Why we blog about baseball

I was reading Andrew Sullivan’s post headlined “Why I Blog” and every now and then I guess it is good to ask yourself that. I am curious why you blog, especially why you blog about baseball. We launched MLBlogs in April 2005 with Tommy Lasorda’s debut post about his friend Jackie Robinson, and that’s how this area was born. (Thank you, Tommy — you are the true MLBlogs pioneer!) This past Opening Day, we made it a FREE community, and we had more than four times as many MLBlogs created this season than in the history of MLBlogs. There are a lot of people here who you don’t know, hopefully better ways to find them next season, and for now one great way is to leave a comment here telling us why you blog about baseball. If you want, post it as a blog entry and just link to it — or leave it as a comment with your full URL. Here is why I blog about baseball:

Because we needed a community blog.

I have so many blogs and user profiles it is ridiculous, but such is life. I have Shelfari for my love of reading books, I have Blogger for my marathon training (16 days to NYC Marathon!), I have Facebook for family/friends and LinkedIn for professional networking, I have MySpace because I think you have to coexist within a big part of society to know what’s up and be tuned in, I have Flickr and Shutterfly and Photobucket and more for pics, I have multiple YouTube accounts for videos such as my trip to Beijing to work the Olympics, I have lots more that I can’t even remember until they send me an annoying email reminder. I was on Match until I found Miss Right, and I was out in record time. I have a FloTrackr account for running also, and MapMyRun, Runners World. I have Playlist.com to keep my own tunes current for other profiles like MySpace. Tagged was the spam scumbag capital. At least once a day someone asks me to join something…there are many more.

Now I also have a new MLB.com profile. Have you created yours yet? If not, then what are you waiting for? It’s part of your MLB.com registration. Add me as a friend. I’m mlbmark. In the coming year it will be loaded with more and more social networking components so all MLB.com users can communicate easily with each other — assuming someone wants to be reachable. There’s also our brand-new MLB.com Fanbook app — the official Facebook app of Major League Baseball. Check it out. You probably need more profiles.  🙂

I’m glad that this is your BASEBALL blog. So why DO you blog about baseball?


The team should be proud of their accomplishments, they are winners in every sense of the word. They have won the respect of their division, the league and all of Tampa Bay. Well done gentlemen, the best is yet to come.
Thanks for a thrilling season

I’ve been writing for several years, dabbling in a couple of online publications, publishing small chapbooks of my poetry and other ventures. My closest friend, Scott, always felt that there was a passion behind my baseball writing and found the original MLBlogs in 2005. He asked me whether I wanted to do it back then. It did cost some money and I didn’t think it was worth the investment then.
When I found out that the floodgates opened earlier this season, I figured it was time to “step up to the plate” and create a little niche inside of what has become a huge forum for baseball fans from all over. I was able to transfer some old writings and clean them up for the site. Plus, I added some new works that helped augment the overall blog experience. In all, I felt that this was successful and is looking forward to next year to do it all over again.
This is a great game. It still is. With every change, there is excitement that comes along with it. This is why I love writing about the game. I love looking back and telling stories of the game of my youth and bringing it forward to today’s showcase.

Thanks for reading and thanks for putting it all together!

I blog because I have nobody to talk baseball with.
And because I get a chance to show the world info BEFORE official sources like MLB.com, such as the fact that Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton are the MVPs for 2008. No story up on MLB.com yet, but it is on http://metsmainman.mlblogs.com.
Don’t believe me about the MVP thing? Check this post out then. And if there IS a story up by the time you read this, check the dates and times on them.

Here are my reasons for blogging:

* Like Elizabeth/redsoxgirl, my friends don’t care about baseball so they look at me like I have six heads when I start talking about things like suicide squeezes and bang-bang plays. Blogging is a way to feel connected to people who care as much about the game as I do.

* My husband thinks I talk too much about baseball, so blogging gives him a break. It’s saving our marriage!

* I’ve been a published author for 15 years, sitting in a room by myself, day after day, turning out new books. Blogging has made me feel less isolated. It’s also given me an excuse to procrastinate – something all writers crave!


Also it gives me something to look forward when spring rolls around


I blog about baseball because everyone in my school thinks baseball is boring or dumb except me. Baseball has been my favorite sport forever and I have been a Mets fan since I was in second grade.



Hey Mark, quick! Post the latest leaders. I’ve got a shot at the Top 5 with all this playoff traffic that’s sure to die down now that my team is off to the golf course.

Steve T.

Hi, Mark, and mlb.com …

Thanks for featuring my blog in the “quote” section on the mlb.com home page !!! … Very Cool !!! … Jimmy [27NYY] … http://baseballtheyankeesandlife.mlblogs.com/

Hey everyone! Since my blog isn’t exactly working, wanna let everyone know they should go and join ‘The ‘Burgh Blues’ facebook page, linked below. Spread the word!

I blog because someone has to tell you that Dane Sardinha sucks and that Nelson Cruz is awesome.


Well here is my url

When it comes to blogging, you could say I’m playing A ball looking for a promotion to AA. I started blogging so I could share my passion and excitement for “America’s Pastime” with other baseball fans. The goal: to network with as many fans around our great nation as this site and my efforts will allow!

I blog for one of the worst organizations in sports history. I blog for a team that boasts a 16-straight losing season run, with no end in site. I blog for a team that hopes to keep their payroll for the upcoming season under $60 mil, after a $65 mil squad gave them only 68 wins in 07. I blog for a team that dealt one of the top premier players, and recieved almost nothing in return. I blog for the Pittsburgh Pirates, because if I didn’t… Oy vey.

Check out what it really means to have the blues…

I just posted my report on the Red Sox-Rays game last night…check it out. Wasn’t that incredible?

I blog because baseball is my all time favorite sport, and I like blogging. I tried blogging about baseball on blogger (dot) com about baseball, but it didn’t go so well, so I found this website. http://mbaseballblog.mlblogs.com/

I blog because I have a gift for writing, particulary about baseball. I love the Padres, and I don’t have many friends who want to hear about them as much as I want to talk about them. So I use my blog to express myself in the best way I know: writing. It also gives me a chance to interact with other people who love baseball as much as I do. Plus, I really enjoy it. GO PADRES!!

I blog because I love baseball so much that it hurts. I blog because I love writing so much that my fingers move without me even thinking. I blog because I have a voice, and I can use it, here, and have an audience no matter how big or how small.

I blog because if I didn’t I’d be bothering all my friends at all hours of the night talking about the baseball that buzzes in my brain year ’round. And when I do bug them, they threaten to kill me, so this is much safer.

Fair enough, I’ll put mine up over weekend.

Steve T.

These are great and keep ’em coming! By the way, reminder that if you want to be considered for that Featured Blog spot on http://www.mlb.com/blogs then you must have a profile pic of yourself on your MLBlog. – Mark

I blog because baseball is more than a game to me – it’s my religion. The smells of the air in the ballpark; the food from the vendors; the sounds of the crack of the bat; the ball hitting the leather of a glove; the moans and cheers of he crowd – these are the things that I live for and crave.

I blog about baseball because I can’t remember a single day of my life that I didn’t wish I was a major league player.


I blog because baseball is more than just a game to me – it’s my religion. I crave baseball all day and every day. The smell in the air at a ballpark, the crack of a bat hitting the ball, the pop of the ball hitting leather, the cheers and moans of the crowd, all of these things are what I live for, what I love, and what I crave.

I was inspired to do my first blog because of pride in my home state, Virginia. The Old Dominion, as we are referred to, has emerged as a goldmine of MLB talent over the last 5 years. 3 awesome hitting 3B-Ryan Zimmerman, David Wright, Mark Reynolds-all came from the Tidewater area. Northern Virginia is the home of 2 top starting pitchers who are in the top 3 of their rotations-John Maine and Joe Saunders. Justin Verlander, native of the Richmond region, a no-hitter and 2006 AL ROY. BJ Upton, also from Tidewater, lighting it up in the 2008 ALCS. I will put up my state’s talent against any other state’s baseball talent. That is the inspiration of http://olddominion.mlblogs.com.

I blog because of what happened at Fenway Park last night after the 7th inning. And because it seems to keep happening with this team since 2004. The Red Sox–whether or not they make it to the World Series–are in a magical era and I want to be here to document every amazing moment of this incredible run they’re on.

Steve T.

I will try and keep this to short essay form Mark.
I have been active in baseball since I was a young child. Growing up in St. Petersburg. Florida, I got to see alot of great ballplayers at a young age.
I got to pump gas for Stan Musial and Don Zimmer as a 8 year old at my Dad’s gas station near the beaches. I actually got to throw the ball with Mickey Mantle at Al Lang with my Dad sitting there watching his son smile like the sun. But best of all, my uncle Johnny (Wittig) used to be a New York Yankee, so I got to meet some of the guys as a small 6 year old.
I gave me a great love for the game. I did the usual as a kid, street ball and neightborhood yard ball on the vacant lots on Central Ave. I played Little League in the Gulfport and Northwest Little Leagues’. I played there until I was 14, when I got to play both in school and in the Senior Leagues at Northwest.
We played on a major league size field, and I got to play in a league with several guys who went onto the major leagues. like Dave Anderson, Shawn Avery, Donnie Scott, and Scott Hemond. I played 4 years of organized Baseball in the American Legion, and got to play 3 years of varsity baseball.
I then got lucky enough to get a college scholarship to play another sport, but also played baseball in college, and my love grew and grew for the sport. I unfortunately took a wrong career path and chose another sport to play professionally, but I regretted it almost immediately.
the good thing was I was a journalism major, so after playing a few years in a sports I came to hate, I returned to work in a local paper writing high school sports and watching Spring Training games like a hawk.
I looked forward to high school baseball practice and games, and actually volunteered a few years to keep my mind in the game. I do not regret my love for baseball becuase it has gotten me where I am today…….. blogging for my hometeam Tampa Bay Rays and about the sport I will die loving the rest of my life. Writing about it is the easy part, loving the psort for its pure joy and effort is a cherished gift, but writing for other to enjoy is just my personal hommage to the game that changed my life.

Rays Renegade


My older brother moved out a couple years ago and I have no one to talk baseball with!! There was an empty piece in my soul. My girlfriend also created a fashion blog, and she influenced me to create one. The empty piece is now filled, and people within this blogging community have been really great just to talk baseball with!

Also, being a Communications major, I wanted to teach myself better writing skills. Employers are also impressed that you have the ‘know-how’ with aspects of ‘new communication technologies’, like blogs.

I blog because it’s my release, its a virtual living diary, it’s a motivational device, it’s an intense hobby, it’s a way of showing team support, it’s a networking tool, it’s a way of making friends, it’s a way of making enemies, it’s a freggin blast…Blog on, it ain’t over yet…Don

Good question. I don’t think I have a single answer though.
Here’s one reason: Most of my friends just don’t care about baseball, and the ones that do are total jerks who’s only arguments are the Yankees winning 26 world series and the red sox winning only seven. I blog to share my opinions with others who care (and MLBlogs is great because it facilitates the interests to just baseball) and I can hear theirs and maybe even have a friendly debate. I’m too opinionated for my own good though

I blog because my dream in life is to become a journalist for the Red Sox. I love writing, and I love the Red Sox, so I think it’s a perfect fit. These blogs are like practices, seeing if I’m any good, maybe even a resource for later.


Good question. I don’t think I have a single answer though.
Here’s one reason: Most of my friends just don’t care about baseball, and the ones that do are total jerks who’s only arguments are the Yankees winning 26 world series and the red sox winning only seven. I blog to share my opinions with others who care (and MLBlogs is great because it facilitates the interests to just baseball) and I can hear theirs and maybe even have a friendly debate. I’m too opinionated for my own good though

I blog because my dream in life is to become a journalist for the Red Sox. I love writing, and I love the Red Sox, so I think it’s a perfect fit. These blogs are like practices, seeing if I’m any good, maybe even a resource for later.


Hey thanks for the comment. You are the first person to ever comment my blog. The Dodgers deserved it cause the beat the Cubs…..I’m a Cubs fan so that explains it. Well nice to meet you and I am going to read your blog right now. Well see ya.

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