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OK, Mark…me.
Also, interesting no one else (other than RaysRenegade) has addressed the “Smiley” Gonzalez scandal. It WASN’T on “Hot Stove” last night (to MY knowledge, anyway), so either MLB Net considers it trivial or they just don’t care.
Of course, I’VE written on the topic…LMAO
It’s me, STILL trying to crack the top 50…lol

Wow. I’d better get on the Facebook thing. I signed up two weeks ago and am only now figuring out the difference between my friend page and my fan page. Sooo clueless, but I’m working on it!

Hey could you email me I had a quick question to ask.. thanks man


Hey Mark!
Do you know if you can watch MLB Network specials like the 30 Teams in 30 Days thing on MLB.TV? I have checked the website and everything but I can’t find out. I am only asking because on the MLB Home Page there is a link MLB.TV on the panel about the 30 Teams in 30 Days special.

Thanks for the comment… then I came to your page and you’ve got Facebook links! Rock on. You’re doing great work!


my other complaint is that the site can be kinda slow. Well, very slow.

You are such a facebook connoisseur now. Your kids are either really proud or really embarassed.

haha…very funny video. i love alyssa milano.

Couldn’t comment on another blog yesterday, so – me.

Mark, thanks for the Twitter plug! Jane Heller left me some nice feedback. Everyone else has been quiet on the topic though. I wrote late last night about the big threat to the Yankees’ AL crown this year.
– Rosh

Nice Facebook thing. Will become a fan for the Braves.

I did a review blog a few weeks ago on ” The Wrestler” and Mickey Rourke, and that video was so good it might be making the speech on Sunday at the Academy Awards.

Awesome video Alyssa Milano did an awesome job on the video. Already on the Facebook page for the Rays, they sent out an email to Season Ticket holders month ago trying to get us on the new page.

Rays Renegade

Fake inteview with Manny, filled with steroid camos hilarious.
The Lone O’s fan blogger

I am still having trouble leaving comments on other blogs.

But I do have a new blog analyzing the journalistic integrity of the Sports Illustrated article. I’d love to hear from journalists and journalism consumers on this topic.

I’ll have to check out the Padres’ Facebook page! thanks for the links!

FB has already taken over my life… why not let it take me over some more?

Ellie, looks like a great catch — your comment was conveyed and photo gallery is being removed. Thanks.

I’m not sure what happened but Casey Blake is in what is labeled as Spring Training pics from today but he is currently playing for the Dodgers. Did I miss something?

Keep up the great blogging, Keyon! Best wishes this season.

You bet, Jen. And most importantly it is linked from every page on one of the largest sites in the world — It’s the only baseball blogging place receiving traffic from a gateway of 100% hardcore baseball lovers on the Internet, in the billions of unique visitors per year.

Hey MLB Blogosphere,
I just wanted to share how much I love MLBlogs. It gives me a chance to let my voice be heard among the many bloggers out there in the internet. So I was wondering if perhaps you would be able to mention me sometime as a featured blog or something?
Keyon V

MLBlogs is everywhere! One of these days, I’ll see an entry for the MLBlogs MySpace page, and then you’ll be on every social networking page that I’m on!

Sorry – twitter yes! Facebook – no!


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