November 12th, 2008

Attention, Baseball Shoppers!

Hey, everyone, just invented yet another way for you to get more love for your awesome MLBlog!

Email me your Wish List from the Shop, and put Wish List in the Subject so I can find it amid all the spam there. Anytime between now and Dec. 23rdish, more than once if you like. I am moonlighting for the seventh year in a row as the Gift Guru, and just updated The Shopper Blog with the first of these. It is from Aaron, better known as District Boy. As you can see there, he now has another prominent link to his own MLBlog (actually even one more here), as the Shop blog is linked in from wherever these articles will appear regularly over the next six weeks at Today’s story in the series is about Kids Sale. Whenever I post one of your Wish Lists on the Shop blog, I’ll always include a link back to your MLBlog. Voila, page views.

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