Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, New Ballparks


I chatted with Keith Olbermann for a while on the field during Padres batting practice just before the Citi Field opener on Monday, and took the profile pic of him above on his MLBlog. He is really enthused about his MLBlogging, as you can see from his very impassioned posts. Below is a grab of the MSNBC video clip from last night’s show, in which
Rachel Maddow chatted with him about baseball and his
popular MLBlog Baseball Nerd. “Can we do this all the time?” she asked him. Be sure to regularly watch for Keith’s posts, but remember that he already has advised everyone he could care less what you say in the comments. So if you want to get all political, he just doesn’t care. Talk baseball.


Pics from Opening Night at Citi Field

I’ll be working the Yankee Stadium home opener all day and will post some pics, tweets and all that good stuff. This site actually has the best way for me to find my own MLB.com articles, always chronological, in case you want to catch up as it is an Opening Blur. In the meantime, here were some shots I took Monday in Queens — where they now have a ballpark that I consider second to none in baseball.




Those are great pics Mark! Do you have any of the exterior of Citibank? Isn’t Keith a baseball simulation game player?

– Mike

Olbermann is awesome! I love watching Countdown, his days on SportsCenter made me want to get into broadcasting and finding his MLBlog by chance was what made me make my own here as well.
Awesome pics too! I think Citi Field looks much better than the New Yankee Stadium. But I’m glad my Tribe got to help open it. (GRAND SLAM SIZEMORE!!! :D)

GO PADRES!! I thought it was so cool that we took the first game and first series 🙂 Great pictures!!

“lots of empty beer cups huh?? lol!”
lol I’ve seen a lot more empty (AND half full) beer cups underneath the seats & in the cup holders at Coors Field to last 3 weeks (or more) at a toga party then in that pic. LOLMissyhttp://rocktober-2007.mlblogs.com

Gorgeous pics of Citi Field Mark! I was there Monday and Weds, and I’ll be there Saturday, hopefully for a win!

$7.50 for a beer?!? Gee, I thought they were thieving us here in the Second City asking $6.50. CITI Field looks cool, but I liked the run-down feeling of disgust I got sitting in the dilapidated seats at Shea. Ah, the memories….

Mark, great pix of the ballpark and have fun at the new YS. I’m jealous! Just a correction….I’ve been advised that the link to “Confessions of a She-Fan” on your leaders list actually goes to Lisa Winston’s blog. Could you fix? Many thanks.


Hmmm….lots of empty beer cups huh?? lol! Have a great time tomorrow night!


Hey Mark,

(and of course everyone reading this) Just wanted to give you a heads up that I’ll be a guest on the United Cardinal Bloggers Radio Hour this evening. Here is the link to the show:

We’ll be talking about the Cardinals/Cubs series this weekend and also on the show will be fellow MLBlogger Redbird Chatter http://redbirdchatter.mlblogs.com/

Looking forward to it…check it out if you get a chance!

Go Cubs Go!

Prose and Ivy

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