The Pulse vs. Inside the Dodgers

CHICAGO — Apologies for lack of entries here this week. As you may have noticed, I’ve been writing our daily overview piece for the homepage and am currently at Wrigley with a morning flight to LAX and high probability for an all-nighter. I did want to share this:

Just chatted with Josh Rawitch in the Dodgers’ dugout during BP, and he is issuing a friendly challenge to Mark DeRosa. Josh noticed that my “Latest Leaders” traffic rankings here last week showed DeRosa’s The Pulse MLBlog No. 1 overall, followed closely at No. 2 by Josh’s Inside the Dodgers.

“I should go tell him he has a challenge for No. 1,” Josh said. I told him that DeRosa provided a pretty good NLDS start to his blog by hitting a two-run homer and then blogging about it. (Shane Victorino, too.) But Josh has a good formula all his own. No matter what he feels like posting about, he always can be the first person anywhere to post the Dodgers’ starting lineup each day, and that has been a fundamental in his postings — but only a small piece of why it’s such a great community. . . .

Making sure everyone here has seen all eight of our postseason player blogs:

Brian Anderson (White Sox) –

Ryan Braun (Brewers) –

Mark DeRosa (Cubs) –

Jacoby Ellsbury (Red Sox) –

Andre Ethier (Dodgers) –

Torii Hunter (Angels) –

Carlos Pena (Rays) –

Shane Victorino (Phillies) –

Not postseason, but just updated:

They’re going to amass some amazing traffic numbers, so be sure and leave them comments and include your full URL so that you engage a big baseball crowd. Then hook ’em.

One interesting thing about this lineup is that we now have created an amazing THREE Brian Anderson MLBlogs. The first one was Brian Anderson the former hurler, who maintained Confessions of a Left-hander. I never deleted it after he stopped due to Tommy John surgery, mainly because he was our first-ever player MLBlogger. I think that’s kind of historic in a cool way, so that’s why it hasn’t been scraped and he has the actual “name” URL. The second one is by our friend Brian Anderson the Brewers’ broadcaster. So we actually have two Brian Andersons blogging with their own involvement in this postseason.

Will try to get an updated Latest Leaders but might not happen this week. I have lots more Cub fans to interview.   🙂

Check out Google’s new blog-search page. — and here is what you get if you search for “MLBlogs”. Excellent representation.

Welcome to Pheeling Optimistic!



Mark I found a great MLBlog I think you will love.

Mark, thanks for quoting me on the home page. But I’ve noticed all of the quotes are from about 2-3 posts back from when that was quoted. How come?

Hey, Mark. See you at the Dodgers game if there’s a Game 4 tomorrow. Do you believe it’s raining? It never rains here in October!

Brian Anderson, the pitcher is currently our assistant pitching coach after his shoulder injury got to him this spring. He has been a great addition to the Rays staff, and has filled in on Rays Television broadcasts when Joe Magrane had to go to New York to do the Olympic baseball commentaries.
We are lucky to have him.

Yeah I think Derosa is preoccupied at the moment . . . but we’ll see, nothing like an historic comeback to drive up hits, so if the Cubs can create a miraculous rally then who knows. Thanks Mark, and Jeff (redstatebluestate) for dropping by and leaving comments on my Sports by the Numbers blog.

— David

I think Josh has much more to be happy about. No need to challenge Derosa — who at this point probably has a lot on his mind. Rooting for the Dodgers… on this one at least. Mark, too bad you couldn’t get down to JIMBO’S on the South Side this weekend. Hope to have something to celebrate.

Gee…wonder what kind of reaction you’ll get from Cubs fans right now. (Cubs finally score in game 2…ironically it was DeRosa…Dodgers up 7-1…unreal)

Got all the teams covered, good going. Gotta love the playoffs.


With the Dodgers being my adopted team, I’ve got my fingers crossed for Josh. Think Blue! Go Dodgers!

With the Dodgers being my adopted team, I’ve got my fingers crossed for Josh. Think Blue! Go Dodgers!

I think Josh may snag that top spot. His blog is so much more than just being the first to show the lineups every day. Let’s go Dodgers!


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