moreschi
Director of Sales
781-395-8500 ext 5104

Mark we need to work with the IT powers that be and get it so we can blog from our I Phones! I traveling too much this season and couldn’t get to a PC when I was watching games, had any of the moveable type applications for the I phone worked for the mlb site I’d be blogging daily!

Something to think about


I was one that thought I could have the 100 banner after I made it the first time but you set me straight that time I asked. I think others that have made it for the first time also are confused about the Top 100 banner. Maybe it should read “top 100 in yyyy ” where ‘yyyy” is the year/ just a thought.

Thanks again for all you and the people behind the scenes do for us.

Hey Mark, I realize your a busy guy but could you or someone else help me. I lost the code for my Top 100 banner. My email is a lot…D

Thank you so much for all the great work you are doing for us! I have not been blogging for almost two weeks because of school. I will make my comeback on my next entry tomorrow. Padres are not going to reach the playoffs, but I’m hoping for a better season in 2010!

Thanks for all you do for us. I am super excited about the post season. I keep waiting to get my tickets in the mail!
Go Dodgers!

Lookin’ good. Can’t wait to catch the MLB Network Blog. Victor Rojas’ blog (The Spoils is stellar too btw. And also, all this time, the link attached to RSBS in the most recent latest leaders list takes the viewer to Jane’s blog. We love Jane, of course, but y’know, it’s a little misleading to have us linked to her site. Anyway you can fix that? Thanks.
Jeff & Al

Thanks for the update Mark!! I’m going to miss baseball like crazy but it’s going to be a lot of fun to gather around the old computer and share our thoughts with other MLBloggers during the long cold winter days!! GO PADRES!!

Mark great post and thanks for stopping by. Means alot. Time for some playoffs!!

Ted –

Mark – what can we say but thanks! And are we ready for post-season play??? 🙂


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