March 6th, 2009

Max Madness for the Latest Leaders

Great idea by our friends at The Max: “It’s March (in case you didn’t realize), and that means college basketball madness is straight ahead. In anticipation of the NCAA Tournament, The Max has decided to hold a tournament of its own. Max Madness pits the most recent MLBlogs leaders up against each other in a one-on-one tournament to crown the unofficial Max Champion of MLBlogs. Check back every day for a new matchup.” Vote now!

Keep an eye on the Pro Blogs drop-down menu on the MLBlogs homepage, as it is growing fast, especially with players. We are in the process of facilitating prospect blogs for all 30 organizations, and many of them are under way. Casey Weathers (Rockies) and Javy Guerra (Dodgers) just posted their introductions. Torii Hunter, who was among our postseason MLBloggers last October, will resume his blog on a regular basis starting sometime next week. We should have around 40 player MLBlogs scrolling soon.

Get a TOUCH 2009 Sneak Peek over at our friend Alyssa Milano’s MLBlog. Funny to see that she outlasted a few of her comment trolls here in the community. Here is a suggestion for you to spice up your MLBlog: Do what Alyssa did and create your own music video on, then put the embed code in your MLBlogs post.

The Triple-A Indianapolis Indians are now represented on MLBlogs. Daron Sutton, whose MLBlog was created on our Opening Day of April 18, 2005, is now at this URL:

I have been posting regular updates on our Official MLBlogs Twitter, so be sure to follow us there so you are current on developments around the MLBlogosphere. Or just follow @mlblogs if you already are on Twitter.

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