Saying goodbye to Yankee Stadium


1:19 a.m., Sept. 22, 2008. I am leaving Yankee Stadium now, one last time for good. Farewell to this wonderful place. What an incredible day, truly the kind that you remember all your life. Amazing. I will never forget the fans’ walk around the warning track before the game, the tears on their faces, the pure joy and love for their tradition. My “they will never forget article” is on Above is the last
at-bat I photographed from behind home plate, Brian Roberts to Cody Ransom 3-unassisted with Mo Rivera on the mound. Right to my left was a female police officer who was mostly savoring the moment like everyone else. Below is my video
of “DEREK JETER! DEREK JETER!” after he was substituted for and given a curtain call in the ninth. We are highlighting many MLBlogs that are talking about the Final Act, and be sure to leave your URL with your own thoughts. Also check out the Yankee Stadium Memories blog and feel free to leave your own comment there if you haven’t already. OK. I’m outta here. We all are.

Updated 12:17 a.m. Tuesday: Gotta add this picture our own Mike Siano from sent me last night. Those were his shoes after being on the warning track. He called it “special dirt.”



Amazingly, it’s not over between Red Sox and Yankees yet. Will be writing about that on Tuesday. And one look at Tuesday night’s pitching matchups makes you think the possibility of a Red Sox 5-game lead over the Yankees on Wednesday is likely. Hmm.

Mark, I’m sure there will be taunts and chants and all of it at Fenway this weekend. I was at the final Yankees-Sox series at Fenway a year ago and Sox fans were yelling “Wild Card” at the Yankees, as if they’d forgotten that their team was the wild card when they won a world championship in ’04. All I ask is for more good theater from this rivalry – great, competitive ball games.

Thanks everyone, for your comments. Jane, I think it was Pettitte who said in the postgame interview that it seemed like a playoff game, only without the benefits that can come with that. He should know. When I think of postseason pitchers, Pettitte is one of the guys at the top of my list. I also thought it was funny when Andy said he was focusing just before the game in the clubhouse, by himself, and suddenly Bernie comes strolling through the clubhouse, la-dee-da, and they start chatting. I can just picture that scene. It is going to be interesting seeing Yankees at Red Sox. I have a scary feeling for Yankee fans that chants of “Spoi-ler! Spoi-ler!” are going to be heard, and that would be tough to swallow.

I was able to visit Yankee Stadium this year, before the switch. After watching the telecast last night, I’m glad I did. All the nostalgia and history came back with the stats and Yankee stadium facts put on the ESPN ticker and the ex-players. A legendary place and a HUGE (donald trump style) part of baseball history.

As great a place as that is, I though the last out and subsequent quietness (at least that portrayed on the television) was a bit sad. The Yankees just won’t be the same.

It must have been amazing to be there tonight, Mark. Lucky you. It sure looked like there was a postseason atmosphere. Really electric. I was at all the games last year during the ALDS, and I’m still walking around going, “Let’s go Yankees.” It’s contagious. Glad you were able to bid farewell to the Stadium in person.

What an amazing night. That speech on the mound by Derek Jeter, and then the saluting, absolutely amazing. Check my blog for my own shout out to Yankee Staidum.


Closing Night At Yankee Stadium was PERFECT !!! … It was more of a happy time, than sad … A Celebration of the great history, tradition, and memories that have taken place at “The House That Ruth Built” throughout the years !!! … Yankee Stadium is one of the most beautiful sights ever, and will always be close to our hearts !!! .. Jimmy [27NYY] ..

I’m in New York too! I saw the Yanks play on Saturday. It was my first trip ever there. It was awesome and I love that I can say I was there for the last homestand ever. Something I will never forget.


Wow, at least you got to be there Mark. What a memory. I was at the Rockies final home game of the season today. I know it isn’t quite the same, but it was still a hard entry to write knowing that our season is over. Just like the Yankees have built a new Stadium for next season, hopefully the Rockies can build a winning team…Don…Rock Pile Ranter.

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