Latest Leaders update

For those of you eagerly awaiting the next installment of the MLBlogs Latest Leaders, it’s coming very soon. We’re switching things up so the rankings will be based on calendar months, so The Happy Youngster and Red State Blue State have a week to try to catch Confessions of a She-Fan

On the subject of blog traffic, we’re noticing that the new ratings and related entries feature has helped introduce readers to new blogs around our online community.

Also, we’re always looking for new blogs to spotlight as the Featured MLBlogger on our front page. If you want to be featured in that space, you’ll want to make sure you have a profile picture up in your blog. That (along with quality blogging, of course) is a prerequisite for consideration for that spot.

And speaking of new blogs, we’ve got some new additions to MLBlogosphere who wear spikes, with new player blogs by Rick Ankiel, Matt Holliday and Derek Lowe joining Torii Hunter, all sponsored by Sharp.

And last but not least, make sure you’re voting for your All-Star Game picks!


Hey Mark, how does a guy go about getting a cool background for their blog like Hanley Ramirez has? I’d love to be able to design a cool one for the Rockpile Rant. Thanks…D

To get the blogs under the “Rays” tag, you have to but Rays on the tag below the big thing that you write your entry in.

Also, where are the top blogs at, it’s been a week.

Oh, I guess I am not totally en vogue yet as I did not post the link to my blog.

Now I feel better.

I just joined the “blogging community” a few days ago.

I’m hooked.

Jeez, I had no idea this could be so addictive. Not only can I root for my hometown Rays, but I can write about them? That’s gold, Jerry!

There are still some things that I canNOT figure out (namely, why can’t I show up under the “rays” tag?), but I’m excited about the journey.

And knowing that there is a leaderboard to boot, wow. This is nothing but good times…

Now just to get that portrait of me airbrushed…

Hello MLBlogs Community, I have read many of the Blogs and noticed that everyone has their own unique style and I think it’s great to be a member of the community now
Twins Blog

Trying… to… (*breath*)… catch… UP! This is so much fun y’all.

Mark and all – stop on over to my blog and see the newest photos that are “payment” to me from the most recent sweep of the Yankees by the Red Sox! Scott is once again a member of Red Sox Nation and NO this does NOT get old! LOL!!


Can’t wait for the results 🙂 I’ve been blogging like crazy!

Me again…just noticed, if you scroll down all the way to the bottom of my home page, there are a bunch of misc. rankings that look like they have “fallen” off the end of each blog and onto the bottom of the page. So it looks like I have gotten that rating system on each blog (maybe), but they are not showing up in the right place. Can this be fixed? It looks awful like that :O( Help! Thank you :O)


It would be nice if all the concerns expressed about the new ratings feature in that thread would be addressed by someone at Or are our concerns falling on virtual deaf ears?

Seriously, if I don’t have the ability to remove the rating system from my blog, I may take it elsewhere once the contract expires. My ratings get spammed every day by someone posting “1” ratings just for harassment. Others have expressed similar concerns, not just about that but also about having control over whose links appear at the end of the article.

I love Latest Leaders. They make me happy whether I climb or fall. Waiting for them is half the fun. 🙂 And thanks for the links to the pros blogging. Sometimes I forget some of the players actually have blogs. Oops hahaha!

Thanks for the update!! Can’t wait for the new Latest Leaders…

I like the related entries on the blogs Mark. Thanks!


I finally succumbed to Twitter! Today’s my first day, so I’m still trying to figure out how to follow people and have them follow me, but Confessions of a She-Fan can now be found here:

I like the related articles as I’ve been intrigued by a few and I click there to read them. The only thing is that I thought that one of those articles was the latest one and I was congratulating someone for being #1!
Thanks Mark! I posted on two of the player’s blog. I’ll get to the other two when I get a little more time.

I have not yet figured out that ranking thing yet…sometimes it appears after my blogs, and sometimes it doesn’t. How is that supposed to work?


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