A new MLBlog for the u30ws

It’s a whole new ballgame with a bunch of fresh faces taking part in this year’s World Series. With so many twentysomethings on the field, there’s a place for the under-30 crowd to meet up and discuss their generation’s baseball exploits: The u30ws Blog

Drop by the blog and leave your comment!


What the hell was Bartlett thinking. He literally trotted from second. If he had run his hardest thay would have taken the lead and change the whole outlook of the game.He is much fater than that. That very well cost them a game 6 at the Trop.

Hey Mr Buck, why hasn’t anybody commented on the oil slick on the front of Gaylord Blanton’s cap? Inquiring minds want to know

And I mean, lose the Series, not just this game.

If the Rays lose, I hereby state John McCain will forever be blamed for NAMING them publicly by their former name at a rally.

Hey Mark, I fixed the hit counter. Thanks for letting me know and sorry for the inconvience.



Fixed the hit counter issue mark.



Hey everyone! Please check out my interview with Tim Dierkes from MLBTR. Leave some feedback, and visit his awesome site!

They should also a teen blog.



Look who is back… comment and check out the return of THE ‘BURGH BLUES! Thanks Mark and MLBlogs.com for fixing the blog, and remember, please join our facebook page!


I have three months until I no longer qualify for this new blog. I better get my comments in now while I can.

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