Adding some Flair to the profile pic

Thanks for the memories, Mad Dog. Voting for you in five years. Now that’s a Hall of Fame career. Keep that in mind when all these wild debates continue and require exhaustive statistical comparisons and pleas (ie another righty who just retired). . . .

Thanks to our friend Vanessa over at Flair for the Dramatic for submitting the design used as our latest profile pic here at your friendly neighborhood community blog. We like how V captured the feeling of the entire planet (since MLBloggers are scattered worldwide) and the font and the overall coolness factor. Reminder that if you post a profile pic of yourself on your blog, like the dude at Rocky Mountain Way, you can be considered for the Featured Blog spot on our homepage at That way you can brag to all your friends that you’re featured on

We also want to give a special shout-out to our friend Jeremy Homer over at Homer, Blue Jays and MLB for submitting the design that you see below. We liked the left side better than the right side, but then again, that’s what All-Star voters say about the Yankees’ infield each year. Thanks, Jeremy, for going to the Photoshop trouble! And any MLBlogger out there who wants to try your hand at our next MLBlogosphere profile pic to represent this unmatched baseball blogging community, just email us a jpeg that you designed and include your URL, and it could mean some extra publicity right here for your own MLBlog!

Here’s some Random MRA:

COMING SOON: The 2008 MLBlogs Leaders!

Who will be the MLBlogs traffic titans of 2008? Will it be a Cub like Mark DeRosa? Will it be a dog like Big Pupi? Will it be a very small person like Baby Paul? Will it be yours truly? (Yeah, right.) Will it be those Phillies Ballgirls who snag the attention at Citizens Bank Park, or will it be Zack, the guy who snags all those baseballs that the Ballgirls and others leave on the field? Will it be the guy who had the sweetest promotion of the entire year — October Gonzo? We aren’t sure because instead of doing this on Monday, we did a lot of Shop and Winter Meetings stuff and wandered downstairs to buy a couple of blue-vanilla cupcakes instead of running the program. But we promise: It’s coming. You asked for it. We’ll deliver. The first, ever, mega-anticipated thrill ride is on deck: THE 2008 MLBLOGS LEADERS. There might even be a header graphic in it for the biggest ones, just like those little cool “I’m a Top 732,000 Blogger on” thingies. Because one of you guys asked for one. 


“Nice Looking Designs”, by … Vanessa, and Jeremy !!!

Keep up the excellent work !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]


Thanks for including my mlblog on the above “Random MRA” list !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]

Wow thanks for that kudo, but I am just a guy who loves the game and is lucky enough to have read and gotten to know my fellow MLBlogs crew.

Metsmainman, I might have over 300 blogs, but i have not been here all year during 2008. I got on here about September and missed all the fun stuff early in the year. But 2009 will be 365 without a doubt……………if Mark will have me.

Rays Renegade

Sorry about tucking you in the corner there raysrenegade. When you look at it one way, it means that you are so deep with knowledge into MLB baseball that you are out of the picture. 🙂 That is a great thing! Same goes for all the other bloggers that were left out of the picture.

My guess for top 10 of the year:
1. MLBlogosphere
2. Mark DeRosa’s The Pulse
3. The Hot Stove Blog
4. Alyssa Milano
5. Zack Hample
6. Inside The Dodgers
7. Red State Blue State
8. Rays Renegade
9. Bombers Beat
10. Obviously You’re Not a Golfer

Twas me who asked…. I really hope TBB makes it in there. If it does, it will be the first time the Pirates have won anything in quite a while (well… besides McLouth’s gold glove).

Yeah, V, have to say that frequency is pretty lame. Ha.

Ahh, thx Mark for putting up the pic. Not to sound cocky, but I must agree, it does look pretty awesome lolz. Thanks to everyone who said they like it 🙂 I been a little M.I.A. on the blog scene, with college appz nd skool stuff taking up most of my time, but I’m hoping to start back up and posting more sooon.
V –

Good work Homie, love the pic. I’m curious as to where the Rockpile Rant will wind up when all is said and done. It’s been a labor of love for me, and it feels good to look back and see the body of work one can create just by writing about the things they do…and occasionally other stuff. I could blog anywhere, but I choose to blog here because of the respect and love I receive here. I’m surrounded by some of the brightest and most creative writers in the sporting community. Props to all the bloggers here, each of you are top notch in your own way. Nobody wants to straight out admit it, but we all want to see how we did this season, including yours truly.
A new year is approaching, and I can tell you my mind is seriously churning (that’s right, like butter). You better pack your lunch if you want to take on the Top 5 Fan Blogs in this Blogosphere…I wouldn’t want it any other way…Happy Holidays from the Ranter…May this upcoming year for you, be as good as it’s going to be for me, I think…D

Homer did a great job on that pic.
Just like a Jay fans to rough up the Renegade under the left side……….Just kidding.
I wish I had the talent to do stuff like that with photo images.
Huge Kudos to Flair for the Dramatic for that outstanding world concet pic. You never know who has the talent here until they shine bright as day.
Should be a reminder to even the new bloggers that imagination and flair can take you to the top online.

Rays Renegade

We all eagerly await! Nice to job to V and Homer too.

Awesome how Flair got the seams to be indented into the globe. I’m humbled. Thanks Mark for comparing mine to the Arod and Jeter, it better than the right side of the Jays infield that is for sure. I had fun with it!

Congrats to Vanessa…great design! Love the planet theme :O)


EXCITING!!! That pic is beautiful. Remember Game 163, Padres vs. Rockies? Well, my perspective, coming SOON…

Mark, I like the new profile pic. It is fitting that it covers the whole world – like all of us. Thanks for all that you at do for all of us fans.!


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