Post. Like. Crazy.


Nice article about all the great MLB merchandise. I’ve got my heart set on that Yankees ring. Sounds like a perfect fit. 🙂

OK, my Oscars/MLB story is now on the homepage at — please join the comments and leave your URL there to get some click-thrus.

I will Mark. I can’t wait until Wednesday when I take a much needed baseball vacation.

Non Oscars related, but in an effort to not do some homework I desperately need to do, I have written a heartfelt blog about my childhood baseball hero. Go read to find out who!
Rosh Koch –

Great article about the Oscars/baseball, Mark. Really enjoyed reading it. You’re such a clever dude. 🙂 Oops. Gotta go. The Oscars are on right now.

What is best live Oscars angle for after the show? I’m writing. Just curious what you guys want.

Wrote about the Oscars at – leave some comment love, fellow MLBloggers! Also join me later as I’ll be writing live off the Oscars on homepage. PLC!

haha Mark. I remember what I was going to ask you. Is about tag clouds. How do I do that? Point me in the right direction where I should read how to’s. Thanks!

Someone, please, slam my head in a door for 20 credits. I cannot focus on the HIS-202, SOC-215, and BIO-101 homework I need to do. I had to try to be a tough guy and carry all of this on my shoulders this semester. I cannot focus with baseball season buzzing and with such a journalistic quagmire going on. (See the ongoing discussion on Bryan Hoch’s Bombers Beat:

Mark, Student newspapers are a great way to build portfolios and resumes. They are also a great way to initiate premature graying of hair, involuntary baldness due to pulling out hair, and to provide med students with stress related physical ailment study subjects.

Somehow I managed to cram all of this in to a three day school week with three days of work at my part time retail job and an addiction to baseball.

On a positive note, though, I have classes with one of the photographers for the Scranton-Wilkes Barre Yankees. She is my Yankee rant outlet.

Everyone check out my friend Jesse’s new MLBlog, He’s doing an interesting experiment this season. He’s quite the colorful individual. We went to high school together (Go Fighting Quakers!) and he is brand new to MLBlogs. I think Julia has already visited.

Also, I stole it from, but there is a great video of Bernie Williams performing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” I also posted it on my blog, but don’t worry, I attributed!

I hope it’s not another name for steroids. 😦 lol

I know a secret…….
Someone is writing a post about me some time next week……… will have to hunt the top people to find out who is doing it……….. Maybe I will use the Russian alphabet like Orangebird and leave a message.

Rays Renegade

Never mind. I am dumb. Post Like Crazy. Sorry I don’t really do the abbreviatiated language stuff. 🙂

I feel really dumb. What is PLC?

Hey Mark, any idea when the 30 Clubs in 30 Days will be covering the Rockies? Just curious…D

Ugh…I really should be posting more, but I’ve been really sick all week. Hopefully I’ll be much better next week, and by then there will be a ton of stuff to write about!

I’ll get to it, Sir! I really feel like I am slacking off. I mean, last may I had 64 posts and I only have 33 this month. I need to think of 30 other posts!
p.s. I like to think of myself as part of the MLBlogs community even if I don’t have a running MLBlog.

I definitely need to be posting more…I haven’t posted that much recently.
Please read the questions and respond!
King Yankees

Okay, I promise that I will…. right after I finish my research paper (which is about baseball as you know). I’ll even post that (without footnotes because those are sooooooooo annoying). This gives me more of an incentive to finish faster! To work we go!!

Okay, I promise that I will…. right after I finish my research paper (which is about baseball as you know). I’ll even post that (without footnotes because those are sooooooooo annoying). This gives me more of an incentive to finish faster! To work we go!!

Too funny!

I hope I am posting enough. I am at about 394 posts since August 2008. If you want more, I could write about 100 3 paragraph posts about a million things on my mind, but it might shut down the server if we all do that.

Seriously, Tell us what you want and you know we will respond mark, we are just that kind of people.

Rays Renegade says Chris Carpenter has been looking good, and faces hitters Sunday. – check that out!

Julia – it was passed on by you posting the comment here. We all read this stuff!

rochkoch – hey, i was managing editor of a student paper (indiana daily student at iu), too! but 20 credits? wow. hey, everyone give this guy some comment love, that’s some serious PLC!

Mark – can you pass onto the powers to be – 30 Clubs in 30 Days is FANTASTIC! Yes, I know the episode last night was about the Red Sox, but the quality of the show even exceeded this fans’ expectations! (I even blogged about the show last night!) A job well done! I listed all the show dates on my bog a couple of days ago – fans really need to check it out. MLB Network is quickly evolving into being THE premiere sports network.


Okay, PLC has been commenced. A look at the battle for Right Field in the NY Yankees. I have the answer. It was obvious all along.

I would post more if I wasn’t getting server 500 errors. I would also post more if I wasn’t managing editor of the student paper and carrying 20 credits. I would also post more if I received more comments (AHEM!!!)

But I too will join the PLC campaign.

Oh, I forgot…
NOW I’m done (for the week…LMAO)…

Hey, I can only devote SO MUCH time to this place…lol
And yet another “me” from me: I’m STILL having the problem of not being able to leave comments with people. I tried on Kaybee’s blog, but that “You do not have permission…” deal popped up AGAIN.
Just so you know…

I’ll try


Something is working because I wasn’t able to comment here until just now…maybe it’s not you; maybe it’s me…


Julia, definitely subpar frequency, we can hardly find your name anywhere around the MLBlogosphere. No way you reach one million posts this week! 🙂 Great job

CCR, waiting to hear the magical word from Six Apart on commenting issue. Be sure to log in on the blog you’re commenting at least for now.

The Right Way: I keep thinking I’m on K-Rod’s blog when I drop by.

I’ll certainly comment when I can…trouble is, sometimes I don’t have permission! 😦


What – I’m not posting and commenting enough?? Okay – I’ll try harder!


Thanks, Emma! I can’t remember what I was going to answer back.

this is addicting. Is not like I was not spending enough time on ITD and the other sites I visit. But is a lot of fun and I am still learning things I can do on the blog and to top it off, I just started using phasebook. Thanks! i think. just kidding :-).
I was going to ask you something….but I forgot.

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