Latest Leaders – March 3-11

Latest Leaders in the MLBlogs Network by page view, for the period from March 3-11.

The Latest Leaders will look a little different this week, as I split them into four categories. Reasons for this include the fast proliferation of player MLBlogs (30 prospect blogs are gradually being rolled out, plus Torii Hunter of the Angels and Reed Johnson of the Cubs are about to start), the incorporation of SNY Network and YES Network blogs into the MLBlogs Network, and the fact all 30 beat writers now have MLBlogs. Hope you enjoy the list and thanks for the great MLBlogging!


1. Deep Thoughts By Gordon Beckham
2. Dining with ‘Dre
3. Disco Hayes
4. Moskie Madness
5. Life in Grey Pants
6. Behind the Mask
7. Bally’s Blog
8. A Lesson in Suttle-ty
9. The Young and the Braves
10. kevin slowey’s (offseason) blog
11. Perk’s Place
12. Wagner’s Compositions
13. The life and times of Javy
14. Looking Through the Mask
15. Koppers’ Kaos
16. Bloggin’ with D-back Dan


1. MetsBlog
2. Bronx Banter
3. MLB.TV Blog
4. Mets Minor League Blog
5. Was Watching
6. Pinstriped Bible
7. Inside the Dodgers
8. YES Blog
9. Fantasy 411
10. Around the Horn in KC
11. *touch* ’em all
12. Phillies Insider
13. The Baseball Collector
14. Inside the Giants Clubhouse
15. Inside the White Sox
16. Newberg Report
17. Kaat’s Korner
18. The Max
19. MLBlogosphere lol
20. Vine Line’s Cubs Club Blog
21. Red Sox Insider Blog
22. Tommy Lasorda’s World
23. B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful
24. Friar John’s Blog
25. Ben’s Biz Blog
26. Reds Internal Affairs
27. Brian Anderson’s House of Blogs
29. Twins Ballpark Update
30. Down the Line with the Phillies Ballgirls
31. Comerica Park, 48201
32. The Dog Ate Daron’s Homework..Again
33. MLB Urban Youth Academy
34. got milb?
35. From the Booth with Steve Stewart
36. Is this thing on?
37. Gameday
38. It’s a Kind of a Family. It’s a Kind of Insanity.
39. Diggin’ In to the Legends with SuperMario & EBJ
40. Jesse Sanchez at the Park


1. Confessions of a She-Fan
2. Red State Blue State
3. Julia’s Rants
4. Rockpile Rant
5. The Future Blog of the Red Sox
7. Rays Renegade
8. Plunking Gomez
9. King of Cali
10. Baseball, The Yankees, and Life…
11. Baseball Cleats & Shoes
12. Eat, Sleep, Baseball
13. A Diatribe from a Law Student: Baseball Edition
14. Phillies Phollowers
15. Redbird Chatter
16. Pick Me Up Some Mets!
17. The ‘Burgh Blues
18. Life and Indians Baseball through the Eyes of a Clemson Girl
19. Rocky Mountain Way…Outside Coors looking in
20. Braves World
21. Unfinished Business
23. Bruce Markusen’s Cooperstown Confidential
24. The Closer
25. A Misplaced Astros Fan
26. Phillies Red Pinstripes
27. Cubs Gal Who Loves Baseball
28. The Yankees Baseball Whisperer
29. Baseball Canadiana
30. Statistician Magician
31. Baseball Bats
32. The 1 Constant…Baseball
33. All Baseball All The Time
34. crzblue’s World
35. Flair For The Dramatic
36. Bringing Diamond Back(s)
37. Bjarkman’s Latino and Cuban League Baseball History Page
38. Between The Chalk
39. District Boy
40. King Yankees
41. I Live for This
42. Up in Section 360
43. We’re talkin Homer, Blue Jays and MLB
44. Baby Paul’s Baseball Blog
45. MLB in the eyes of a 13 year old
47. Mets’ Main Man
48. Totally Tribe
49. The Season Experience
50. Perfect Pitch


1. Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer
2. Bowman’s Blog
3. The Zo Zone
4. Bombers Beat
5. CastroTurf
6. Muskat Ramblings
7. Beck’s Blog
8. Postcards from Elysian Fields
9. Alyson’s Footnotes
10. By Gosh, It’s Langosch
11. Major League Bastian
12. Mark My Word
13. Brownie Points
14. Being Ozzie Guillen
15. Noble Thoughts
16. Brew Beat
17. Kenny G Around the Horn
18. Jim Street Vet Scribe
19. The Spence Report
20. Big Urb Baseball
21. Haft-Baked Ideas
22. The Fish Pond
23. Kelly’s Corner
24. rallymonkeys
25. Who’s your Padre?
26. Hardball in the Rockies
27. All Nats All the Time
28. Rays Plays
29. Royals Beat
30. The Tao of Steve


When are the new League Leaders coming out. I am curious if I could make it and if I did it would get more people to visit my blog. Please visit it:

checkout the t-shirt I have on today for St. Patrick’s day! Of course is Dodger related! thread titled “Here is to my favorite Irishman!”

For those who haven’t seen (been away a couple of days), RSBS TV is back with a new episode:

Back on the list!! Maybe it was the luck of the Irish! Some great blogs here for sure!

I can’t believe there have no posts here since 4:50. I thought I posted one saying to Mark “Pick me! Pick me!” 🙂

Hey Mark, thanks for linking my site on the front page for the earlier part of the day. Would you mind if we had a link to the Madness???

Hey Mark – Thanks for the front page love. I was there checking some headlines, scrolled down and was surprised to find me!

Check out my latest threads. We Ran into Manny!!! yeah!! and meet my traveling friends. Also check out my latest pic in my profile. I did not know one of my traveling friends had taken it at Dodger Stadium. What do you think? is it appropriate for my blog?
3 consecutive weeks I have gone to Camelback Ranch!! Next week I’ll feel funny not renting a car. haha but I’ll be at Dodger Stadium for the WBC finals!! maybe the following week. Now I need to get to work and return rental on the way.

Just wanted to say that not only does it look like Phillies Phollowers is kicking some butt, but today is also Jenn’s birthday (she may kill me for this). All you she-fans may want to check out a special blog entry I’ve created for her special day: For She-Fans Only Guys, you can look too, but you might not appreciate it as much! 🙂
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Your main page looks awesome, Mark. Thanks again for your help.

Man, I need to start doing some (shameless self-) promoting.

Read my blog:

If you like Baseball fiction, please come by and read my story.



Also 64 greatest teams in History Tournament coming this week nominate your favorite team of the past. Simulated tourny no biases

Ellen: Latest Leaders are based on page views as first sentence says.

Manoman: First I’ve heard of parts of entries being cut off, let me know if it’s still happening and if anyone else ever experienced that.

Orangebird: Top 100 badge was for the year-end Latest Leaders only, determining the 2008 leaders. What does everyone think about possibly doing one or more badges going forward on a more recurring basis? Not sure I personally have the time to keep up with that but was thinking of doing something there.

Shelley, by all means ask anyone to trade links, that’s cool. Hopefully you just did by posting that comment.

jobaisnow: Good job making an early splash! Everyone check out

Hi Mark, I’m Ellen, a regular on Ian Brownes “Brownie Points”. What is it that determines the rankings of the blogs. Is it the number of hits that the blog receives?? All of the Brownie Points Bloggers are curious regarding that. We intend to become THEE Number One Beat Writers Blog!!!! Ian deserves to have his blog up from #13…. have a good one.

By ellenc on March 15, 2009 11:19 AM
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This feels like it has been THE longest Spring Training EVER!!!! Now with it and the Classic taking its toll in re to injuries, I for one am far PAST READY for the season to begin… I long for those beautiful words….. PLAY BALL..

Looking to make a splash here
Unbiased Yankee talk, with out the un part

In most of my entries some parts get cut off. Do you have an explanation for this?
The Manoman

Yea any extra comments to get more people to view your blog.

Congrats everyone who made the top! I’m also a newbie at this, so any advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated 🙂

I have another newbie question about adding links to other blogs on my blog. What is the protocol for exchanging links, or is there one? I’ve added a few links on my blog, but I haven’t asked anyone to return the favor. Is it considered appropriate or tacky to ask a blogger to add a link to my blog in his/her link list? Do people just add links of blogs they enjoy, or do they add them by request?

Why is it that the top 100?50 badge stopped, I would really like to have one of those!!! Is there a way I can get one? That would be awesome!

Congrats to everyone on the Latest Leaders! Y’all deserve it. But this week is gonna be my week, I can just feel it!!!

It’s “great” to move into the Top Ten of the Leader’s List, for a second time, at #10 !!!
On my other #10 ranking on a previous Leader’s List, I dedicated my ranking in honor of Phil Rizzuto … So, after some thought about this latest #10 ranking, I decided to make a dedication in honor of Yogi Berra, and the “Ten” Yankee World Championship teams he played on: 1947,’49, ’50, ’51, ’52, ’53, ’56, ’58, ’61, ’62 !!!
Yogi Berra once said, “I want to thank you for making this day necessary”, in a speech in which he made a mistake by saying “necessary” instead of “possible” … So, in kind of a reinterpretation of that famous “Yogi-ism”, I will end my thoughts by saying …
“I want to thank everyone who made this dedication necessary” !!!
“Congratulations” and “Best Wishes” to all blogs on the Leader’s Lists !!!
— Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

Also on my site, to see anything that I posted recently I have to refresh the page once it loads. This this happen on other people’s blogs?

O. Thank you. I will start trying that.

Thanks, roundrock15. Tagging is one thing I’m trying to get used to. I’ve posted on message boards, rather than blogs, for years — I’ve owned and admined a Mike Mussina message board for 10 years — and I never had to tag my posts. I’m still not sure if I’m using enough tags in my blog entries. I suppose I will get used to it eventually.
Mets Go, I’ve gotten the “not allowed” message too. I just log out and log back in again, and then I’m able to post.

Whenever I try to comment on someone else’s blog it says I am not allowed to. I would like to comment and get more people to visit my site.

That’s a great start, Shelley. It can be kind of a snowball — you comment on someone’s blog, they come check out yours and comment on yours. After a while, it’s like all you do is read, write, and comment on blogs. It’s awesome! Haha.

Really, that’s the best way to increase your leadership – plus write interesting stuff and write it regularly. And make sure to tag your entries! If someone does a search for, say, Adam Dunn… and you’ve just written an entry on Adam Dunn… then they’ll see your story and be able to check it out. If you don’t tag it, though, they’ll never know it’s there.

Yeah same go to my blog.

I would like some advice to.

Newbie here…congrats to all of leaders!
I have a newbie question. How does one increase the readership of his/her blog? I don’t necessarily aspire to the top 50, but I’d like to crack the top 1000 at some point! LOL I assume that commenting in other blogs and leaving a link to my blog in my comments is a good start. Any suggestions you fine people could provide would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Trying to get mine started up. Please go to it

18 again! Thanks everyone!

Some say change is good…I am ok with staying steady at 14 :O) And hey ladies…I just posted some smut for ya, as requested!


I’m falling fast! Come to my blog guys! I know who the Red Sox Insider is but I will only tell you in my latest entry.

Julia really is the team captain. It’s not often I see an entry – mine or anyone else’s – that she doesn’t take the time to comment on. Much appreciated, chica!

Darnitall, #51 again in the latest leader board!
Congrats to all who made the list.

Guiddiness! Thank you Mark!! xoxoxoxo!!!
I have gone to Camelback Ranch for the last two weekends and I am so tempted to go back this weekend!
Also, I can’t wait for the WBC semi-finals & finals at Dodger Stadium! I never been to a WBC game!

I know it is not a World Series ring, but I just attached a photo of the Rays 2008 American League Championship ring replica that fans will get during the first week of the Rays Opening homestand this season.
I am going to leave it up on my profile until March 16th ( Monday) then I am going to attach it to a link on the side bar.

Rays Renegade

Jane’s She-Fan Cam was just amazing in case you haven’t checked it out, and also note the pic with her and Rays Renegade at the book signing. Make sure you buy Jane’s book if you haven’t, and Alyssa’s is now available as well.

Jen/Bally links fixed, thanks guys. All the dedications rock. Everyone check out the Manny Being Manny sign on Emma’s! I’m still in a little shock that Big Papi and the Dominicans went out with a whimper in the World Baseball Classic. We’re thinking that Julia actually has a whole team of employees worldwide who go out and comment on every single MLBlog. We don’t actually know how one human does it but we are thankful. 🙂

Re Sue’s question, the peeps who look for those 10-to-20-word blurbs for MLBlogger of the Day on stop by here. Couldn’t hurt to pull your own nominated blurb and put it here whenever you want, all I’m sayin’. Doesn’t guarantee it will be used but it’s another way to drive people home.

12th again! Okay can’t be upset.


I had the same problem accessing Jen’s blog & the Link to Bally’s Ball is wrong also! (Yes Mark – I really do visit the leaders and share some Red Sox love with them!)

My #3 dedication blog is up and this time I dedicated it to Pete Runnels.

And you’ll like this – Jane thinks you should hire me to work for you! My response – how long do you think Mark would be able to stand me! hahahaha!

Have a great one – and don’t forget – “game on” part 1 between Scott & I for tomorrow nights Red Sox-Yankees game! GO RED SOX!


Back on the list. I’d like to credit the WBC being in Toronto.

Thanks for the headsup Julia! You are the Best!!
Congratulations to everyone blogging! This is fun and addicting!
If you are a Dodger fan, you know who I am going to dedicate my post to. None other than our beloved Fernando!! The song is going to be there too! I also remember a song written for Fernando back in the Fernandomania days.
Have you checked TFWV (TroyfromWestVirginia) tribute to the Dodgers youtube? Aaron from mlbtribefan said he got inspired!
I also posted a picture of Manny & I 🙂 as a welcome since he is scheduled to start tomorrow.
Thank you all that helped move up!! xoxoxo

Hey Mark, the link you have for my blog on the list is, well, funky. It wants a password or something. Just FYI. 🙂

Down to #17? Yikes. I guess the good heat from the Moskos interview wore off. Hopefully we’ll rank a little higher next week… especially when we give viewers an exclusive look at the second round of the WBC. You’ll see what I mean Sunday.

Woohoo! Glad to be back on the leaders list. Thanks for the update Mark!

So how does one nominate oneself to be blogger of the day? Just say “hey make me blogger of the day”? Sad to say that I seem to have fallen off the list since my initial appearance. I hope I haven’t become *gasp* boring!
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Mark, I love your “lol” next to your ranking. You’re #1 on our list no matter what. As for my ranking, it must have been the She-Fan Cam at spring training. I’d better start bringing it to the grocery store too.

Hey – Thank you all! #3 again! And congrats to all! Hey Mark – I even put a picture of me up at your request – so can I be the blog of the day!


Darion, give that dedication to Kaybee. Kaybee, meet Darion.

Thank you everyone who has come by and read the rants and screams lately on my blog. A second dose of “I owe you’s” go out to the people who went by and voted for me yesterday during my first round win……….

Okay, I am going to dedicate my number 7 listing to: None on the Rays. Can you believe that not one player has worn the number 7 in the Rays 12 years in the major leagues. Not one even during Spring Training.

So I am going to dedicate it to the sexiest actress ever in a baseball-themed movie. Jessica Biel. She could throw a pretty convincing fastball to Freddy Prinz Jr. in “Summer Catch”, which current Rays Designated Hitter Pat Burrell had a walk-on role. But because she got her start on “7th Heaven”, there is my “7” connection for the night. Oh, and she doesn’t look bad in a bathing suit either!

Thank you again for the support in the Max Blog. Do not forget to check by it every day for new match ups this month.

Rays Renegade

Oh I’m now 20. Haha I had just wrote a blog dedicating my number 21 to Warren Spahn. Oh well. I still dedicate it to him since I don’t feel like changing it.

WHOO HOO! I moved up ten places from the last Leaders to #21! Thank you so much to all my readers, and keep stopping by to read about some Padres baseball!

We can nominate ourselves to be MLB Blogger of the Day? I should probably work on actually blogging well first, I suppose.

#26… a few more views and I could have dedicated today’s entry to Jose Cruz. Gotta dig a little deeper for 26.


Hey, guys, everyone who was 16 or below on the FAN list just moved up one, and Susan from Perfect Pitch at now makes the list at 50. That’s because I inadvertently had Yankees 3B Bradley Suttle listed at 16 on the FAN list as well as PLAYER. So he’s deleted from that one and everyone else moved up. My bad.

Lots of people should thank The MAX at for placement on the list (yeah King Yankees, we’re talking to you among others lol). The MAX Madness bracket was a fabulous idea and a lot of people are continuing to vote there on previous Latest Leaders blogs. I think we can safely say that the little Latest Leaders experiment has turned into a real baseball thing. The sky is the limit on how big and frequent it can be. I envision one day that it’s automated and daily or on-demand, etc. In the meantime have fun and thanks for everyone’s blogs.

Kathy: Redbird Chatter was an MLBlogger of the Day this past week, with the blurb and link on the bottom of the homepage. Everyone should nominate themselves sometime right here to be included there, and always check that out each day and click the link. That is many, many millions of eyeballs seeing an MLBlogger of the Day, hence Kathy’s positioning.

Darion: Is 8 your lucky number? lol

Oh wow i got #9. This is the highest I have ever been.

~King of Cali

STILL not in the top 50. Why do I feel like Teddy in the “Racing Presidents”?? (And yes, I know it’s a blatant ripoff of the kielbasa races in Milwuakee…or the pirogie races in Pittsburgh. EITHER one, people!!! LMAO) At any rate, Teddy keeps finding new and novel ways to finish last. What the frick is MY excuse?? LMMFAO
Anyway, congrats to those of you IN the top 50. And please, DON’T make me beg. You wouldn’t like me when I beg. (Christ, now I’m channeling Bill Bixby. God, I’m pathetic. LMAO)

Ack! I fell off the list! I will be back…


Wow. 15. I am in complete shock. Thanks everybody for stopping by!

congrats everyone.


Hmm, I’m now at 27. I wonder what I’m doing right. LOL!

Yes! Back to the rankings for the first time this year. 21 isn’t bad. It’s my lucky number times 3 lol

I didn’t post in that whole time period, and I still got number 41! Thank you everybody!
Everybody, please read the questions and respond!

Parity AND some consistency. Wow, isn’t this FUN, ya’ll?!?! I love it.

WOO! Back up to 13! Stay tuned for a dedication like the last one where I dedicated it to two people whose numbers added up to my ranking. Something will be up later today, although it might not be the dedication. I haven’t decided yet. Thank you, bloggers! And congrats to everyone on the lists!

Congrats everybody!

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