Yankees vs. Red Sox

Amidst the first 2009 renewal of Yankees vs. Red Sox, please note that there is a new batch of Red Sox Nation Governor MLBlogs for fans of Boston. They are at:


There are countless MLBlogs for both Red Sox and Yankees fans alike, whether from the club or the fans. Check out the tag search results for YANKEES and RED SOX to see them in order of most recently updated.


Hi Mark,
Thanks so much for making me today’s featured blog! How exciting and Mom is SO proud. I didn’t think it was possible to love baseball more than I already did but reading others’ blogs and writing my own has made that happen. Thank you for gathering such a fascinating community of fans and pros! I truly live for this game!

Mark and all – you need to check out the newest Pink Hat wearing member of Red Sox Nation – http://werbiefitz.mlblogs.com/ Yes – Scott has paid his debt for the Red Sox sweeping the Yankees TWICE! Enjoy – I know I am!


You are very lucky Kaybee. I am kidding but congratulations on having such a great blog. I wish mine was like yours. Also Mark, (I know it is always me to say this) but when are the new latest leaders coming out. It has been a while. I would like to see where I rank cause I think I dropped down from being at #25 like last time. I hope not though. Also I would like to see where Kaybee ranks after being featured on the front page.


Mark, I can’t thank you enough for the HUGE feature on the front page! That is just amazing, and definitely so cool for me to see my blog advertised like that. Thanks so much! I am so excited!

mlbmark: I’m ellen from Ian’s Brownie Points. I don’t know if anyone has brought it to your attention, but there seems to be some technical difficulties with one or more of the blogs. (I know it occurs on our blog, and have heard that there are also problems on other blogs as well.)
It takes a terribly long time to do anything; sign in, post, you name it. Many times, when you are in the process of tying your post, you are kicked out of the process.. After completeing your post, you are returned to the comments section and the comments are not being updated.
Is there any way you can check into this?? It has been going on for a month now. We, at Brownie Points are on the blog each game and chat back and forth, but this problem makes it next to impossible. If you read through any of the threads you’ll see the complaints.

Also, when will the BLog Rankings be updated??? We’re intersted to see if we’re movin on up!!
Thanks for your help.
Ellen C.

Touché, Roundrock. Touché.

thanks Mark. everything is better on my page now. just had to reformat the pictures.


To be fair, Jeff, there may have been a Cardinals-Cubs showdown had we been able to find a Cubs fan who could spell “Cardinals.”


Yankees Red Sox Yankees Red Sox Yankees Red Sox Yankees Red Sox BLAH BLAH BLAH. I’m tired of it. Can we move on now? (I’m only half kidding 😉

Mark – as much as I like the idea of having unlimited power – the wager with Scott was for the loser to be a pro-blogger for the other team for one day – Monday the 27th (thank you so much for getting it up early!) – and being the gracious winner that I am – on Tuesday Scott can go back to being a poor, misguided Yankees blogger! Oh course, there is always next time…….hehehehe!


Mark – I LOVE the new colors on Scott’s blog! (fotr.mlblogs.com) It is SO nice to have a new Red Sox Pro-blogger on the site!)


Sorry Jane – it was a hitters game tonight! Mark – the Red Sox have taken 2 out of three – that’s a series win in my book! Sorry Scott! lol! GO RED SOX!!!


Check out my epic entry on an amazing Padres game last night!!

The Yankees will exact revenge today as AJ will pitch a gem. (Fingers crossed.) GO YANKS.

Mark, any chance you could advise on the problem with my dashboard? No stat info or ability to view drafts. Just a “Choose a widget” option. Thanks.

Mark – that will be one win for my good guys! And there is NO way they are going to lose for me today! 🙂


The Red Sox will win this series. Check out my daily trivia on my site.


Julia and Scott, may the best rival win. The loser gets a big honking MLB PRO BLOG look in the style of the victor on Monday. Kaybee, we’d never forget about your Pads, either. And hey it’s Cubs-Cardinals weekend, too!

GO RED SOX!! And Padres of course, lol 🙂

GO Red Sox! I’ll keep you updated on our blogger wager! Scott’s blog will look great with the Red Sox Pro-blogger header on Monday!


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