April 4th, 2009

My 2009 Predictions

In 2007, I was the only person in humanity to correctly predict (on MLB.com) that Colorado would go on to its first World Series. In 2008, I had the Padres winning it all and they bombed. In 2009, I am planning to spend late October and early November in the Bay Area for a 20th-anniversary reunion. I think Oakland will have a shock-the-world mindset with its no-name pitching staff against a Giants team that is stockpiled with young talent led by the game’s best pitcher and ready for its first-ever title in San Francisco. These are my predictions.


Happy Opening Day!

I worked the first-ever game at Yankee Stadium Friday and wrote these stories:

Also, here were some BlackBerry pics I uploaded.

Derek Jeter’s locker, closest to the showers, training room, lounge, etc:


Standing on the field during pregame rain:


Alfonso Soriano back home again, sort of:


Waiting out the rain in the Cubs’ dugout:


Obstructed view seats on each side of the center field patio — pic specially requested by Alyssa Milano over on the Official MLBlogs Twitter:


My colleague Bryan Hoch posted some great pics as well, and there are much higher-quality images in our MLB.com photo galleries. Check out Keith Olbermann’s take.

Happy Opening Day, everyone!

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