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Today we launched the All-Star Game Ballot and here is my story with all the details. It makes for great baseball blogging material, and I look forward to frequent blogging on the subject between now and what probably will be another record-shattering voting finish during the summer. Just to get things started, below is the thank-you page for my first of 25 ballots I will submit, to show my votes. I have an all-Dodger outfield (justified because Kemp is having the best start, Ethier was just named NL Player of the Week, Manny is Manny to me and they look like baseball’s best club right now) and right now I feel like the left side of the AL infield, once a Yankee province, belongs to the Rays (sorry, Jeter fans).



There is such a bias towards the east coast teams and Los Angeles that it is pathetic. No one has bothered to take a look at the Colorado Rockies who started in last place and are now in second. They made up over 9 games and unfortunately, no one gets much recognition. I would put Todd Helton up against any player in the league. Check his stats. He just hit his 500th double last week. And who is leading St. Louis right now….a Rockie from the past. Too bad they had to trade him. Don’t be surprised to see them in the playoffs.

As long as the sox take the series who cares about the all star game

Random choices for the All Star ballot. Wonder if any Orioles will be playing in July, since they are in the basement so to speak. This ought to be a good game if A-Rod isn’t playing!!! That’ll make any Red Sox fan happy.

Kevin Youkilis, Ian Kinsler, Alexei Ramirez, Evan Longoria, Nick Swisher, Grady Sizemore, Jason Bay, Zack Greinke
It’s too early but those are my picks right now. No clue about catcher. I hate to put so many Red Sox players up there but they are who’s playing well right now. Peace.

I agree with Emma and Sue that it’s too early to start voting for All-Stars. But that won’t stop me from casting my votes! (Yankees for the AL team, Nationals for the NL team.) And get this — the Orioles are bribing their fans to vote for Orioles players: Are any other teams doing this sort of thing?!

It’s TOO EARLY in the season to vote on all-stars. Not even a month in.

Red Sox Ramblings:

No NY or Boston teams at all?? Wow Mark, you are a true rebel!


Mark, is the site having tech issues again or is it just me? The stats on my dashboard vanished yesterday (it just says “Choose a widget”). And today I’m having trouble getting on my dashboard to post.

Good job with Andre. Bad job with the Red Sox.


I need to vote. I gotta get Adrian Gonzalez on the All-Star Team!
Hope everyone votes on performance and no popularity!
Go Padres!!!!!!!!

I can see Longoria and Bartlett getting the call on their side of the infield, but will Boston take the other side?
I liked your picks Mark, but I am going to put BJ Upton in my outfield ballot for the AL.
National League, I am going to leave it alone lol. I did laugh at the all-Cali outfield, but that is why we vote…….put our favorites in St. Louis.
Only 24 more ballots to go before I have to find a different name lol.

Rays Renegade

I love the Carlos Quentin vote in the outfield. 🙂 Nice to see my Sox represented, even though the team letters are MIA! Hahaha!

I’m getting everyone I know, here in Dallas, Texas, to vote for our jays and see if we can get Adam Lind in as the write-in candidate, INSTEAD OF ALEX RIOS.



No Mark Teixeira at first base? Are my eyes deceiving me?????

Sue- I also hid it in there. Great caption in your blog btw, I am still trying to find something PG to say about it 🙂

Aw, no Padres? Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to get it going and vote vote vote for my Friars!!

Yes, Emma, you did. My mistake – I guess I was reading too fast. 🙂
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Mark- I was wondering ballpark figure, what is the ratio of men and women with mlb blogs?

Sue, I also said in my post above that is too early.

Am I apparently the only one who thinks it’s a wee bit early to be talking about all-star votes? Teams have played, at most, 15 games right now. I for one will be waiting to cast my votes until I see if the currently hot players can maintain that performance over more than a 2 1/2 week time frame.
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

I am of course biased toward Joey Votto at first base. It will awfully tough for him to compete with Albert Pujols for votes.Russ

I guess finishing 1st and 3rd in MVP voting (Pedroia, Youkilis) isn’t good enough for Mark’s All-Star vote. I do agree, however, with his selection of Nick Markakis, though. That guy is becoming unstoppable at the plate.

Steve T.

Agree on our outfielders but you cannot believe all three will make it. I like Raffy also! What an arm he has! He could have been a pitcher. Sor far, Chad Billinsgley with his 3-0 record needs consideration. Well, is still a little early so I won’t vote yet
Emma_bleeding Dodger Blue!

You upset with your very little love for Grady, Mark. Clearly the best center fielder in the AL if not baseball. Other than that, looks good.

I love Ian Kinsler. He’s a great player. I still think either Youk or Dustin needs to be in the AL infield.
Aramis Ramirez is having a great start to his season and I love him as a player, but I also love David Wright, not to mention the props I give him for once having an MLBlog. How do you expect to get him back on here if you don’t vote him into the All-Star game?

Why would anyone vote for Wright hes horrible and is overrated!!! All the Mets players are overrated!!

How could you not vote for Wright?

Do I detect BIAS, Mark??? LMAO
Now, c’mon, secretly you WANT David Wright to snap his ankle so’s Ryan Zimmerman can FINALLY earn his justifiable place as an All-Star. Right?? LOL
Now this means I’VE got to stack the deck for Adam Dunn, so he gets HIS due!!!

It’s really great to see you have chosen absolutely not one player from the Mets. I like the confidence you show to see that not one of our Mets gets hurt during the All-Star Break. That would be a generous gift to New York, along with Chase Utley accidentally slipping on a banana peel on his way out of the dugout. No harm of course, just an absence for the remainder of the season.

– Donnie

Yadi! Yadi! Yadi!

Holy cow, already used up her 25 ballots! Fortunately you get that many PER MLB.COM REGISTRATION. 🙂

What – I am SOOO shocked!!! No Red Sox players Mark! My poor shattered heart!


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