Latest Leaders 10/1-13 – and a contest



1. The Pulse – Mark DeRosa
2. Shane Victorino’s Postseason Blog
3. Jacoby Ellsbury’s Postseason Blog
4. Inside the Dodgers
5. Dining with ‘Dre
6. The Baseball Collector
7. *touch* ’em all
8. Ryan Braun’s Postseason Blog
9. The Max *
10. October Gonzo
11. Torii Hunter’s Postseason Blog
12. Brian Anderson’s Postseason Blog
13. Bombers Beat
14. Carlos Pena’s Postseason Blog
15. Brownie Points
16. Inside the White Sox
17. Tommy Lasorda’s World
18. Yankees in the AFL
19. CastroTurf
20. Organizational Report
21. Behind the Mask
22. Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer
23. Phillies Insider
24. Down the Line with the Phillies Ballgirls
25. Postcards from Elysian Fields
26. Beck’s Blog
27. Red Sox Insider Blog
28. Newberg Report
29. Torre Stories
30. Major League Bastain
* – technically not a part of the MLBlogs Network, but we just launched it for YES Network and Yankee fans will want to lock into it.


1. All Baseball All The Time
2. Blogging Dodgers and Baseball
3. Red State Blue State
4. Confessions of a She-Fan
5. Prince of New York
6. Cubs Nation- wasn’t our time.
8. Big Pupi- Baseball Dog Blogger
10. Rays Renegade
11. 1060 West Addison: A Chicago Cubs Blog
13. sittingstill
14. The Brewer Nation
15. anything related to Cubs
16. Pick Me Up Some Mets!
17. Mets’ Main Man
18. Bruce Markusen’s Cooperstown Confidential
19. Angry Fan’s Baseball Fix
20. Sharon’s Angels
21. Yogi Brewer
22. Cambios y Curvas
23. The Rumor Mill – MLB Rumors
24. Phillies Phollowers
25. Red Sox South
26. Let’s Go Tribe: Looking to end the 60 year curse
27. Rock Pile Rant…Postseason
28. Red Sox Hen
29. Baseball, The Yankees, and Life…
30. Unfinished Business: The San Diego Padres 2008 Season
31. Statistician Magician
33. Red Sox Nation Daily
34. (Transplanted) Nation – A Boston Red Sox Blog
35. Barrel Man’s Brewings
36. White Sox Real Talk
37. A Nation of One
38. Dugout Diary by Joe Boesch
39. Diamondhacks
40. My Brewers
41. Baseball Cleats & Shoes
42. Rays from across the Pond
43. Crawly’s Cub Kingdom
44. Cardinal Girl
46. Phillies Red Pinstripes
47. New York Mets Insider
48. Bleeding Pinstripes
49. 1 Cubfan’s Opinion: The BearDown
50. Sports by the Numbers


In that collage above, who can list all 12 MLBlogs? Be the first person to correctly identify all of them in a comment here (feel free to include their URLs but you don’t have to) and I’ll send you an authentic MLB cap of your favorite team.

Also have to show you something very cool that I saw on the Hall of Fame Club level at Citizens Bank Park before Game 1 of the NLCS. This is in a big display case there (the broken black bat is the one Brett Myers used during his 9-pitch at-bat that rocked CC Sabathia):



I mentioned to Larry Shenk that I saw this, and how glad I was for the extra MLBlogs visibility. Then he just smiled, noting that he was responsible for it being there. Do you need any more reasons to be a regular on Phillies Insider in the comment crowd? That should tell you how influential that MLBlogger is to Philly (and all) baseball. Stop by and say hi to The Baron.


Really, 51? D’oh! There is only one thing to do…….blame it all on school and homework.


Hi again, Mark. Jeff at Red State Blue State just tipped me off that my blog is featured on the home page. I’m honored!

Aaron, my site is undergoing some technical difficulties too, but it happens to me as well. I was JB for a while, then it switched to my email, and then I switched my name again, and it sometimes switches out and in. Very strange.

WELL… I was searching for a Rays blog to comment on (being the nice person I am) and I clicked on a comment that talked about the Rays. SO, I commented on it, and was kinda dissing them, i click back, turns out, it was a Red Sox blog! I felt really bad… lol. Aw well… it happens. Nothing was as bad as some of the comments I have recieved. The comment I gave him was nice compared to the ones I’ve recieved! Oh well. its gonna happen. And GOOD, I love being on the Top 10. I kinda wanna keep it that way! Thanks for all the comments, keep em’ comin!

— Jenna (Thunder)

Aaron, someone will be contacting you about that. It’s bad enough you had to get bumped from No. 50 to No. 51 (off the list) when I had to revise the leaderboard!

Slipping a bit again to #35, but still staying in the Top 50 is awesome! While the ride was short for the Brewers in the playoffs, experiencing Game 4 and just getting a taste of October baseball was awesome. I’m currently working on going back through the season picking out the games that will always be remembered as “Big” games.

come check out the site! I dedicated a video to all the commenters!! and I added some zest to my blog!

Jenna (Thunder)

Hey Mark, something very odd is happening to me. Once every two weeks or so, the user name underneath my comments, and the display name in my blog, both suddenly switch to “dwright94”. It’s happened around five times so far and is pretty annoying. I just fix it by going back to “edit profile”, but it’s still pretty weird. One comment I’m Aaron, then the next comment I’m “dwright94”.

Does anyone else have this problem?


One day, The ‘Burgh Blues will reign supreme! Especially when it’s working… Congrats to the leaders, and I really wish I knew about the cap contest. That would’ve rocked!

Wow. Just got home and saw that I’m #4 again! Makes me feel mighty good since my Yanks aren’t even playing these days. Thanks for taking the time to post the leaders, Mark, given all your traveling during the playoffs. I hope newcomers will stop by and visit Confessions of a She-Fan. It’ll be fun even if you hate the Yankees. (But go easy on me, OK?)

Thanks for “taking me there” Mark, I was just starting to heal. Its ok, I evened the score with my newest blog entry…Don

Man, you are like the Rockies against the Red Sox last year. It’s like we just had a mini-2007 World Series for our contest and the Red Sox guy nailed it.

Man I was ready to cut and paste. Just as I refreshed, Greg nailed it..Nice job…D

Haha, cool. I’ll email you when I get home from work this evening. Heading home now.

Winner! Nice job! Email with first/last name and snailmail address, and I’ll send a cool Red Sox cap your way (unless you want Yankees). 🙂

Oops, here we go:

I’ll go across starting in the top left corner:

1060 West Addison: A Chicago Cubs Blog
Pick Me Up Some Mets!
Tommy Lasorda’s World
Shane Victorino’s Postseason Blog

Angry Fan’s Baseball Fix
A Nation of One
Let’s Go Tribe: Looking to end the 60 year curse

Rays Renegade
Cubs Nation- wasn’t our time.
Dining with ‘Dre
Sharon’s Angels


Hey, Kelly. I will pass that along. Tag clouds unfortunately are presently set at a max and they are alphabetical, so you of course are exactly right. Can’t say that’s going to be a quick fix, maybe even a “next season” thing at this point. But I will convey. Thank you.

Congrats to all those that made the list. Once again I fall short. Haha. Oh well, I am really going to go refresh my blog page every minute now, to see if I make the next list.

Mark, I’ll take you up on your contest.

I’ll go across starting in the top left corner:

1060 West Addison: A Chicago Cubs Blog
Pick Me Up Some Mets!
Tommy Lasorda’s World
Shane Victorino’s Postseason Blog

Angry Fan’s Baseball Fix
A Nation of One
Let’s Go Tribe: Looking to end the 60 year curse
Sharon’s Angels

Rays Renegade
Cubs Nation- wasn’t our time.
Dining with ‘Dre
Sharon’s Angels

I was surprised I knew most of them off the top of my head. I may be spending too much time here. LOL.

Red Sox Ramblings:

Hi Mark! Glad to make the list!

I’ve got 11 of the 12 in the collage, but still have one I just can’t get. (Of course, one was easy…!)

Question for you–Can anything be done to increase the number of entries in a tag cloud? I see yours, for example, cuts out in the middle of “b”. I can understand there being a limit, but as it is the tags are all but useless for the way I’d use them.

Kelly / sittingstill

Thank you everybody and thanks to mlblogosphere for publish this list. I cant believe that I am blogging in Spanish and I am #11. I think I am the only non-English blog in the top 50. LA NACION MEDIAS ROJAS.

It’s cool to see how excited everyone gets when you post the latest leaders. I find myself checking your blog frequently to see if you’ve updated it. This place has had some crazy growth since the beginning of the season. So much diverse writing talent in this community. I wonder what MLBlogs will bloom into next season. I think it would be neat if the top Fan blog(as per page view or however you caculate it) of the year was given a MLB PRO BLOG logo for their blog. If you have the speed, wit persona and personal devotion to be able to achieve this, you would deserve that little PRO logo. I’m just thinking it would give “the rest of us” something to shoot for next season. Anyways, thanks Mark I enjoy reading your blog…Good Luck in your Marathon…Don….Rock Pile Rant #26 Baby

Just updated the list of Player MLBlogs in the side panel here.

oh i know! that’s so cool! I looked at that and nearly screamed! haha. I’m attempting to put the WANYES WORLD video on there, but I might just end up putting LET IT ROCK by Kevin Rudolf on there. But yeah, thanks for the comments, lets keep em’ comin. Keep on truckin’.

— Jenna (Thunder)

Remember that if you want to be on the next Latest Leaders list, one of the best ways to is to comment on as many other MLBlogs as you can (don’t spam) and always leave your FULL url as a breadcrumb. So cool to see how this community is growing. Think Victorino’s MLBlog is going to get much traffic after what he just did?

Mets Main Man: Congrats, that’s well-earned since you comment on other blogs so much. But No. 16 as debut on the charts isn’t a record. Thunder just debuted at 5…and I think we’ve seen higher than that if you look at previous posts. Easy to tell since we just started doing this the last couple months. So actually whoever was #1 on the first one of these would have the record. 🙂


Hey, Mark … Thanks !!!

Just being in the Top 50 Fan MLBlog list is “very cool”, and getting a chance to dedicate my #28 ranking to “two” New York Yankees makes the honor that much more special !!! … Also, it shows that not “all” Yankee numbers are retired — there still are many active numbers available !!! … But, it will be fun, if and when, my mlblog makes it into the “Top Ten” of the list … Now, that’s the “High-Rent District” of retired Yankee numbers; and, also, Fan MLBlogs !!! … Take care, Mark … Jimmy [27NYY]

well. dedication to you, im attempting to put on the Waynes World trailer! my site is being wierd and it wont go on… but I’ll get it though. Keep on Truckin.

— Jenna (Thunder)

Larry Shenk is THE man! The display in the HOF Club is awesome! And they always keep it current so you never get bored with it. If anyone has a chance to visit CBP in Philly, you have to check it out.


Thank you everyone who read my little views and cruise through the Playoffs. I will try and keep producing the type of stories and insights you will enjoy until our ride is over on the Postseason Balloon ride.

Just trying to keep the bubble from breaking, but a 9-1 win tonight has me high in the clouds and screaming at the wind. Thank you again for moving me into the Top 10 as a Fan Blogger( #9). I do this because I love baseball and my hometown Tampa Bay Rays.

Congrats, to my Scottish Rays’ fan, “Rays across the Pond” for reaching # 41 this time. Glad to see a fellow Ray blogger on the board. Well, got to go celebrate both a win and a great spot on the old leaderboard. You guys are the reason I like to write my blog………………

Rays Renegade

Oh, do not forget to check out Ray’s All-Around great guy, Carlos Pena’s Postseason blog on…………It is a great inside look into this fantastic player’s life and thoughts during the ALCS Playoffs.

ALL RIGHT!!!!! Finally in the Latest Leaders!!!!!

And at number 16! Highest first appearance ever?

#36? Wow, I must say I’m pleasantly surprised. Thanks to all who have been checkign out the blog. I hope it’s somewhat entertaining.


Nice to be back in the Top 10 at #6. It almost makes me forget that thrashing the Sox took tonight at Fenway. Tomorrow’s another day, though. That’s the beauty of a best of 7 series.

Steve T

On a completely different subject, does anyone have an email address/phone contact for ANY politician? Writing a baseball story that requires some cold-calling, any level, alderman to prez candidate. If you do, feel free to email Thanks!

Ha — Jimmy, glad I got to help force you to dedicate for TWO players this time!

It’s great to be part of the “Top 50 Fan MLBlogs”, again !!! …

Well, I was first listed #27 on this current list, but with the recent adjustment, my blog was moved down to #28 … So, this will allow me to dedicate this honor to “two” New York Yankees … First, I dedicate my ranking on the list to the Yankees Manager, #27, Joe Girardi … He selected #27 to represent the Yankees 27th World Championship in 2008 … Of course, all us Yankee fans will have to wait until 2009 to celebrate this World Series victory !!! … My second dedication is in honor of one of the greatest “Relief Pitchers” in the history of baseball, #28, Sparky Lyle … The great Yankee left-handed closer was a major part of the Yankees 1977 World Championship team, as he won the American League Cy Young Award that year … Sparky appeared in 72 Games; pitched 137 innings; had a 13-5 won / loss record; with, 26 Saves; and a 2.17 ERA … Also, Lyle was 3-0 in the post season in 1977 … So, those are my dedications in honor of my ranking on the Top 50 Fan Blog list … Congratulations to all on the MLB Pro, and Fan Blog lists; and, thanks to all who have visited my MLBlog … Jimmy [27NYY]

Lol… aw man!! oh well I’m still Top 5. Like I said thanks again. and Keep on truckin’!

–Jenna (Thunder)

This is some blog eat blog world, eh? Happy to be in the Top 3 still (or two, depending on how you look at it). Thanks for the vlog shout-out too, Mark. That Victorino bit is pretty cool, especially since I read and comment on it… it’s almost like part of me is there in the case… well, sorta. Not really, but it’s a nice idea anyway.

Congrats, Joe, keep up the great blogging! I don’t announce page views, only rankings. You can go to a place like and get the code that you would just place into the header code at Edit Profile. That’s the only place on our current blog template where you’d be able to place it, until someday we can add code to Link Lists again (no ETA). Someone else with a hit counter probably can add further advice for you/others here. They’re consistent with our #s.

Yes! I can’t believe I’m #1. This is such a thrill for me. Thank you.

Hey MLBMark,

I was wondering how many hits I got. How do I find out? Thanks in advance.

I am in a 10 place, really nice for a blog in Spanish. Thanks everybody for visit my blog LA NACION MEDIAS ROJAS.

Cool! #28!! The Padres blog is movin’ up!

Woo!! #4! BABY! Thank you for the nice comment. and I’m glad that so many people checked out and commented on my blog!

— Jenna (Thunder)
CUBS NATION- it wasnt our time *BLOG*

I was rooting for Mark to win the battle. When the Cubs lost I thought he would lose too but the comments kept coming.
I really like his blog.

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