Albert, Ozzie and Spring


I would like to introduce you to Albert and Ozzie. I just moved and they have their own space on one shelf at my home. I found these at a Christmas Tree Shops store, a whole boxful of little wooden Cardinal carvings. It occurred to me that the one on the left has the stance in the right side of the box like Albert Pujols about to go hard, and the other one is looking straight ahead and ready to field at his shortstop position. So now they are my official Birds on a Bat logo brought sort of to life, with a permanent spot at home. I. Live. For. This.

On to spring…

This morning I was greeted by giant snowflakes on my commute into Manhattan and our MLB offices. It was Winter clinging to its last life, hoping for the impossible, forcing you to feel one last blustery chill in its final hours. Indeed, according to Wikipedia, in the last hour the Equinox became official, and Winter is officially gone again, until the next time around.

I say goodbye to Winter. We will remember it for many reasons. Many of them were wonderful, many of them were horrible, and as always it was the one of the four seasons that we deal with rather than embrace as baseball fans. There was no real baseball in that time. There was plenty of news, good and bad. There were plenty of gifts, beautiful holiday spirit and family gatherings, but much talk of a whipped economy. There was a joyous New Year that brought a 24/7 baseball network.

What was your one lasting memory of this past Winter? Mine is of a large Continental jet splashing down just blocks away from where I work, then walking over there in the bitter cold and watching the surreal sight of tugboats hauling this aircraft downstream to Battery Park, while all passengers were somehow safe and sound. I will remember Captain Sully. Mine also is of an Inauguration of a lifetime and what that meant to so many.

According to Tennyson, “In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” I know that our collective fancy is turned to baseball now, as the number of MLBlogs created here the past month has skyrocketed. Everyone is blogging, everyone is hopeful. Yes, this is a paean sung for weeks now since Spring Training began, but let’s pause a moment just to make it official, to bid adieu to Winter, to rejoice in Spring. Now it’s real.

Opening Day is up next.


My best baseball-related memory for this winter was having former Yankees pitcher Mike Mussina present me with one of his game-issued gloves in front of 200+ people at his fan appreciation dinner in January. It was a moment I’ll never forget!

Hey I have a question – is it possible to change my blogs name and/or URL without starting a whole new blog?? You can reply by commenting at or email at


Hey Mark,
Thanks for adding the YES Network blogs under your dropdown on the main page. We appreciate it.

The only thing better than those Redbirds as they are would be if you could make a shelf out of a bat for them to rest upon!

Pitchers Hit Eighth

Hi Mark – I’m a newby and just signed in for the first time. One of my daughters moved to Brooklyn two years ago and has become a Mets fan; going to several games. She is a huge David Wright fan and I decided to get online and see just who she was talking about. Now I find myself cheering Let’s Go Mets! Winter and spring in NYC and where I live in Groton, NY are so different. I check NY1, which is available to me via cable TV, to see the temps in the city; where my daughter is, and its always so much warmer there. Just checked: it’s 41 degrees F. in NYC and 29 degrees F. here right now (3:37 p.m.) To me, spring is song birds coming back, the greening of the landscape, being warm again, and baseball. My husband, my elderly dad and I watch baseball every single game aired on TV during the entire season. So, with my daughter living in Manhatten now, I’m sure we will be traveling to the new stadium to see David Wright hit a ball out of the park this season. See you at the ball game!

Thanks for commenting on my blog last week…I love being a part of the blogosphere (and now Twitter) so far. Come check it out anytime! Also, Albert and Ozzie look great!

How about this one: I’ll be heading for my bleachers in TWO WEEKS for Opening Day. Two Weeks!!!


Check out my latest entry, and join me in my quest to get to the Padres Fan Day!

Ozzie and Albert look great! Perhaps Gibby and Stan could be found as well.

My lasting winter memory was Yadier Molina winning his first Gold Glove. Finally. He deserved that years ago.

First, a belated congratulations on your new home, Mark. May it bring you health and happiness and lots of good baseball on the TV. (I know. You get to GO to the games, but still.) As for my favorite moment of the winter, it was in Tampa watching CC Sabathia make his debut in a Yankees uniform. Sweet.

What’s up my favorite on-line baseball community? I invite you (dare you) to visit Prose and Ivy and leave your best argument as to why you think THIS year is YOUR team’s year. Try and convince me the Cubs aren’t winning it all in ’09 and your team is!

Prose and Ivy

First day of spring??? I was sitting at Dodger Stadium tonight watching Venezuela get trounced by Korea and thought about how cold I felt. This is sunny California. Tomorrow will be worse. There is a 60% chance of rain for the USA Japan game. Sigh. Spring has sprung. Oh Well.

Here comes the Sun do-de-do-do~~~

Gotta love spring training. Sure, it’s kinda long, but it’s my favorite of all sports pre-seasons. Gotta love seeing your teams prospects and young guys get regular playing time, while your stars get the work they need to get in shape and ready for the regular season. Love it.

Winter was CRAZY for San Diego. The Jake Peavy trade thing, Trevor Hoffman deal… I won’t forget it though! On the good side, can’t wait for Opening Day. Padres are starting new and fresh from the top 🙂

Man I can’t top a hot tub with Victorino but I did hear he likes to pee in the tub. My best memory this winter would be just hanging around Tucson a few weeks back. I spent the whole winter waiting to be there and now that I look back it was an unreal experience. People are just people I realize this, but the way we are normally sheltered from players during the regular season compared to the “free roam” during spring training. Everyone who is a baseball fan should experience this. Opening day is fast approaching, what are you going to do to up your game?
Just thought I’d throw that at ya…The original Ranter…D

My best winter memory: Sharing a hot tub with Shane Victorino while cruising the Caribbean in January. Not quite as great as winning the WS, but still awesome. I know, you all hate me ;o) Hee!
But how glad are we that Spring is finally here?!!! Whew!


One of the not-so-great memories I will always have about this winter is losing Trevor Hoffman to the Brewers. That was one of the worst things that has happened in Padres history. But, spring brings new hope. I can’t wait for Opening Day!

On the first day of Spring, as I walked to my office building, it was snowing! that’s so wrong! I am so ready for no coats…and BASEBALL!


The ice storm of ’98 will be the stand out winter for me. It took hours to get downtown. Everything was closed. And some people had to wait weeks for the power to come on. It was bad, but the ice on the trees and everything was beautiful in it’s own way.

Albert and Ozzie’s story behind them makes them look that much better on the shelf. Very creative fine sir. I’m hoping the winter days are long behind us, even though a thin layer of snow covered the streets in my town a couple of days ago. It disappeared quickly, and hopefully never comes back, now it being Spring and Mother Nature intends PERFECT baseball weather on March 29 at Citi Field.

– Donnie

PS Albert and Ozzie are very cute!

Yes, the snow…the snow! This morning, I left my house and it was snowing…the subway went above ground at 125th street and it was snowing…I looked out the window in biology and it was snowing…and I asked my bio teacher about the temperature in relation to the snow, and he said that sometimes it just can’t turn to water fast enough so it stays frozen near the ground…or something like that. Was it not scary?

Still chilly, but warm enough to toss whiffle balls to my son in the back yard. Opening Day tickets are in hand. Baseball is coming!!!Russ

Nothing like a bbq before a bseball game, the smell of the grass, the crack of a bat, the noise of someone sliding into second. That time is almost here.

What’s funny is that the snow stopped and melted all right before the equinox at 11:44. How ironic.

Ooops! red pen. tht should be the screen had Welcome with your name there. and “I hope the Dodgers do this every year!” .

Thinking of spring…Spring training!!! The beginning of baseball season. The finale of the World Baseball Classic at Dodger Stadium will make way for Dodger Baseball. It seems that it was just October and we were licking our wounds after winning the Western Division and then losing before we could win it all but for us Dodger fans it was enough to get us thinking about the next season. We all who love baseball love the Spring myself included. I had never been to Spring Training but this year I finally went. How fun it was!! Something to look forward to every year. All I can say…and now it’s time for Dodger Baseball!!!

Greetings from Southern California where the temperature is in the 60’s. I was cold last night though when the temps dipped into the low 50’s (I know I am spoiled) There is a 70% of no rain on Saturday. I am crossing my fingers that they will no rain during the game! Can’t wait to watch my first WBC games!
My one lasting memory of this past Winter? baseball related? The first Winter event for season ticket holders at Dodger Stadium! We had Tommy dressed as Santa, Vin Scully showed up to welcome us! Players like Andre Etheir, Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw as well as ex-players like Tommy Davis and Fernando Valenzuela were there. There were free pictures with “Santa”, and or at home plate. I only had time to take the one behind homeplate with the big screen saying “Welcome ). I hope the Dodges do this every year!


Whew! That was a close call. The Cardinals flip-flops appear to be sold-out. Otherwise I would be out $’s plus S & H. But still….Mark, you are my favorite enabler.

I am blessed to live in a state that only has a month worth of Winter days. But I can empathize with the northern berthren who have suffered through the White Days and the sudden temperature changes.
You might pay with snow, but we pay with hurricanes and tropical storms that can even flood the stadium parking lots. I guess every paradise has its price of admission.

Glad the northern folks are feeling some warmth from the good old sun right now.

Rays Renegade

Yay it’s Spring! And are you stealing my lines Mark? I wrote about a young man’s fancy turning to baseball & poetry this morning! I guess great minds think a like! lol!


Hmm, can’t say I have one particular winter memory that stands above the others. Though seeing the WS trophy up close and personal was a pretty good one! 😀 And I was inspired to start my blog, which I’m enjoying immensely, but the way. Happy Spring to everyone!
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Winter had me going from snow to AZ in a matter of hours, seeing baseball for a week and then returning to the cold of Cleveland.

A beautiful good-bye to the season of cold and dark! Bring on the daffodils, the flip-flops, the warm breeze blowing out and the beloved words, “Play Ball!”

Oh, and my winter memory? How about David Wright’s flick hit in the clutch to bust the Puerto Ricans? Yeah. That’s the one.

Ahhhhh SNAP! Best time of the year outside of October? You betchya! Bring it on, Spring!

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