October 7th, 2008

New: Top prospects blog from Arizona

Back in our MLB NYC HQ for a breather after working Cubs vs. Dodgers, and before heading out onto the LCS road I just wanted to make sure to give some pub to 30 Arizona Fall League MLBlogs that have been created. They are being gradually populated by the prospects in Arizona based on an ongoing schedule that you can see on MLB.com, and you can just type http://aflrangers.mlblogs.com or http://aflpadres.mlblogs.com and substitute your favorite team’s nickname within that URL and you’re there. They’ve started with the two West division clubs, then the next day is Central, and then East, and rotating, so if your team’s AFL blog isn’t populated yet, it will be soon. Subscribe to the RSS feed now even if it’s not posted yet, and you then use your blogreader to see them whenever an entry is saved. These not only help connect you to players you will be following one day in the Majors, but also it’s our hope that we gradually develop a pipeline where blogging becomes common to more players. Call it a “Blogging Development” experiment. Enjoy the AFL MLBlogs and leave them comments! Those guys are putting in the extra work to push themselves toward The Show, and it’s a good chance to throw some encouragement their way and see what that world is like. Ask them questions!

I just wrote this poem to millions of baseball fans. Tell me what you think. We just added Comment capability on all MLB.com article pages this past week, in case you didn’t notice. Leave a comment there instead of here. Add a verse to the poem if you’d like!

Be a part of Pennant Traces! This is a cool area we launched. We’re looking at this postseason from a very different perspective this time. You will see that reflected on MLB.com much more in coming days. This is about people, faces, connected to small and large towns, following guys they used to cheer for when they were on their team. It’s about storytelling. It’s people in Trail, British Columbia, following Jason Bay. It’s Yankee fans taking an interest in how Joe Torre and Don Mattingly handle an NLCS matchup. It’s like that all over. Be a regular on that new site on MLB.com, as well as the Pennant Traces blog.

I have no particular rooting interest since I work for 30 clubs. I just love baseball. But I have to tell you: I am tired of the Cub story. I spent days interviewing Cub fans, as always, spent months hearing how it was going to be different, and what in the world was that? Where were the Cubs? How do Aramis Ramirez and Alfonso Soriano do that? They’re just suddenly pitched differently, pounded on the fists, then hung to dry with breaking stuff off the plate? How do four infielders each make an error in the same game — even Derrek Lee? Show baseball fans something. Act mad. Don’t act like it was just another year. My last memory of the Cub season is a water pipe breaking and flooding the Cubs’ dugout after the game.

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