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Be sure to upload a profile pic of yourself on your MLBlog. That’s the only way you’ll be considered for that Featured Blog spot on October Gonzo is currently in that spot (he’s our postseason national ad dude drawing big crowds to this community and thus to you so he’s always going to be there or in the panel above through the World Series). If you want to be considered in that space, you must have a profile pic of yourself (not of a player), and we might swipe it to make it an 80×80 thumb in that space. Please leave a comment here with your full URL, letting us know if you’re one who has done that.

Just saw this on my dashboard here:

“You’ve written 326 entries with 2,194 comments.”

Wow, I had to stop and think about this for a minute. It’s easy to make 326 Twitter entries. I have Twitter followers who posts Tweets just to say “Morning Tweeple” or “I am driving.” To make 326 MLBlog entries means I have been doing a lot of these in addition to my primary writing, which is for It is not nearly as frequently updated as I would prefer but I am curious who has the most entries here. It would be one of you who liveblogs all the time, knowing that daily is not enough. I will look into this, and if I can find a ranking based on MLBlogs entries I’ll post a mini Latest Leaders here. Until then, feel free to say how many entries and comments you have and remember your URL! We’ll add to your total.

I also just saw this State Of The Blogosphere. It says it you get 100,000 unique visitors, you should be able to yank $75K. The initials of Bart Simpson come to mind, but hey, some people are more creative than others. Worth reading the comment thread there. The one person who told everyone to come by and click his ad did a smart thing. I’m sure his opportunity surged just by doing that little thing. Amazing things can happen. More people could be capitalizing here than they are. What would happen if everyone here at MLBlogs clicked on Baseball Cleats & Shoes, Baseball Bats, and Baseball Jerseys? I think there is at least one more of those by the same MLBlogger. Anyone else need an ad clicked for cash?

Another thought, a day after enjoying the Final Game at Yankee Stadium: The last batter in the history of Yankee Stadium was a guy from Baltimore batting lefty with the initials B.R. I’m just sayin’. OK, I won’t compare any further.

I am a little surprised by the vote totals so far on the October Gonzo poll. Fans voted at this season to determine which six games belong in the Essential Games of Yankee Stadium DVDs that have been selling strong at the Shop. Out of those, OG asked which one reigns supreme. So far, the Aaron Boone game is the overwhelming choice. I think perhaps younger fans tend to skew polls sometimes, as 2003 is the most recent, and then 2001 is No. 2, and so on. But it’s up to you all.


long shot* augh, I make too many typos!

Got a picture up now, are you proud? I would say consider me when the Astros do something but that’s an exceedingly long short, bro. So just keep me in mind, and ignore the fact that my picture is me at Coors Field.

Kylie —

Hi Mark,

First off, I finally have a decent picture on my Dodgers blog, the Chavez Chronicles. Maybe it could be considered when the Dodgers win the NL West? (Yes, I’m that confident!)

Secondly, $75,000 just for advertising. Hmm, I think there’s something fishy about that.

Finally, I know this wouldn’t be considered for a Yankee box set, but one of my favourite memories was watching Jim Abbott toss a no-hitter about 15 years ago. Plus, we’d get to see a younger Bernie Williams patrolling the outfield. How about it?


Profile pic? Check. Entries? 101 this season, check. I’ve got Cubs cartoons, poems, and other random thoughts on the year that will be “the Year” for Cubs fans.

Hey Mark. I’m thinking it’s time to deck this place out in Red Sox gear. You could include the other postseason teams, too. Maybe.

Just sayin’.


I meant to say MAY help.

Hey Mark, I think I just found out a way to increase traffic on unknown MLBlogs! I made a website for it!

I know it is very low quality, but I think it can work. I purposely called it ADVERTISEmlblogs this way if you wanted to make one called just mlblogs you could do it.

But anyway, check it out, I think it my help!

Jane, tell your husband we want him to start an MLBlog, too — he can put great photos on it, whether a Bahamas rainbow shack or a pantheon or a ballpark…there’s room for him, too! BTW I have just warned my new girlfriend about social life at this time of year, so I know what you mean. I am writing our Celebrating the Races story for the homepage latelate each night this week — — and she works days. Then October on the road and just for fun I have a NYC Marathon on Nov. 2 to make sure there is practically no free time for us us. LOL

Noni, adding your URL and be sure to include it when you comment anywhere as usual — — always glad you are here and keep up the great blogging.

Jimmy, glad to help but youdaman. Brenton, great to see your MLBlog on the Rays here and so noted for possible feature spot. Jesse, thanks for putting the profile pic up so we can see you! Jeff, it’s about time for me to throw down some Latest Leader action here and see if your reign continues atop the fan MLBlogs traffic standings!!! THE SUSPENSE IN THE FINAL WEEK! YEAH!

Thanks for giving all of us the support of MLB, Mark. I know you’ve really helped bring people to my blog, and I appreciate it. Blogging about my passion for the Yankees has become a great outlet for me. Of course, it’s killing my social life (my husband says he never sees me anymore), but you can’t have everything.


Thanks for including my blog in the “Tributes To The Stadium flooding MLBlogosphere” feature on the front of the home page … Of the 23 blogs listed after “Cathedral” on the bottom of the picture, my blog can be viewed by clicking on #9 … The closing night of the old Yankee Stadium was an awesome event, and as the title of my post [on my blog] states, “A Celebration, Not A Good-Bye” … I was fortunate to attend Yankee Stadium only one time this year, for the special Mass celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI, in April … I describe this “once-in-a-lifetime event” on my blog, which of all the great moments and memories I have of Yankee Stadium, is my most special memory of being inside the great “House That Ruth Built” … In the upcoming weeks, on future posts, I look forward to talking about many more of my life-long memories of Yankee Stadium and the New York Yankees … So, all are welcome to visit, to read about some of my memories, and, also, recall, and talk about, some of your own memories, of the Yankees, or some other team, or any other baseball memories or great moments you may want to discuss … As always, it’s great to be part of the blogging community !!! … Best wishes and good luck to all mlblogs !!! … Jimmy [27NYY] …

Hi Mark,
I have been blogging here since March 2007 and have 352 entries. Not sure of the amount of comments.
The number surprised me.

I have a profile picture of myself on my Rays blog, Rising From the Ashes. Maybe it can be considered if/when they win their division? We’ll see, but I would like to be featured someday.Brenton

New picture up of yours truly, Jesse B, at The ‘Burgh Blues. Hoping to generate some more views with a little featured blog space. I’ve been there before, but who couldn’t do without a Round 2 😉

Just the facts: we at RSBS started in February 2008 and so far we have 182 entries, 614 comments as of 6:43 pm CST. The same people who voted for the Boone game probably voted in Fukudome to the all-star team. Just doesn’t make sense… but hey, it happens. The Cardinals had a worse record in 2006 than they do now yet they won it all that season. It’s a magical game… and I like the “B.R.” from Baltimore bit. Eerie…

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