View from the Phillies Parade Lead Vehicle

Congrats to the Phillies and their fans, and check out my story and my view today:

So, who’s ready for some Hot Stove blogging??? – Mark/


those videos are awesome, that day was one of the greatest experiences ever.

I know I am excited to blog a little Hot Stove. Check out my latest report on the Pirates recent offseason activity

Like the Hot Stove. May be the “Gonzo” of the offseason.

Thanks for asking! I PR’d in 5:13.27 and have that top-of-the-world feeling. has all the details and photos/videos coming soon. Recovering just a little more and back in to stir up this place shortly, including more Latest Leaders. What a week…

Make sure you all add this to your blogroll with the atom feed: — that just launched and will be the epicenter of the Hot Stove world this entire offseason, just as the Trade Talk MLBlog quickly became the No. 1 trading-deadline blog by page views in the entire blogosphere. This one also is maintained by the only network of 30 traveling beat writers on the Internet, and you can comment and ask roster questions and the tags let us permalink to each specific MLB Club homepage. It is THE place, the credible authority.


Just wondering how our favorite MLB writer did in the NYC Marathon…do share!!!

Quoted! Thanks Mark (it’s you who decides right?). Come on Billy, the pressure is on! Don’t make me look like foolish next year.


Nice work, Mark. Makes me wish that the parade took place in lower Manhattan (sigh). I know, I know. The Yankees have had their turn. Congrats to Phillies fans.

Great story, Mark! I am still so happy I can’t focus at all! Good thing I did not have to work this weekend :O) I’d have been no good. World Champions!!! Still hard to believe…whoo hooo!!!


Is Trevor Time OVER?

I love the idea you got to be near the front of the parade…..must be your fantastic writing that got you there.
If I did that in Philly, I would be behind the State Troopers horses with a shovel.

Seriously tho, It was a great year for the Phitin’ Phillies and their Phanatics. The city was yearning for a winner, and got one at the right time.

Something I found funny about it all was a guy robbed a bank in Philly on Wed about 11 am. They caught him buying Phillies merchanidise at Modell’s in an area mall. At least the guy had class when he bought sports clothing.

Congrats again redstripes and see you in my town of Clearwater in 105 days.. Maybe I can buy you a firehouse omelette at Lenny’s.

Rays Renegade

Oh man a parade like that would be amazing in San Diego. Sigh. Someday!!

Hi, Mark, and …

Great season at, and here at mlblogs !!! ….. I look forward to the baseball “Hot Stove League” … Also, Mark, best wishes for a great run in the NYC Marathon … I hope you have your best run and finish ever !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]

I’d rather not applaud the Philly fans, but at least they didn’t boo Bud Selig…oh wait.

And no, I cannot wait for the Hot Stove season, but it already has begun! Mike Jacobs to the Royals. UGH, UGH, UGH. A bad omen for KC fans. A good omen for Kelly of “HLDS”, and the other Marlin fan out there, somewhere.


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