October 2008

View from the Phillies Parade Lead Vehicle

Congrats to the Phillies and their fans, and check out my story and my view today:

So, who’s ready for some Hot Stove blogging??? – Mark/MLB.com

Congratulations to the Phillies

PHILADELPHIA — That was just an unbelievable scene, and there are so many things I will never forget about what happened here in Philly. More than anything, it was just talking to the fans. Even more than talking to the players. I have been doing this every day, and tonight it was to the point that I would just walk up to fans with my MLB.com cap and I didn’t even have to introduce myself — they would just start telling me their stories. Some were in tears. I am kind of braced for the celebration-streets news, but overall it was just a fabulous scene as a baseball fan.

Here I am on the field as Jamie Moyer and grounds crew members behind me try to dig up the pitching rubber. It took forever to pry it up out of the packed clay. Then Jamie carried it around above his head like it was the Commissioner’s Trophy. It was his trophy. He earned it. He stepped on that pitching rubber how many times this year? Everyone celebrated in their own way. I just liked being out on the grass. I didn’t want to leave it.


It has been a wild postseason. I started with the Cubs, and was instructed to stay with the Cubs as far as they go. They didn’t go far. Then I was with the Dodgers. Then it was off to the World Series, and the scene in St. Pete was a pure joy to experience for a change. Then this. What I love especially about our golden era in Major League Baseball is that we are spreading this around, spreading the love. Last year, the Rockies. There is always new excitement somewhere. It’s so different than the old days, when it was elite and even predictable.

Most everyone is leaving. I am going to stay here through the parade, might even ride in it. I will head back to New York City Friday night, then go to the Expo on Saturday to pick up my registration/bib number, and then I run the New York City Marathon on Sunday morning. I was sweating bullets the last few days wondering if I’d just lost my marathon because of the weather, but even if we had gone back to Florida I was safe. Now I can rest a little bit for it and carbo-load. It is just an incredible week. Sorry for the infrequency of posting here, but we have been cranking out content on a constant basis at MLB.com and that rules all…and some marathon training mixed in to keep it going. I’ll be back with Latest Leaders this next week.

Make sure you hit Jesse’s MLBlog, and check out the one we just launched for Colin Ballester of the Nationals. That’s Bally’s Blog, our latest MLB player. Shane Victorino was still blogging at last check, and I told Joe Blanton during the clubhouse champagne celebration that it would be great to have him back in the MLBlogs fold; he started the season with Big Joe’s Bluegrass Blog, if you’ll recall from his Oakland days. Thanks also to our buddy October Gonzo; he helped draw a huge crowd here, and all of you benefited indirectly from it. OG is wrapping it up, and yes, we’ll have more space to promote other folks now.  🙂

OK, leave lots of comments and don’t forget to include your full URL so people can find their way to your blog. What do you have planned for the offseason? We plan to launch the NUMBER ONE HOT STOVE BLOG anywhere. Our Trade Talk blog shot to the top of all trade-deadline blogs on the Internet in terms of traffic, maintained by our 30 on-the-scene correspondents with each club. We’ll do the same for the whole offseason. You definitely will want to line that up on your blogroll and get the RSS feed; we’ll let you know when it’s live. I’ll be putting my MLB.com Gift Guru hat back on, and you will be sick of seeing me trumpet the wonders of the MLB.com Shop by the time the late December holidays hit. That’s me.

Congratulations again to the Philadelphia Phillies. Champions of the world in 2008. Wow.

– Mark/MLB.com

Skylight’s Last Gleaming

I am quoting Patti LaBelle directly there from her unique rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” before Game 4. Here, you can see the Skylight’s Last Gleaming and the rockets bursting in air as I used my Canon A540 to take the following video of the last pitch of Game 4 and the fireworks. Enjoy and keep on blogging!

A new MLBlog for the u30ws

It’s a whole new ballgame with a bunch of fresh faces taking part in this year’s World Series. With so many twentysomethings on the field, there’s a place for the under-30 crowd to meet up and discuss their generation’s baseball exploits: The u30ws Blog

Drop by the blog and leave your comment!

Why we blog about baseball

I was reading Andrew Sullivan’s post headlined “Why I Blog” and every now and then I guess it is good to ask yourself that. I am curious why you blog, especially why you blog about baseball. We launched MLBlogs in April 2005 with Tommy Lasorda’s debut post about his friend Jackie Robinson, and that’s how this area was born. (Thank you, Tommy — you are the true MLBlogs pioneer!) This past Opening Day, we made it a FREE community, and we had more than four times as many MLBlogs created this season than in the history of MLBlogs. There are a lot of people here who you don’t know, hopefully better ways to find them next season, and for now one great way is to leave a comment here telling us why you blog about baseball. If you want, post it as a blog entry and just link to it — or leave it as a comment with your full URL. Here is why I blog about baseball:

Because we needed a community blog.

I have so many blogs and user profiles it is ridiculous, but such is life. I have Shelfari for my love of reading books, I have Blogger for my marathon training (16 days to NYC Marathon!), I have Facebook for family/friends and LinkedIn for professional networking, I have MySpace because I think you have to coexist within a big part of society to know what’s up and be tuned in, I have Flickr and Shutterfly and Photobucket and more for pics, I have multiple YouTube accounts for videos such as my trip to Beijing to work the Olympics, I have lots more that I can’t even remember until they send me an annoying email reminder. I was on Match until I found Miss Right, and I was out in record time. I have a FloTrackr account for running also, and MapMyRun, Runners World. I have Playlist.com to keep my own tunes current for other profiles like MySpace. Tagged was the spam scumbag capital. At least once a day someone asks me to join something…there are many more.

Now I also have a new MLB.com profile. Have you created yours yet? If not, then what are you waiting for? It’s part of your MLB.com registration. Add me as a friend. I’m mlbmark. In the coming year it will be loaded with more and more social networking components so all MLB.com users can communicate easily with each other — assuming someone wants to be reachable. There’s also our brand-new MLB.com Fanbook app — the official Facebook app of Major League Baseball. Check it out. You probably need more profiles.  🙂

I’m glad that this is your BASEBALL blog. So why DO you blog about baseball?

Unbelievable night in America

This is amazing. I am sitting here tonight at our MLB office with the FOX feed of Phillies vs. Dodgers immediately to my left, and the live Presidential Election Debate on our MLB.com video player right in front of me on this laptop (now minimized as I type). I wrote this article on the MLB.com homepage to introduce baseball fans and voters to an amazing first: Being able to watch a live MLB playoff game and a Presidential Election Debate at the same time. It was always a choice in life before, and MLB always won because the broadcaster couldn’t mess with its profitable event. Some commenters on that article page said they thought it was the best thing we’ve ever done at MLB.com. I can’t disagree as I’m sitting here soaking up this night. I have my own thoughts on what I’m seeing in this possible clinch broadcast in both mediums, and I’m just curious what other MLBloggers think of following both settings simultaneously. Here are some screen shots. Just look at Baseball and Politics together, so quintessentially American. I’m just amazed at seeing the candidates on our video player. What say you?



Latest Leaders 10/1-13 – and a contest



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* – technically not a part of the MLBlogs Network, but we just launched it for YES Network and Yankee fans will want to lock into it.


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In that collage above, who can list all 12 MLBlogs? Be the first person to correctly identify all of them in a comment here (feel free to include their URLs but you don’t have to) and I’ll send you an authentic MLB cap of your favorite team.

Also have to show you something very cool that I saw on the Hall of Fame Club level at Citizens Bank Park before Game 1 of the NLCS. This is in a big display case there (the broken black bat is the one Brett Myers used during his 9-pitch at-bat that rocked CC Sabathia):



I mentioned to Larry Shenk that I saw this, and how glad I was for the extra MLBlogs visibility. Then he just smiled, noting that he was responsible for it being there. Do you need any more reasons to be a regular on Phillies Insider in the comment crowd? That should tell you how influential that MLBlogger is to Philly (and all) baseball. Stop by and say hi to The Baron.

New: Top prospects blog from Arizona

Back in our MLB NYC HQ for a breather after working Cubs vs. Dodgers, and before heading out onto the LCS road I just wanted to make sure to give some pub to 30 Arizona Fall League MLBlogs that have been created. They are being gradually populated by the prospects in Arizona based on an ongoing schedule that you can see on MLB.com, and you can just type http://aflrangers.mlblogs.com or http://aflpadres.mlblogs.com and substitute your favorite team’s nickname within that URL and you’re there. They’ve started with the two West division clubs, then the next day is Central, and then East, and rotating, so if your team’s AFL blog isn’t populated yet, it will be soon. Subscribe to the RSS feed now even if it’s not posted yet, and you then use your blogreader to see them whenever an entry is saved. These not only help connect you to players you will be following one day in the Majors, but also it’s our hope that we gradually develop a pipeline where blogging becomes common to more players. Call it a “Blogging Development” experiment. Enjoy the AFL MLBlogs and leave them comments! Those guys are putting in the extra work to push themselves toward The Show, and it’s a good chance to throw some encouragement their way and see what that world is like. Ask them questions!

I just wrote this poem to millions of baseball fans. Tell me what you think. We just added Comment capability on all MLB.com article pages this past week, in case you didn’t notice. Leave a comment there instead of here. Add a verse to the poem if you’d like!

Be a part of Pennant Traces! This is a cool area we launched. We’re looking at this postseason from a very different perspective this time. You will see that reflected on MLB.com much more in coming days. This is about people, faces, connected to small and large towns, following guys they used to cheer for when they were on their team. It’s about storytelling. It’s people in Trail, British Columbia, following Jason Bay. It’s Yankee fans taking an interest in how Joe Torre and Don Mattingly handle an NLCS matchup. It’s like that all over. Be a regular on that new site on MLB.com, as well as the Pennant Traces blog.

I have no particular rooting interest since I work for 30 clubs. I just love baseball. But I have to tell you: I am tired of the Cub story. I spent days interviewing Cub fans, as always, spent months hearing how it was going to be different, and what in the world was that? Where were the Cubs? How do Aramis Ramirez and Alfonso Soriano do that? They’re just suddenly pitched differently, pounded on the fists, then hung to dry with breaking stuff off the plate? How do four infielders each make an error in the same game — even Derrek Lee? Show baseball fans something. Act mad. Don’t act like it was just another year. My last memory of the Cub season is a water pipe breaking and flooding the Cubs’ dugout after the game.

Get to know: journey to meeting derek jeter thru baseball cards

The Pulse vs. Inside the Dodgers

CHICAGO — Apologies for lack of entries here this week. As you may have noticed, I’ve been writing our daily overview piece for the MLB.com homepage and am currently at Wrigley with a morning flight to LAX and high probability for an all-nighter. I did want to share this:

Just chatted with Josh Rawitch in the Dodgers’ dugout during BP, and he is issuing a friendly challenge to Mark DeRosa. Josh noticed that my “Latest Leaders” traffic rankings here last week showed DeRosa’s The Pulse MLBlog No. 1 overall, followed closely at No. 2 by Josh’s Inside the Dodgers.

“I should go tell him he has a challenge for No. 1,” Josh said. I told him that DeRosa provided a pretty good NLDS start to his blog by hitting a two-run homer and then blogging about it. (Shane Victorino, too.) But Josh has a good formula all his own. No matter what he feels like posting about, he always can be the first person anywhere to post the Dodgers’ starting lineup each day, and that has been a fundamental in his postings — but only a small piece of why it’s such a great community. . . .

Making sure everyone here has seen all eight of our MLB.com postseason player blogs:

Brian Anderson (White Sox) – http://banderson.mlblogs.com

Ryan Braun (Brewers) – http://ryanbraun.mlblogs.com

Mark DeRosa (Cubs) – http://markderosa.mlblogs.com

Jacoby Ellsbury (Red Sox) – http://jacobyellsbury.mlblogs.com

Andre Ethier (Dodgers) – http://diningwithdre.mlblogs.com

Torii Hunter (Angels) – http://toriihunter.mlblogs.com

Carlos Pena (Rays) – http://carlospena.mlblogs.com

Shane Victorino (Phillies) – http://shanevictorino.mlblogs.com

Not postseason, but just updated: http://bengiemolina.mlblogs.com

They’re going to amass some amazing traffic numbers, so be sure and leave them comments and include your full URL so that you engage a big baseball crowd. Then hook ’em.

One interesting thing about this lineup is that we now have created an amazing THREE Brian Anderson MLBlogs. The first one was Brian Anderson the former hurler, who maintained Confessions of a Left-hander. I never deleted it after he stopped due to Tommy John surgery, mainly because he was our first-ever player MLBlogger. I think that’s kind of historic in a cool way, so that’s why it hasn’t been scraped and he has the actual “name” URL. The second one is by our friend Brian Anderson the Brewers’ broadcaster. So we actually have two Brian Andersons blogging with their own involvement in this postseason.

Will try to get an updated Latest Leaders but might not happen this week. I have lots more Cub fans to interview.   🙂

Check out Google’s new blog-search page. http://blogsearch.google.com — and here is what you get if you search for “MLBlogs”. Excellent representation.

Welcome to Pheeling Optimistic!


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