My 2009 Predictions

In 2007, I was the only person in humanity to correctly predict (on that Colorado would go on to its first World Series. In 2008, I had the Padres winning it all and they bombed. In 2009, I am planning to spend late October and early November in the Bay Area for a 20th-anniversary reunion. I think Oakland will have a shock-the-world mindset with its no-name pitching staff against a Giants team that is stockpiled with young talent led by the game’s best pitcher and ready for its first-ever title in San Francisco. These are my predictions.




I ran a playoff bracket for fan’s predictions. We are now voting on the world series. Please vote here:
And here is the rest of my blog:

Well, Mark, after blown save number one yesterday, I don’t blame you for not seeing the Cards in that Wild Card spot.

Well, Mark, after blown save number one yesterday, I don’t blame you for not seeing the Cards in that Wild Card spot.

If the Rockies and D’backs pitching looks like they did today, right before my eyes, then you may be right about the Dodgers. Too early to say though.

Matty as the AL MVP? It hurts reading that. Overall pretty good predictions though, except for the lack of Rockies!

Mark, nice prediction of Doc winning the Cy Young. I don’t see it happening, however. Crazy choices. I guess we’ll wait and see.

That’s interesting! How ’bout the Padres win it all this year? Check out my Fan Day report!

Wow lol THE GIANTS WINNING THE SERIES??? I DON’T THINK SO but hey this is my predictons


You didn’t even pick the Red Sox for the Wild Card!
I’d love to see an East Coast World Series, Red Sox vs Mets.
I do agree David will be MVP

Opening Day at Fenway looks like a washout today : (
I am so happy the Season is finally here!

Aaron – I like your picks better then Marks! lol! I was down by Fenway Park yesterday (put up a few pics last night) and you could feel the excitement in the air! It was gorgeous yesterday – I have all my fingers and toes crossed that we will get the game in today! GAME ON!!!! GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey, what’s up! I am commenting to invite anybody that wants in to a contest I am starting for the 2009 MLB season. It’s going to be a pick ’em contest. Every Friday all us bloggers who are competing will make our picks for the slate of MLB games, and we’ll keep running totals and see who comes out on top. Should be fun, it’s only once a week so it shouldn’t be hard to keep up, let me know if you’re interested!

I give you credit going out (far out!) on the limb here. But now we won’t be shocked when the big market teams don’t take home the honors! I hope some of your predictions pan out. Instead of the Bay Area WS, maybe Oakland can face the city where the Athletics began?


Thanks for all the comments, we get to have a lot of fun watching the season unfold now. I also wrote an story recently forecasting the division and LCS winners if you go by aggregate fantasy player rankings — which is a pretty cool way to look at it. Those wind up as more mainstream. The ones above are my guts picks. Hotkorner, I obviously do not want to see the A’s deal Holliday and would abandon my pick at all costs if that happens. 😉

My picks are posted as the following:

AL East Red Sox
AL Central Indians
AL West Angels
NL East Mets
NL Central Cubs
NL West Giants
AL Wildcard Yankees
NL Wildcard Phillies

Cubs vs. Mets NLCS
Indians vs. Angels ALCS
Indians vs Cubs WS- A curse is going to be broken this year
I pick the Indians

Well, I love to the NL East and NL MVP predictions (obviously) but the Giants? Seriously? Do THEY have Frankie and Johan?!?!?! Haha.

Thank you… somebody believes the Royals can make the playoffs!

Wow, very interesting. I’d say you went a little out on the limb with some of these choices. I did too, but not when it comes to division winners and the playoffs. I don’t foresee too many surprises this year although some teams I believe will finish better than anyone would think by looking at them on paper (ie: I have Baltimore finishing third in the AL East). If KC wins the wild card and the Reds win the Central consider yourself 2009’s MLBlog baseball genius. My predictions are posted as well. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Prose and Ivy

Everybody, you can vote up until the opening pitch of the season. Please read the questions and respond!

Obviouly, as a Yankees fan, I love the Yankees pick!

Gutsy picks, Marks. Love the Yankees one, naturally, and the KC wild card pick is really interesting. Tyler Kepner of the NY Times picked the Royals to win the Central so you both could be onto something. Speaking of the Times, if you get a chance, everybody, check out my post today. I’ve got an article in the sports section that asks the question: Are diehard fans crazy? See what you think.

Well, I think the Tribe will go all the way but I agree with your West, Cy, and East predictions. I have the Cubbies winning the Central with Boston and Philly obtaining the Wild Cards. I also have predicted Pujols and Teixeira winning the MVPs with Wieters and Freese taking home the ROYs.


Yeah Mark! Go Reds!Russ

I don’t even think Oakland will keep Holliday. He’s in a contract year and was obtained simply for his trade value, the same goes for Dunn and the Nats. I like your prediction of the Reds and think they win the NL with Holliday as their LF. Tavarez, Bruce, Holliday, Votto, Phillips, Encarnacion, Hernandez and Gonzalez would be formidable. I am a Cub fan but they will miss DeRosa and will finish 3rd maybe 4th.
DBacks have the best rotation in baseball, that and their defense gives them the west.
There are 3 contenders in each division except for the AL West. 2009 Season should be fun to watch.

Mark, you have the National League West champs correct. LA Dodgers all the way!! You rock!

Mark, I like your pick of Oakland simply because i dislike that team “whatever, whatever of Anaheim.”
San Francisco?! ROFL! They will continue to be ringless in San Francisco.
Emma_Bleeding Dodger Blue!

Interesting picks Mark! I also have San Francisco winning the NL West and can see where you were coming from on all the picks. I find it interesting to see the Royals and the Reds in the mix. I also find it interesting to see the no name A’s beating out the Yanks if your teams make it all the way.


My predictions are mostly mainstream, and I usually hate going that way, but that’s honestly the way I think it will turn out. I love the emergence of new teams and I am excited to see who will emerge this year and who will be the suprise star.

Good predictions, Mark. There’s only one that matters …. head over to our site to see what that is.

My picks will be in my Opening Day/100th blog. Which will be posted at midnight Pacific time. Get ready…it’s gonna be awesome. It better be since I’ve been writing/editing/whatever since Thursday. 🙂

At the beginning of the offseason, I was huge on the Reds, with their nice young nucleus and good pitching from the HAVOC rotation (Harang, Arroyo, Volquez, Owings, Cueto). I’ve softened on them a little because of their bullpen and bench, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they “shocked the world” and won the NL Wild Card.

*Sigh* I suppose I’m going to have to post my predictions. I’ve been trying to avoid it, but it seems like the proper thing to do.

You said a few months ago that the Reds would be good… but good enough to win the division? And Kansas City with the wildcard? You know what though, it could happen!
PS: If this doesn’t happen this year, I can definitely see this happening next year

You said a few months ago that the Reds would be good… but good enough to win the division? And Kansas City with the wildcard? You know what though, it could happen!
PS: If this doesn’t happen this year, I can definitely see this happening next year

Like the KC pick. Gutsy call on the Cinci pick….either way, they are both due and have some great young talent. King of Cali should like your Giants pick. MIL-SF will be a nice opening season series.

Wow, you got some crazy picks up there chief. 🙂
The Manoman

How about a complete upset? Seattle goes from 101 loses in 2008 to AL West Champs in 2009. Not LCS winners though… miracles can only go so far.

I love the Halladay pick! Although, he may complete 10 games next year and lose 5 one-run ballgames in those starts. Somebody will take notice of what he is doing and give him CY I hope this year!!!

Mark, you homer! You picked both New York teams to advance! This isn’t 2000. Actually, I’m surprised you have Halladay over CC for the Cy, even though we all know it belongs to either Josh Beckett or Jon Lester (or Dice-K or Papelbon).
OK, fine, there’s a little bit of team favoritism in all of us. But who can argue with Opening Day looming?

Steve T.

Funny KC the wildcard. haha 🙂

And you thought what they were and they think we are what we are and they are who we thought they were.
Okay better stop I am pushing it a bit.
Monument Park Talk

Dear Mister Blog Writer Person please allow me to point out it is mathematicly impossible for the Giants and the A’s to both make it to the world series. Considering mainly it is because the A’s are well the A’s (no offense just go with it). Then the Giants are the Giants. And they both are what they are. As I close this off let me just tell you I haven’t justified my comment and I never will, so live with it. Feel free to disagree but you have nothing to disagree about. It’ll just make me feel smarter because I didn’t say anything to prove my point and you would say what you that I said (you keeping with me….. GOOD!) Ya remember I have not proven any point here.
Oh and Mark since I live in Iowa I found some nice pictures off of the AP wire, feel free to look at them more to come this season.
Monument Park Talk

Fans of 22 teams won’t like my picks and fans of seven others won’t like the final analysis, so I expect these comments to be filled with disagreement. That’s cool! It will be a pleasant switch from all the hate mail I am getting for writing nice things about new Yankee Stadium.

As much as I like SF, they lack power and will need to play some spankin’ hot defense to make it to the WS. They have a lot of great guys though, especially pitching. LOVE Tim Lincecum – but he’s gonna need some help.
Of course, I am pulling for a Philly repeat, although I may be slightly biased :O)


Like the SF pick, but I predict that Lincecum’s MLB 2K9 clone will be traded in July for a “significant” bat.

You don’t see the Red Sox in the playoffs? Can’t agree with you there Mark!


I also think that the X-factor in 2009 is the Giants’ 26th man, which of course is Tim Lincecum’s MLB 2K9 double.

Actually no one knows anything and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. We all have theories based on various data and intangibles and sentiments, but at the end of the day this is the most competitive balance in Major League history and any of 30 teams can go to the World Series. I should know, I have spent eight years now writing the words “shock the world” over and over on It’s why everyone is fired up this year. It’s not about who makes the most offseason headlines. It’s about who gets hot in late September and keeps it going. Above is my gut feeling, sometimes right on and sometimes not even close. Have fun with yours and post them asap because the season is about to start!

Here’s a prediction, Mark…the Nationals WON’T lose 100 games this year. (Of course, they may not WIN 100 games either, but still…)
Who do I have to bribe to get in the top 50??? LMFAO
Nasty Nats Live Here (and Everywhere)

Do you know something about the Royals that I don’t know, Mark? 🙂 I like the Giants pick since they’re my NL team of choice, but I’m still stuck on KC as the wild card. It’s boggling my mind! I’m getting a headache. Hahaha!

I like a few of them. I do not have to voice my A L views. so we will skip them.
The National League predictions are great. I also think that Cincy has a chance to freak a few teams out during the season and pull off that feat.
I am not sold on S F yet, but after a week if they are hitting and playing great defensively, they are on the road to the post season.
But I do have an odd name for an AL MVP winner, Aubrey Huff. He did enough last season to get more votes, but played on a lousy team. This year I think with him on the field more he will be more in-touch and also feel more pressure to rise up and lead the Orioles than in 2008.
He is my dark horse to take it during the September sweeps.
Awesome picks. Not sure on S F all the way, but it is a great bold pick with tons of potential.

Rays Renegade

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