September 23rd, 2008

Spheroid: North State Blues

Today I noticed an MLBlog called North State Blues for the first time.

The fact that I had not seen it before shows just how large this community has mushroomed in the year that we made it free rather than pay-based. Because trust me, this is an MLBlog you will notice and want to follow. I showed it to our own Alyssa Milano, and she immediately added it to her blogroll. I especially like the Dodger sketchings. What a cool use of an MLBlog. Instead of our usual 9-question Spheroid approach, I thought it would be interesting to contact this MLBlogger and invite him to email me some info on how this blog and the sketchings came to be, and I am going to share that with you as an introduction to our spotlight MLBlogger of the day. Here is what John shared, and feel free to drop by there and say hello with a comment and your own full URL to follow you back:

I first created North State Blues under the impression that it’d be mainly about my experiences as a Southern California native Dodgers fan living up here in Giants country the last few years, and that inspired the name of my blog. As time went on, I kind of hit a brick wall creatively, and stopped posting new blogs for a while (spending my time commenting on the Inside the Dodgers blog).
MannyDrawing.jpgI started doing the drawings because I was bored one summer day, looked up at my Dodgers Calendar, saw the picture of Chad Billingsley, and got a pencil, paper and just started drawing. I posted a link to it in the Inside the Dodgers blog, and even though I didn’t think it was anything too great, the commenters there seemed to like them. Then I looked back on my neglected MLBlog, and realized that I had something to post again. My first drawing post was on August 29, as the Dodgers were coming off an eight-game losing streak, and about to start a crucial series against Arizona. They lost, but the next day, I did another post, and they won. After my next post, and the Dodgers’ second straight win, one of the Inside the Dodgers commenters joked that I’d have to keep drawing now that they were winning, and in the superstitious spirit, I knew he was right. I stopped my consecutive drawing streak at five, but the Dodgers kept going until eight. I know I had no power over the Dodgers’ season-changing win streak, but with the Dodgers, who carry that magical couldn’t-be-scripted-in-Hollywood mystique, sometimes it seems every superstition counts as the season comes to a close.
Now, I try to do drawings often, but being an English major in two Literature classes, time is more difficult to come by than in the summer. I’ve even done two Photoshopped images when time was scarce but the ideas were still fresh. But I plan on doing more drawings before the close of the season. I’ve rooted for the Dodgers my whole life, and have been intrigued by drawing for some time, so I guess it was an eventuality they would come together.

I never imagined that what started out as notebook doodles would generate any interest (or have the possibility of being viewed by Alyssa Milano).  Have a great day!

Thanks, John! Everyone should please feel free to post URLs of any other active, wonderful MLBlogs here…doesn’t have to be your own.

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