Latest Leaders – March 12-27

Ben’s Biz enjoyed some major publicity this week to claim the No. 2 overall spot (behind MetsBlog), thanks to his burger scoop that was picked up by blogs and websites across the country. Keith Olbermann debuted at No. 22, right behind yours truly. Meanwhile, author Jane Heller’s Confessions of a She-Fan continued its run atop the Fan Blogs. Here are your MLBlogs Latest Leaders ranked by page views for the past two weeks:

1. Reed Between the Lines
2. Deep Thoughts By Gordon Beckham
3. Torii’s Storiis
4. Dining with ‘Dre
5. Plouffe!
6. Behind the Mask
7. A lesson in Suttle-ty
8. Bally’s Blog
9. Wagner’s Compositions
10. Moskie Madness
11. Laying Down the Lawrie
12. Life in Grey Pants
13. Dorn’s Dish
14. Perk’s Place
15. Looking Through the Mask
16. Disco Hayes
17. kevin slowey’s (offseason) blog
18. The Young and the Braves
19. Koppers’ Kaos
20. Bloggin’ with D-back Dan

1. MetsBlog
2. Ben’s Biz Blog
3. BronxBanter
4. Mets Minor League Blog
5. MLB.TV Blog
6. Was Watching
7. Fantasy 411
8. Pinstriped Bible
9. Inside the Dodgers
10. The Max
11. YES Blog
12. Around the Horn in KC
13. Phillies Insider
14. The Baseball Collector
15. *touch* ’em all
16. Inside the White Sox
17. Red Sox Insider Blog
18. Inside the Giants Clubhouse
19. Newberg Report
20. Off The Wall with Chris Shearn
21. MLBlogosphere lol
22. Baseball Nerd
23. Vine Line’s Cubs Club Blog
24. The Nets Insider
25. Kaat’s Korner
26. B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful
27. Tommy Lasorda’s World
28. Reds Internal Affairs
29. Friar John’s Blog
30. Organizational Report
31. Twins Ballpark Update
32. MLB Urban Youth Academy
33. Brian Anderson’s House of Blogs
35. Down the Line with the Phillies Ballgirls
36. Inside the Chiefs
37. The Blob
38. Gameday
39. got milb?
40. Comerica Park, 48201

1. Confessions of a She-Fan
2. Julia’s Rants
3. Red State Blue State
4. The Future Blog of the Red Sox
5. Rockpile Rant
6. Plunking Gomez
7. Rays Renegade
8. A Diatribe from a Law Student: Baseball Edition
10. Phillies Phollowers
11. Baseball Cleats & Shoes
12. I’m Not A Headline Guy…
13. Life and Indians Baseball through the Eyes of a Clemson Girl
14. Eat, Sleep, Baseball
15. Baseball, The Yankees, and Life…
16. King of Cali
17. The ‘Burgh Blues
18. Pick Me Up Some Mets!
19. Unfinished Business
20. A Misplaced Astros Fan
21. The Yankees Baseball Whisperer
23. Baseball Canadiana
24. Blogging Dodgers and Baseball
25. Baseball Bats
26. crzblue’s World
27. Bruce Markusen’s Cooperstown Confidential
28. Rocky Mountain Way…Outside Coors looking in
29. Bjarkman’s Latino and Cuban League Baseball History Page
30. Statistician Magician
31. The Watercooler
32. King Yankees
33. Redbird Chatter
35. I Live for This
36. MLB in the eyes of a 13 year old
37. All Baseball All The Time
38. Totally Tribe
39. Eat Sleep MLB
40. The Happy Youngster…Brew Town’s Ballhawk
41. District Boy
42. The Best of 162
43. Hitless Wanderings in Texas
44. Yankees Chick
45. Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts
46. sittingstill
47. The Diamond Diva
48. Phillies Red Pinstripes
49. Counting Baseballs
50. We’re talkin Homer, Blue Jays and MLB
51. Flair For The Dramatic
52. Up in Section 360
53. Mets Go

1. The Zo Zone
2. Bowman’s Blog
3. Bombers Beat
4. Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer
5. Alyson’s Footnotes
6. CastroTurf
7. Major League Bastian
8. Muskat Ramblings
9. Beck’s Blog
10. Postcards from Elysian Fields
11. By Gosh, It’s Langosch
12. Mark My Word
13. Brownie Points
14. Noble Thoughts
15. Being Ozzie Guillen
16. Jim Street Vet Scribe
17. Haft-Baked Ideas
18. The Fish Pond
19. Kenny G Around the Horn
20. Big Urb Baseball
21. Kelly’s Corner
22. The Spence Report
23. Brew Beat
24. Who’s your Padre?
25. rallymonkeys
26. All Nats All the Time
27. Hardball in the Rockies
28. Rays Plays
29. Royals Beat
30. The Tao of Steve


Mark…I added another highlight catch to the reel!

Check it out!


Holy Moly Batman! Major Elite Eight battle going on today/tonight/tomorrow??
Rays Renegade vs. A Diatribe from a Law Student. Baseball edition.
Rematch of the American League Divisional Series…………..Who will win this time?
Do not forget to go vote at

Thank you for your support and votes……..I sound like a Bartles & James commercial.

Rays Renegade

Jane, I was having the same problem yesterday. I was constantly getting “Internal Server Error”s when I left a comment. But I did notice if I went back to that particular post the comment had actually gone through. I always have problems with pages taking too long to load (all the links, I think) and my browser for some reason goes to the Search page, even though I’m just waiting for the page to load. Very annoying.
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

hope this is quicker now…

Woah Jane, you certianly do have a problem! Mine’s been acting up too. Check out my latest entry about my love of San Diego!

Is anyone else having trouble commenting? It either takes forever or the comment doesn’t go through at all. I feel like I’m on dial-up. Is it just me? Help!

Visit my blog. I am doing a playoff bracket where fans vote on each division and then each playoff matchup.

Huh. Saw that in there yesterday but had no idea what it was for, or that it was something new. I am so technologically inept! Thanks, bucs4life.
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

There is a “website URL” field in your user preferences. Fill that out to get your username to show up as a link…

Ok…I want to see if mine works

How do you get the user name to appear as a link? Geez, why doesn’t this stuff come with instructions?
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Just seeing if mine works. Again, very nice addition.

I just noticed the new URL’s on the nicknames. Nice touch.

Happy AFD around the blogsphere people are pulling AFD jokes!!! Yankees fans are suddently SOx fans and vise versa!! A good topic for the homepage. I’ve converted to the Giants!

I don’t see why some of you are so concerned with your rankings, jeez. I mean, c’mon. It amazes me just how far some of you are willing to go to move up on some silly list. Where’s the writers who are concerned with quality and not quantity!? I want in with that group because they won’t stoop to gimmicks to get readers.

Oh, by the way, have I mentioned that if I don’t win my NFBC fantasy baseball league that drafts this weekend, 4/04/09, I will get a vasectomy!?! (This is not an April Fools Joke!)

-Johnny Archive

Be sure to tag your posts accurately now. It’ll be a lot easier for people to discover content they’re interested now!

I love the new tag cloud!
Thanks Mark!
The Manoman

Having a little fun on April 1! Check it out if you have a chance.
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Mark – you know we appreciate all that you do! :-)!!! And if you need a laugh – check out my post today! Guaranteed smile! Have a great one!


I Quit see why
Don’t take it personally maybe it’s to extreme adios
Monument Park Talk

Nice to see the Tag Cloud finally working the way it’s supposed to. That was driving me crazy for a long, long time. All is forgiven πŸ™‚

I have a follow up on that idea. What if there was a split backround of a style with one team on either side.
ex: I like Rays and Yankees – left side would be Rays-right side would be Yankees.
Just an idea.
The Manoman

Mark, I was wondering if this season you might have some new styles available for the blogs. If not pre-existing ones that we can choose from, how about custom-made ones we do ourselves? You know, like uploading images to use as the background, changing the colors….that kind of thing. I don’t want to make it like Myspace, but maybe something a little more diverse so that bloggers can show off their creativity.


Hey Mark,
I was wanting to create a link list and as I am on the page that is titled “edit link list”, I click on the create new link option and I does not load. All it does is stay on the same page with no differences. If you could please inform me on how I would be able to avoid this problem it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
The Manoman

Hopefully I can be up there some day and good luck and good writing to all other bloggers

Doing a team by team scouting report now that Spring Training is about over and MLB rosters are set. Here is the schedule. All teams will be individual entries.
NL West: Today and 3/31 (maybe)
NL Central: 3/31
NL East: 4/1
AL West: 4/2
AL Central: 4/3 and 4/4 (maybe)
AL East: 4/4
Monument Park Talk

That works, thank you Mark.

First be sure to save the title of the Link List. THEN you start creating Links. Hope that helps…

I get Forbidden when I click on your blog…because you don’t need the “www” in there I guess.

Mark, when I try to create a link list it says “Error on Page.” Do you know how I can fix that?

Moving back up the list! I’m hoping to get to 200,000 visitors by my birthday in June, so please come by and say hi. I don’t bite…..initially. That costs extra. LOL


Announcement: I am writing an story and looking asap for Cub fans who can answer the annual question: “Why is this the year?” If interested, email — only Cub fans, sorry.

I just did an impromptu Latest Leaders look-in from Saturday through right now, and Chris Haft, our Giants beat writer, is off the charts with more traffic than any other MLBlogger. Trying to find out what’s up!

Heads up, we will be doing an upgrade of the MLBlogs system overnight to improve performance. It is scheduled to start at 3 a.m. ET on Tuesday, hopefully lasting no more than a couple hours. During this time, posting and commenting will be down. People who try to comment or publish will be greeted with a message saying we are doing scheduled maintenance of the system. When we are back up, everything should look the same but we should get some noticeable performance boosts. Please plan your blogging accordingly, and over the next few days let me know how stuff is working. – Mark

Landed 48 among the fans, eh? Looks like I need to do better again.

I need to get more page views. lol Comment on my blog lol
Man I feel like I’m begging for readers. lol

~ King of Cali

Congrats to everybody on making the list. I am new to the blog, but have received some great feedback.

I will see you at the top in short order.

It’s a great honor to be ranked #15 on the latest Fan “Leader’s List” !!!
“Congratulations” to all blogs on “all” the above Leader’s Lists !!!
This is my third time ranked #15 on one of the “Leader’s Lists”; and, on previous lists I dedicated my #15 ranking to, Yankee greats: Thurman Munson and Red Ruffing !!! … So, it is good to know that the New York Yankees had many great players who wore #15 throughout the years before the number was retired in honor of the “captain” Thurman Munson !!!
This leads to my dedication of my current #15 ranking, which is in honor of the great Yankee all-star, “Old Reliable”, Tommy Henrich !!!
Thanks to everybody who has visited my mlblog !!! … I appreciate all your comments, thoughts, and kind words !!! … All are welcome to visit any time !!!
Also, special thanks to Mark and everyone at mlblogs/ for all your efforts that make this mlblogging community so great to be a part of !!!
Everybody, “Have a Great Day” !!!
— Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

Hey everyone. Make sure you keeping checking the site. Today’s my last day in Tampa and Bradenton.

Could you expand the leaders to 500,000,000,000,000 so I can be on it????????
Monument Park Talk
Brett Gardner beats out Melky Cabrera

Congrats to everybody on the latest leaders! (Even if they are only on after some twisting of arms)

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. I don’t expect to make it in the next 2 weeks but please visit Monument Park Talk.
On a serious note: I send my prayers out to Lou Saban’s family.
Monument Park Talk

Dear metsgl: Please take a small supply of chill pills, available at local stores everywhere. I expanded it from 50 to 53 just to accommodate you and now I’m not doing it often enough…I do this in my spare time to show people where they rank. It’s not MLB batting averages! 2 chill pills with a spoonful of sugar…you will be OK, trust me. No schedule here. Thanks.

How come last time the leaders came out for 1 week and this time for 2 weeks? What ill it be next time?

Thank you all for your support!! I’m sorry that I’m being really lame and not posting. I’m in Disney World and I am sick… I will try and post tomorrow though.
Thanks again y’all! And keep up the good work everyone!

Thank you all for your support!! I’m sorry that I’m being really lame and not posting. I’m in Disney World and I am sick… I will try and post tomorrow though.
Thanks again y’all! And keep up the good work everyone!

I’ll take #33. Just happy to be nominated! Thanks to all that stop by!

Just posted my tribute to #45, Tug McGraw. And please, no manhood ranking! Just the butts!
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Thank you for the #38 ranking.

Alright #50! I let the same blog entry sit on page this time, just to let it soak in and I still made the list! Thank you Mark and thank you everyone. MLBlogs rocks!

Wow #31! Cool!! Thanks to everyone for visiting…it’s so much fun being a part of this blogosphere!

Finally found the Community blog. Just started looking to provide good insight and compare the past to the present and look into the future. Please visit Monument Park Talk.

Oh, and one more thing…if we are going to be ranking manhoods here, then we’re going to need pictures…that’s the only fair way to do it……. πŸ˜€

As Annie Savoy said in the movie “Bull Durham”…ohhhh myyyy!! Number 47…first time in the top 50! (I wonder how I managed that…?) Thank you to the people who’ve visited my blog lately, and thank you to Julia for the congrats comment in my blog that let me know about this ranking in the first place. A hearty congratulations to everyone who made the list…and to those who didn’t (yet), let me just say that if I can do it, you can do it…good luck!

Well Scott – it should help you then when you will be writing Red Sox blogs in April! πŸ˜‰ I can give you a list of players to write about and you know – you should take some photos to use in them when you’re in Boston! lol! πŸ˜‰

Anyway – contrary to public opinion – my post yesterday about a certain player on Scott’s team WAS NOT my dedication post! I put that up today and I dedicate my #2 ranking to the Rem-Dawg! Jerry Remy!


Does it count as a page view if you aren’t logged in?

Did I pick up a Major League reference up there, Tom Priddy? haha

Hey Mark, How do we get to be the blog on the MLB front page?
Sorry you have to type my blog title every week. I am kind of proud of having the longest one actually. πŸ˜‰

OK, had to do some tweaking in the PRO section because I have to get in a habit of incorporating SNY blogs (we at MLBAM power SNY.TV, and MetsBlog and some others are part of the SNY Blog Network). Those are on a different server and apparently my brain can handle only so much overload a week before Opening Day. MetsBlog is Jupiter and every other MLBlog is Pluto, trying to be included in the Solar System, when the numbers are compiled. It will be #1 all season. Matt C deserves a lot of credit for what he has built with that. So anyway, this means yours truly drops to No. 21, and instead of manhood I will dedicate it to being legal, and honestly I don’t remember enough about that to post it here, so perhaps instead we will simply invoke Robert Clemente.

I am kind of thinking that it was the Yankee blogs that pulled Julia up to #2! πŸ˜‰ Great job, everyone! Very exciting stuff…


Mark, I didn’t know we were ranking manhoods. I’d have to give mine an eight… :)…D

so how are these rankings determined? just from page views??

Congrats everyone!! πŸ™‚
Hopefully one day (probably a very long time from now) I’ll make the list πŸ™‚

jobaisnow: CONGRATS on making starting right for your varsity. I started center or second in high school. Bet your batting average won’t be as low as mine was.

Dedicating my 18 ranking to manhood. When I turned that age, I knew that someday I would want to help everyone know where they rank! So I went to college to major in Blog Ranking. Some of the term papers and finals were brutal. I consider getting a Master’s in Blog Ranking, but there was an immediate job opening so I took it and spent years mastering my craft, working my way up the corporate ladders, and I am happy to be ranking the best blogs today. We are not talking about little 2-page-view blogs. We are talking about insanely popular blogs. I am happy to rank you guys! πŸ™‚

Hmm, not in probably because I didn’t have many entries the past week. Well once the season starts it will be easier to do this kind of thing. Also I am pretty peeved about this rant that got one of my favorite radio guys fired. Stupidest thing I got a video of it here. The green is the guy that pretty much started it. See it on my blog.
Made starting Right field for my Varsity team, Won’t have as many posts as I would want because of games. Ranked #7 in state.

Still stuck at #17. This trip to Florida should move TBB up on the leaders board. Thanks to all of you who care about Pirates baseball, or at least pretend too.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! #26 Wow!
Not much time to post as I leave to Camelback Ranch in …3 hours. I already want to do my next thread, but no time. So much to do, so little time!

Can’t believe I cracked the top 10…ok, just barely squeezed in there temporarily :O) Thanks to everyone for stopping by and congrats to all the bloggers out there!! We all work very hard at this. And whether you made the list or not, be proud for your achievements! Keep speaking your minds and keep blogging! :O)
Peace, Love & Baseball,


Woo hoo! I’m back on the list at #45! I know who that dedication will be – Tug McGraw. Thanks everyone for stopping by!
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Thanks to everyone who visited this week.

I did want to mention that the “Subtle Butt” post accounted for a sizable portion of the page views as well….it was a great thing to segue to after all the burger buzz.

It just goes to show…the more ridiculous, the better!


Yay! #19!! Oooh, Padres fans know who that is! Yep, Tony Gwynn! Dedication up soon! Thanks so much to all my readers!

Congrats to The Watercooler for being MLBlogger of the Day on our homepage at – that blog is at and ranks 31st in the FAN category above.

it’s future red sox blog vs. eat, sleep, baseball over at MAX MADNESS — make sure you keep voting at

Just read the Ben’s Biz “subtle butt” post and laughed so hard. Thanks for bringing it and him to our attention, Mark. And to anybody who’s been commenting on my blog, your visits are much appreciated. All any writer can hope for is to be read. I especially appreciate the non-Yankee fans who take the time to stop by. I KNOW you can’t stand my team and yet you come anyway. That’s cool.

Expanded it to 53 for Mets Go πŸ™‚

Thank again everyone. I stayed put, which is impressive since I was down with the flu and sneezing on my keyboard half the time. I guess the blogs did make sense this week.
Thank you sooooo much for not only the number 8 spot, but for voting for me in the Max blog tourney.
Do not forget that daily there are more matches still going on, and people who need your support.
That is why I love blogging on here….great support and commentary.

Rays Renegade

Mark, How far out of the list was I?

hyunyoung: you can do it! tell everyone you know to check out your blog! post the url around the city…whatever it takes!

making sure you guys noticed that we keep adding MLB Tweeps over at Twitter, up around a couple dozen now. Latest to join there is our own Alyssa Milano at – follow her and say hi to her also at

have to add that ben’s biz blog traffic was staggering…and it was all amassed in like the last 2-3 days, not over the whole 12-day period. harry and everyone on cbs early show today were the latest to jump on the big-burger bandwagon that ben started…amazing how he blogged and the whole world jumped on it…instant #1

Whoo-hoo! Number 32!
Please read the questions and respond!

I’m not gonna complain but it’s kind of disappointing to see my blog not on the list!

Number eight?! Number eight!! I beat the cleats and shoes! That’s the highlight of my blogging life! Thank you guys. You’re all wonderful. I never thought I’d crack Top Ten, and I did. One more time, thank you so much! I’ll be on a hiatus until Sunday night since I’ll be in San Francisco, but check out my new tattoo on the blog until then!

I must have just missed it too. How far did I miss it by, Mark?

Darn, I musta just missed the list by, like, maybe one or two spots. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Ju-u-u-st a bit outside.

Yeah, I know people are gonna come flocking to my photo blog any day now . . . yep . . . for sure . . .

Tom Priddy

Nasty Nats I am with you.I have been writing so much but can’t make the list. Even look at this post:

Hey – all I had to do was breath and I moved up another spot today! lol! You’re just trying to confuse me Mark! First you included Zack & then you took him out! Okay – you’re doing a good job of confusing me!


WHY do I torture myself?? STILL no top-50 listing.
Olbermann only started HIS MLBlog on Monday, and already he’s #19 in the Pro category?? Meanwhile, I’VE been here God knows how long…and STILL I’m nowhere to be found.
Any towers around here I need to climb, to start shooting the competition?? LMMFAO j/k
Nasty Nats Live Here (and Everywhere)

13! That’s the highest yet!

Congrats to everyone who made the list, and if you didn’t keep chugging…D

Consistency at the top. Not too shabby.

Yay! Having to blog on the Yankees didn’t knock me out! Thanks Mark!


Page views! Keep blogging!

How did I not make it? I was doing a ton of blogging these past weeks. What is this based on?

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