Latest Leaders 9/17-24

UPDATED 3:09 PM ET FRIDAY: Did you guys catch the starring attraction by our own Vanessa of Flair For The Dramatic in my Yanks-eliminated story on There were so many Yankee stories on our site fighting for eyeballs, I don’t know how many people saw it and how many clicked the link in it to her MLBlog. THANK YOU, Vanessa … Check out Baby Paul clapping … If anyone is interested in Photoshopping a nice 480×270-pixel graphic like the one above, representing a cool sampling of the MLBlogs community by using people’s profile pics, then email it to us and you might get some special love for your MLBlog. It could be a panel in coming days on….Will have maybe 15 minutes of intermittent service interruption starting around 12:01 a.m. ET on Monday for some routine maintenance. Just a quickie heads-up….Greg at Red Sox Ramblings just added a statcounter to his MLBlog’s header. Go there and make it spin, and see if you can get him into next week’s Latest Leaders. Got a statcounter? Tell us.

Want more visitors on your MLBlog? Below are the Page View leaders at MLBlogs for the week of Sept. 17-24. Leave a comment below with your FULL URL whether you are on one of these lists or not. It’s the best way to be on one, unless you’re playing second for the Cubs or have a national TV commercial running constantly. PROVEN STRATEGY!!! MLBloggers are here. Tell them in comments why to come and say hi on your blog, then build your community! Be a regular here, and be a regular commenter on other MLBlogs!


Just like his team, Mark DeRosa continues to be the top dog, as his blog has developed a very impressive following. The Dodger front office is once again keeping fans Thinking Blue and talking about the team’s run at the NL West title. Zack Hample snagged a Giambino HR and then snagged a third-place finish, while fans have stayed up to date on the latest Minor League news with the Org Report. Rounding out the Pro Top 5 is Bryan Hoch’s Yankee blog.

1. The Pulse – Mark DeRosa
2. Inside the Dodgers
3. The Baseball Collector – Zack Hample
4. Organizational Report
5. Bombers Beat – Bryan Hoch
6. Beck’s Blog – Jason Beck
7. CastroTurf – Anthony Castrovince
8. Brownie Points – Ian Browne
9. Inside the White Sox
10. October Gonzo
11. The USA Baseball 16U Blog
12. Major League Bastian – Jordan Bastian
13. *touch* ’em all – Alyssa Milano
14. Dining with ‘Dre – Andre Ethier
15. Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer – Matthew Leach
16. Postcards from Elysian Fields – T.R. Sullivan
17. Red Sox Insider Blog – mystery front office blogger
18.’s Fantasy 411
19. Newberg Report
20. Torre Stories – Joe Torre
21. Yankee Stadium Memories
22. Tommy Lasorda’s World – the original MLBlogger
23. Inside Pitch – Jim Molony
24. Behind the Mask – Bengie Molina
25. MLBlogosphere
26. Ben’s Biz Blog
27. B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful – Jonathan Mayo
28. Down the Line with the Phillies Ballgirls
29. Twins Ballpark Update
30. Gameday


Allen and Jeffery over at Red State Blue State continue their run atop the fan blogger leaderboard. The Prince of New York checks in with another strong showing, while All Baseball All The Time and Confessions of a She-Fan both jump one spot. Blogging Dodgers and Baseball rounds out the Fan Top 5.

1. Red State Blue State
2. Prince of New York
3. All Baseball All The Time
4. Confessions of a She-Fan
5. Blogging Dodgers and Baseball
7. Rock Pile Rant
8. Pick Me Up Some Mets!
9. Big Pupi- Baseball Dog Blogger
10. Bruce Markusen’s Cooperstown Confidential
11. The Brewer Nation
13. Yogi Brewer
15. Baseball, The Yankees, and Life…
16. Stefan’s Yankee Blog
18. Cambios y Curvas
19. Rays Renegade
20. Bucco Blog
21. Angry Fan’s Baseball Fix
22. sittingstill
23. Yankees Chick
24. Red Sox Hen
25. Baseball Cleats & Shoes
26. Prose and Ivy
27. Barrel Man’s Brewings
28. Diamondhacks
29. 1060 West Addison: A Chicago Cubs Blog
30. (Transplanted) Nation – A Boston Red Sox Blog
31. Bleeding Pinstripes
32. Rangers Farm Report
33. Dugout Diary by Joe Boesch
34. Phillies Red Pinstripes
35. The ‘Burgh Blues
36. The Bullpen Baker
37. Bronx Bombers Blog
38. 161 and River
39. Baby Paul’s Baseball Blog
40. Cardinal Girl
41. Baseball Bats
42. Hook, Line Drive, & Sinker
43. Ballpark Frank
44. Red Sox Nation Daily
45. Redbird Report
46. Joe Fuller Red Sox Fantasy 08
47. Blogging ‘Bout Baseball
48. nickyformets
49. Statistician Magician
50. Who’s in Right Field? — My Brewers Blog

Just randomly click a bunch of these. Get some ideas for your own MLBlog. Cardinal Girl does haiku. Baseball Bats is from the same blogger who builds in Google Adsense code just in case there’s a buck to be made. The Bullpen Baker makes cookies for the A’s bullpen pitchers and blogs about her delicacies. Big Pupi and Baby Paul show that anyone can blog. Click these links, become a friend on those blogs, and they’ll be a friend on yours. Make sure you have a profile pic of yourself on your MLBlog so there’s an identity, and tell us something things about you in the bio. Add a Link List with your favorite MLBlogs, and tell those bloggers and ask if they will please link back to you. Have fun!


I am in the number 12. It is cool. And my blog is in first place for blogs in Spanish. Nice… thanks everybody.

I’m not on this list yet…but I will be.
48 game home run baseballs…and counting. Go Brewers!!

Hello fellow MlBloggers, I am the co-author of two new baseball books — Major League Baseball: An Interactive Guide to the World of Sports (with a foreword by Zack Hample, The Baseball Collector), and New York Yankees: An Interactive Guide to the World of Sports. I posted two entries this week on the Cy Young races — and I’m looking forward to watching the playoffs start today and then reading what you guys have to say about the games. Check out my blog page when you get a chance — many thanks. David Horne

Heirloom, I would kill for the Mets to have a 163 game. I just don’t see the making the playoffs for a few more years. To see why, check out my latest post.

Been a great season of Blogging with you all. Much appreciation to Mark and the people at that make this all happen.

Didn’t know that I would get into blogging, but it really has been a blast. Love talking baseball and this is venue where I do it.

This has been a great season, but it ain’t over yet! I’ve been getting some good traffic lately and some comment traffic unseen before. Did I miss something about some “front page quote” that Jeff from Red State Blue State said I had?

Ah, well…163’s tonight here in Twins Territory and we’re nervous.


Hey all just popped a picture blog of the celebration in Detroit last Friday night. I know alot of people are not interested, but my team is the team everyone was picking to fall by the wayside, and we are still here.

It is truly a “Magical Summer of Baseball” in St. Petersburg, Florida starting again on Thursday against either the Twins or White Sox. Good Luck both of you tomorrow in the game.

And above all, Good Luck to all 8 of the final Postseason series teams…………..This is going to be a fun month.

I just put up my first “season’s end” entry. Check it out!!

Greg, thanks for helping WHIZ. Also Whiz: Make sure when you leave a comment, you include the FULL URL so that we can just click it…a lot of people won’t take the time to copy and paste it and then add http:// in front of it if you know what I mean.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am enjoying this so far.

You can upload pictures through ASSETS. Then I believe when you are typing a post there’s a way to insert an image which will take you to your asset page, and just go from there.

Click here: Red Sox Rumblings @

Hey Mark.

How do you get a picture on your blog after you uploaded the file?
I’m wondering because i really want to be a featured blog to get my views up.


Thanks, Mark …

For featuring my blog, in the quote section, on the homepage !!! … Jimmy

What is going on with my blog! The ‘Burgh Blues is experiencing some “technical difficulties.” We’ll be back up as soon as we can!

Thx again for the shoutout Mark. It was greeeat to see my name in an MLB article 🙂 It was a great article too. Can’t believe how much has changed since ’93, which makes thinking about the 13 season run that much more remarkable.
V –

Thanks to my loyal readers for putting up with my spotty blogging over the past two weeks. #17 is an honor. I figured I’d be off the list by now. Back to regular daily posts (and a return to the top 10) ASAP!


Maybe I’ll break the top 50 before I turn fifty, haha! Congratulations to everyone who made it!

Kylie —

WooHoo! Still in the top 50. Mom and Dad took me to see my first Orioles game at Camden Yards this week. I posted a bunch of pictures on my blog. Stop by and take a look. Thanks!

Thanks for putting me up on the front page as the Phillies’ fan blog.

Mark, that feature photo of the leaders is so cool. Love it! Thanks! To be featured with the Prince, Jane Heller, Mark DeRosa, OG and Scott Reifert is an honor indeed.

First time ever on the list! Yay! Thanks 🙂

If I go refresh my page a few thousands times, will I break into the Top 50? Haha. Anyway, I finally did get my first comments this week. Thanks, Jane.


excited to see people are reading Prose and Ivy! thanks for all the support everyone…look forward to writing more for you to read and comment on! this has been one of the craziest last months of a season I’ve ever seen…phillies, mets, twins, white sox and brewers still scrapping away! feel free to comment on who you think will make it to October on my latest post! Go Cubs Go!


Very excited that I moved up to #4, Mark! And thanks for putting my photo on the home page. I love blogging and I post something new every day. It’s a totally fun way to vent! Discovering other blogs is great too, so I’m always out there browsing.

Hey, Mark …

Thanks for the kind words regarding my dedications in honor of some of my favorite Yankee players based on my rankings on the Top 50 Fan Mlblog List … It’s just a way for me to give more of a special meaning to my rankings, and also honor some great Yankee players !!! … Mark, like you said, we should all, “Have fun with our blogging”; “Blog regularly”; “Comment often on other blogs”; and, I would also suggest, all bloggers should try to offer as many responses, as possible, to the comments that we all receive on our blogs … It’s always a nice feeling to receive a response back when offering a comment on someone’s blog; and, I would say, most bloggers, including myself, really make a great effort to respond to comments received … All the above blogging suggestions are successful ways to build relationships with other Blogs, and also ways to increase traffic among all blogs … Mark, again, like you said, “all the above suggestions work”, if we make the effort, and just be persistent; also, leave our URL. Most important, “Have Fun While Blogging” !!! … Take care, Mark !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]

It’s Jesse from ‘The ‘Burgh Blues’ by the way.

Mark, there is something wrong with my blog. When I try to sign in, it says my “Your MLBlogs session has ended. Please sign in again to continue.” I try to sign in, but when I go to do anything on my blog homepage, it sends me back to that. What is up!?

People read the comments. If most don’t go to blogs of a random team just for the heck of it, then welcome to the new world! Gotta go to ’em! COMMUNITY…reach out and touch other bloggers…go visit strangers. Leave URL. It works.

I know, but people don’t always read the comments, and most people don’t go to blogs of a random team just for the heck of it. I figure this way you can find some extra blogs of your team.

By the way, thanks for putting me on the front page under the Mets tab. Really appreciate it.

Have fun with it, whatever works. Blogging is all about experimentation. One thing, though — the Latest Leaders list changes regularly. The best strategy is still to blog regularly and comment regularly on other MLBlogs with your full URL.

Hey everybody, if you are not in the latest leaders, click on the link.
You can advertise your blog in forums divided by teams, so similar fans can find you, and vice-versa.
Mark, what do you think? Maybe you can include it in your next post, and we can get some new faces on the leaderboard!

Dropped a bit from #9 to #27, but just staying in the Top 50 is awesome! Go Crew!

Maybe while the Tigers continue to tank, I can climb up on the list and crack that Top 50!? I’ll be working on it.

Maybe while the Tigers continue to tank, I can climb up on the list and crack that Top 50!? I’ll be working on it.

Good to see RSBS hanging in there at the top. Just goes to show what wonders can be done with bipartisanship… and reading/commenting on fellow MLBlogs. We are the World!

Make sure y’all join our MLBlogs Facebook Page as well whenever you get the chance.

If your MLBlog isn’t on this Latest Leaders list, then consider taking the time to click on many or even all of these and leave a hello comment with your full URL. Then voila, people at leading blogs will be on your page. That’s where your own great blogging comes in, to keep them coming back. Lots of movement on the list this week! Jimmy, I love the dedication based on Latest Leaders ranking! Zack surged to No. 3 on the overall list largely by catching Jason Giambi’s home run and then blogging about it and showing up on SportsCenter and everywhere else. Way cool.


It’s great to be on the FAN FAB 50 list, again, this week .. My Blog moved up to #15 .. So, thanks to all who have visited “Baseball, The Yankees, and Life” … Everybody is always welcome to visit, anytime !!! … Last week, I dedicated this honor to the great Hall of Fame Yankees pitcher, #29, Jim “Catfish” Hunter … This week, I will dedicate this honor to the “great” Yankees “all-star” catcher, #15, Thurman Munson, who should be in the “Hall of Fame” !!! … So, to all blogs on the “MLB PRO BlOG” list; and, everyone on the “FAN FAB 50” mlblogs list … Congratulations !!! … Keep up the excellent work; and, just keep blogging, and have fun !!! … Jimmy [27NYY] …

Hey all, thanks for reading the Rock Pile Rant. I still don’t have a winner for the Baseball Card Trivia. See If you can figure out who it is and thanks for your continued support…D

I’m 5th and I’m on the front page ? !! Wow 🙂 Thanks everyone !



Fell a few notches, but that is okay. I will celebrate being 19th at the same time we meet the guys at the airport on Sunday to commemorate our first journey into the Playoffs. As a Playoff virgin, be gentle with me this week and I will try and bring the best of the Tampa Bay Rays run in the ALDS for all of you to enjoy.

If you want to check out more Rays news and views, please check me out at:

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