Happy Opening Day!

I worked the first-ever game at Yankee Stadium Friday and wrote these stories:

Also, here were some BlackBerry pics I uploaded.

Derek Jeter’s locker, closest to the showers, training room, lounge, etc:


Standing on the field during pregame rain:


Alfonso Soriano back home again, sort of:


Waiting out the rain in the Cubs’ dugout:


Obstructed view seats on each side of the center field patio — pic specially requested by Alyssa Milano over on the Official MLBlogs Twitter:


My colleague Bryan Hoch posted some great pics as well, and there are much higher-quality images in our MLB.com photo galleries. Check out Keith Olbermann’s take.

Happy Opening Day, everyone!




Quality Pictures! How does it feel to be one of the first to step inside the New Yankee Stadium?


Really nice pics in this blog!

~ King of Cali

Great pix and stories, Mark. You really do have a cushy job. 🙂


another biased ny sports fan with a platfom.

Great pictures!
Everybody, please read the questions and respond! You can vote until the first pitch of the season!

Mark, I could be wrong. Hey! Don’t get offensive here! Haha. It’s just, that’s what I heard. I’ll find out June 26 when I go there for my only visit of the year. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll make an earlier trip, but I really hate the way of getting there :/ I read the first article. It was an awesome read, Thank You. Where’s the best spot to sit in the stadium? ..so I know where to buy tickets for an earlier game, as I’m sitting on the third baseline for the Subway Series. Please don’t direct me any where near that God awful wall in Center Field though. Thanks Mark!

– Donnie

What about Citi Field?


Donnie, are you serious? Yankee Stadium is beyond belief, I interviewed countless fans and maybe you clicked my links above.

Very nice pictures Mark! I was also wondering about the rain delay at one stadium and not the other one. I need to make another trip to New Yawk!

Great pics Mark! I’m trying to figure out how the Red-Sox-Mets game got a rain delay and the Yankees didn’t lol! I’ll be working on converting a Yankees fan tomorrow!


Good stuff, good stuff. =)
Of course Jeet took the closet locker to the showers.. He wants to go home asap after games lol..
– v [ http://flairforthedramatic.mlblogs.com ]

I did. Nice review. Have you seen mine. You will have to scroll down to it or on the mlblogs homepage click on Mets Go in the picture.


Wow! I heard that while watching a game at the “NEW” Yankee Stadium, it’s like watching one at the stadium they just demolished. BORINGGGGGG! The obstructed view in center field is serioussssss. A lot worse than Citi Field’s obstructions. I just posted my entry from yesterday’s Citi Field visit. Check it out!

– Donnie

What about Citi Field. Also could people vote on these polls. I am doing a playoff bracket where people vote on each matchup. Here it is:


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