Who’s ready for Spring Training?

Here is my story on the MLB.com homepage about the Spring Training schedule.

I can’t think of a better thing to blog about right now. It’s about to snow like crazy here in NYC.  🙂

Happy Holidays from the Phillies Ballgirls. And congrats on the new Ballgirls for 2009 that were just named. More holiday themes from Alyssa Milano and Lisa Winston.

Make sure you check out the Christmas tree they put where once upon a time there was a pitcher’s mound at Yankee Stadium.

Congrats again to everyone who made the first MLBlogs Top 100.

I mailed my Hall of Fame Ballot in yesterday. No sense holding onto it until the Dec. 31 deadline to get it back to the BBWAA. I checked three names. Any more and I felt like it was the Hall of Guys Who Had Right Fine Careers. Our annual MLB.com article in early January will say how we all (15 MLB.com voters) voted.

Happy First Birthday to Baby Paul.

Bally is doing some serious player blogging. Gotta love it when a player goes around blogging on other people’s posts within the MLBlogosphere. Another new player is about to crank it up here.

Enjoy the holiday festivities!

Random MRA:


This feels like it has been THE longest Spring Training EVER!!!! Now with it and the Classic taking its toll in re to injuries, I for one am far PAST READY for the season to begin… I long for those beautiful words….. PLAY BALL..

Hi Mark, I’m Ellen, a regular on Ian Brownes “Brownie Points”. What is it that determines the rankings of the blogs. Is it the number of hits that the blog receives?? All of the Brownie Points Bloggers are curious regarding that. We intend to become THEE Number One Beat Writers Blog!!!! Ian deserves to have his blog up from #13…. have a good one.

Great article as always, Mark. I can’t wait for spring training, and it’s just around the corner. Coincidence that pitchers and catchers report on Valentine’s Day? Not to me.

Holiday wishes to everybody going off to places near and far. And to those who’ll be around, I’ll see you on the blogosphere.


Snow like crazy? This is like a blizzard for us. I’m more than ready for spring training to come..
And.. how ’bout that new Yankee Stadium? They showed an overhead view of it on Good Day New York this morning and it looks amazingggggg. Can’t wait for Opening Day.
V – http://flairforthedramatic.mlblogs.com

Thanks, BB!

Hey everyone, I just did a HUGE post on The ‘Burgh Blues. If you all have a chance, please check out “Walk On The Wild Side – A Tale of Pirates Pitchers,” and leave some feedback. THANK YOU! Great article on the Spring Training Schedule… Mark.

Mark let me tell you, I’m ready. Spring Training is all I can think about. Ten days, just baseball, living in the Mobile Blogging Unit in Tucson. Blogging, snagging and bragging. Feb 24-March 4. I’ll be blogging while we’re on the road to and from Hi-Corbett Field. I’ll have a live webcam, and we’ll be hanging out with Robert Harmon, Captain Earthman, talking baseball, and having a good time…This is the ultimate guys weekend, and believe me I hooked my wife up all year to get to go on this trip…Are you going to be in Tucson during that time period? Come over to the MBU and say hi, we won’t be hard to spot. It’s going to be over the top, I’ll always tell you like it is…D

Mark – enjoy the snow! We’re going to get blasted here in the Boston area also. It should be a white Christmas. Thanks for all you do & the best of the Holiday Season to you and yours.


You know Mark,

Thank Goodness the Rays had such a great season. Because of it, for the first time in our short history he have had ENCORE games shown on cable’s Sunshine and FSN-Florida Network this off season. It has made the Winter months a bit more tolerant, plus great to remember such classics as the May 9th game where James Shield had a 1-hitter and won after a 9th inning 2-run blast by Evan Longoria.

Thank you gods of TIVO.

Also, we are settling into a new Spring Training home that is looking pretty spiffy. I will have to go down and do a roll of film and do a small blog before the pitchers’ and catchers’ report at the NEW Port Charlotte complex.

Rays Renegade


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