Happy Fourth Birthday To Us!


It’s a grand slam! Saturday marks the fourth anniversary of the MLBlogs community, and it all began with Tommy Lasorda’s inaugural MLBlogs posting about his old friend Jackie Robinson. That is how Major League Baseball launched its own blogging community, billed as an official affiliate of MLB.com with unofficial opinions. It was April 18, 2005, and the Red Sox had just ended an 86-year drought, the White Sox were in the process of ending an 88-year drought, Mariah Carey’s The Emancipation of Mimi had just dropped, and that day Adobe bought Macromedia, the Boston Marathon was held, and our friend Murray Cook also saved his first blog post, a simple picture as an offering to the baseball gods.

mariahcarey.jpgTens of thousands of blogs later, we are here blogging about baseball on a regular basis and we have Latest Leaders and we have new MLBlogs starting for free all the time. We have Briscoe Baseball Blog predicting Indians over Dodgers in the Fall Classic (thus ending a drought dating back to 1948); we have none other than Giants catcher Bengie Molina telling you what’s wrong with Tim Lincecum and his team right now; we have all 30 MLB.com beat writers like Ian Browne (Red Sox) and Kelly Thesier (Twins) blogging and communicating with you here; Welcome To The Show blogging about the best night for a ballplayer you might ever see; Kim Jones of YES posting about the new Yankee Stadium; and a Phillies fan from way back in the Connie Mack Stadium days blogging about the bid for a repeat.

Zack Hample, one of those first MLBloggers, has raised $634.80 for Pitch In For Baseball.

You can find all of the MLB PRO BLOGS in the drop-down menu on the MLBlogs homepage, and use the tag-search results link for each club nickname also on that page to find other MLBlogs about topics that may be of interest to you. There is so much to do, so much new technology to develop, but mainly we want to see our favorite MLB players and teams have great seasons, and there is a whole summer in front of us now. Be sure to follow us at the Official MLBlogs Twitter.


Happy belated Fourth Birthday, MLBlogs !!!!
This is truly a great baseball site; and, I’m proud to be part of such a wonderful mlblogging community !!!
“Congratulations” to you Mark, and all at mlblogs/mlb.com, for all your excellent work and efforts that brings a “gold” standard of excellence here at mlblogs !!!
Best Wishes for many more outstanding years of mlblogs, now, and in the future !!!
— Jimmy Curran, “BY&L”

I’m having a little trouble with the maintenence of my blog. The fonts are bigger and a different color and my sidebar boxes arent loading properly. If somebody could look into this and tell me how to fix it, it would be greatly appreciated. BTW happy birthday to a great community.


I’m having a little trouble with the maintenence of my blog. The fonts are bigger and a different color and my sidebar boxes arent loading properly. If somebody could look into this and tell me how to fix it, it would be greatly appreciated. BTW happy birthday to a great community.


Thanks for updating everyone on my charity numbers. I’m now at $949.46 so I should be able to top the 1K mark at my next game (which will be later today at Wrigley Field).

-Zack (aka “The Baseball Collector”)

Wow, that’s great! I love this place so much, it is so much fun to blog about Padres baseball (how ’bout them Padres by the way?). It’s been a lot of fun!

Only been here for 2 months. I can’t believe I got to it so late, but I’ve loved every minute of it. Thanks to everyone in the baseball community who has supported my blog and thanks to everyone else who I enjoy reading on a daily basis. Ashhttp://ashleymarshall.mlblogs.com

I have to admit Mark, starting MLBlbogs might be the best thing to happen to writers and people who love to write about baseball.
The insight and the vision to make a place for the young at heart and the young up-and-coming journalist has made MLBlogs a haven for all views and opinions. Kudos to the highest for everything you have done to improve and to entertain us with in all the great posts and J-Blog school editions.
I know I consider MLBlogs to be my primary home for any type of writing. Maybe it is the positive vibe from you and the rest of my fellow writers. No pettiness or bickering, well not unless AL East people are playing each other, but that is in good nature fun, not negative slander and insults.

Rays Renegade


since your were so kind and put me on the front page (you guys even spelled my name right!) even though i didn’t remember it was mlblogs’s birthday, i figured i definitely owed you guys a birthday post.

Thanks Mark and everyone hiding behind the scenes for 4 great years!

Happy birthday, MLBlogs!

WOW! Can’t believe its been 4 years Mark! The success of the MLBLOGS has been amazing. It all really started with you my friend. A great place to share the game of baseball.

Here’s to another 4. I actually justed toasted you with a Tsing Tao Beer….one of the fond memories of Beijing.

See you around the blogasphere.

Well, Happy Birthday MLBlogs! Can’t say I was here for the first three, cuz I wasn’t, but have been enjoying it immensely since starting in February.
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

You guys won’t believe what happened to me at the game last night…someone really had it in for me. Check it out: http://philliesphollowers.mlblogs.com/archives/2009/04/beautiful_tribute_ugly_game.html
If not for bad luck, I may not have any!


Congrats guys. You all run a terrific program here. If it wasn’t for MLBlogs, the world wouldn’t truly understand The ‘Burgh Blues!

Happy birthday! I started doing this back in December and enjoy blogging it so much. Thanks for everything!

Yay! Happy birthday, MLBlogs! I love this place oh so much. You know, four years ago I was almost done with my first year of undergrad, and here I am almost done with my first year of law school. And four years ago, my rabid love and adoration for the White Sox was just beginning to re-emerge, and now look at me…I have a tattoo of the Sox logo on my ankle, and I freak out when I have to miss a game. 🙂 I’m so glad I found this place back in December. I wish I’d found it sooner!

Great accomplishment, Mark. Happy Anniversary (love the card) and thanks for being such a worthy ringleader.

Could I bother you again to change the link for “Confessions of a She-Fan” on your Leaders List? It goes to Lisa Winston’s blog instead of mine. I know you’ve been busy shuttling from one new stadium opener to another.


Happy 4th Birthday MLBlogs! Four years goes by way too fast! Although, I stumbled upon this site back in 2007, started a blog in ’08, and I feel like the community that has been built here connects like a family day after day. Talking baseball with you, Mark, and the rest of the MLBlog world, really, what more can you ask for? It’s baseball 24/7, and that’s all that this community cares about. If other topics were to sneak their way into the conversation, they would be disregarded because baseball is what we are all about! Hopefully this thing never dies down, ever. Happy Birthday MLBlogs!

– Donnie

Wow, four years already! I would recommend creating a blog to anyone who is a passionate baseball fan. You don’t have to be a wizard of words — sometimes the free-flowing stream of consciousness entries are the most fun to read. (How do you think Bill Simmons a.k.a The Sports Guy has such a big following at the Worldwide Leader?)

Happy B-day MLBlogs!

Happy fourth birthday! I remember when this used to be a paid site. Now I’m glad its free.

Hey Mark!
Congratulations on making it four years!
Do you know if Mark DeRosa is going to start his blog again? I don’t know if you actually know the answer to that question I was just wondering.

Thanks everyone for blogging here, and keep it going! Do you realize that http://babypaul.mlblogs.com is just 1 and we are 3 years older than him? Ha – j/k BP!

Mark, you and the behind-the-scenes people at MLBlogs have created something special. Thanks for your attention to the site and congrats to all the MLBloggers who have been cheering on their favorite players and teams during the ups and downs of the past four seasons.

Steve T.

It is wonderful. Happy Birthday everyone.

I remember meeting MLBlogs when he was a two year old. All I wanted was to talk baseball with other fans, he allowed me to be able to do that. Happy Birthday MLBlogs!

Happy Birthday to us indeed! This is by far the most knowledgeable and professional online community I have ever been a part of.Russhttp://wight4256.mlblogs.com

The comments I could make about your photo! 😉 Happy Birthday to us! It is a great place for all the fans of the game to gather and chat and rant on occasion. And even to have friendly “wagers on the game”!! Just a reminder – one week from today the Red Sox – Yankees battle begins at Fenway and on mine (http://werbiefitz.mlblogs.com) and Scott’s (http://fotr.mlblogs.com) blogs! And we thank you Mark for “sweetening the pot” – and you might be interested in knowing that we’ve raised the stakes as well. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN – but you could see me in a Pink Yankees’ hat! lol! Stop on by my blog and check out the whole wager!


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