Happy Valentine’s Day


Join me in the comments on this article we just posted on the MLB.com homepage, looks like I need some comment love! What do you hate? This year I am saluting the haters!

I actually did have to show some love to my girlfriend so the profile pic is what’s sitting on her office desk. Didn’t want her to think I only love MLBlogs.


Happy Valentines Day to you too, Mark. Gorgeous flowers by the way. Thank you for posting on my new blog. Do you mind posting my blog on yours?? It looks like you get quite a bit of traffic. Thanks again.

Mark, I really enjoyed this particular article. It spurred me to a few rants that birthed a nearly 1200 word diatribe. But I walk lighter and more freely today. I hope you get a chance to read the whole thing.

Thought you’d all enjoy my Valentine’s Day “movie!”


Please welcome Tom Priddy as our newest MLB PRO BLOG at http://snapshots.mlblogs.com — great photography.

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Thanks for comments on my blog.

What do I hate? Hate is a strong word, but I wouldn’t mind if Luis Castillo were to vanish from the Mets roster. I think 99% of Mets fans out there would agree.


No roses for me, thank you very much. Just diamonds…baseball diamonds.

no specific size, use a jpeg or gif and just hit select userpic while in your edit profile

Hey Mark I’m having some trouble putting up a profile pic. Does it have to be a specific file or size?

Oops. Must have missed the punch line. You DID give her roses. Such a sweet guy.

Just left a comment about umpires, Mark. I don’t hate them, but I hate when they make bad calls and refuse to ask the other umps for help. Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Are you giving your girlfriend roses?????


hahah You’re making all of us look bad Mark! lol jk Hey I really want you to check out my blog I just posted. I did a Q&A with Damon Bruce from KNBR the sports leader in the Bay Area. Let me know what you think!

~King of Cali

Thanks for adding your comment to the article. Everyone go there and leave some comment hate for someone. So far the Orioles fans seem to be rising up and proclaiming themselves the future! Click the link above and add your comment to MLB.com’s Valentine’s Day story!


Just know if it was not for your teaching and notations about all of the happening in and around MLBlogs, we would be lost sheep. You are the shepherd that we have no problem following. Like is not baaaaaaaaaad when we have someone like you showing us the way.

Hoping all the best for you, and yours on this day of love and roses.

Rays Renegade


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