September 22nd, 2008

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Be sure to upload a profile pic of yourself on your MLBlog. That’s the only way you’ll be considered for that Featured Blog spot on October Gonzo is currently in that spot (he’s our postseason national ad dude drawing big crowds to this community and thus to you so he’s always going to be there or in the panel above through the World Series). If you want to be considered in that space, you must have a profile pic of yourself (not of a player), and we might swipe it to make it an 80×80 thumb in that space. Please leave a comment here with your full URL, letting us know if you’re one who has done that.

Just saw this on my dashboard here:

“You’ve written 326 entries with 2,194 comments.”

Wow, I had to stop and think about this for a minute. It’s easy to make 326 Twitter entries. I have Twitter followers who posts Tweets just to say “Morning Tweeple” or “I am driving.” To make 326 MLBlog entries means I have been doing a lot of these in addition to my primary writing, which is for It is not nearly as frequently updated as I would prefer but I am curious who has the most entries here. It would be one of you who liveblogs all the time, knowing that daily is not enough. I will look into this, and if I can find a ranking based on MLBlogs entries I’ll post a mini Latest Leaders here. Until then, feel free to say how many entries and comments you have and remember your URL! We’ll add to your total.

I also just saw this State Of The Blogosphere. It says it you get 100,000 unique visitors, you should be able to yank $75K. The initials of Bart Simpson come to mind, but hey, some people are more creative than others. Worth reading the comment thread there. The one person who told everyone to come by and click his ad did a smart thing. I’m sure his opportunity surged just by doing that little thing. Amazing things can happen. More people could be capitalizing here than they are. What would happen if everyone here at MLBlogs clicked on Baseball Cleats & Shoes, Baseball Bats, and Baseball Jerseys? I think there is at least one more of those by the same MLBlogger. Anyone else need an ad clicked for cash?

Another thought, a day after enjoying the Final Game at Yankee Stadium: The last batter in the history of Yankee Stadium was a guy from Baltimore batting lefty with the initials B.R. I’m just sayin’. OK, I won’t compare any further.

I am a little surprised by the vote totals so far on the October Gonzo poll. Fans voted at this season to determine which six games belong in the Essential Games of Yankee Stadium DVDs that have been selling strong at the Shop. Out of those, OG asked which one reigns supreme. So far, the Aaron Boone game is the overwhelming choice. I think perhaps younger fans tend to skew polls sometimes, as 2003 is the most recent, and then 2001 is No. 2, and so on. But it’s up to you all.

Saying goodbye to Yankee Stadium


1:19 a.m., Sept. 22, 2008. I am leaving Yankee Stadium now, one last time for good. Farewell to this wonderful place. What an incredible day, truly the kind that you remember all your life. Amazing. I will never forget the fans’ walk around the warning track before the game, the tears on their faces, the pure joy and love for their tradition. My “they will never forget article” is on Above is the last
at-bat I photographed from behind home plate, Brian Roberts to Cody Ransom 3-unassisted with Mo Rivera on the mound. Right to my left was a female police officer who was mostly savoring the moment like everyone else. Below is my video
of “DEREK JETER! DEREK JETER!” after he was substituted for and given a curtain call in the ninth. We are highlighting many MLBlogs that are talking about the Final Act, and be sure to leave your URL with your own thoughts. Also check out the Yankee Stadium Memories blog and feel free to leave your own comment there if you haven’t already. OK. I’m outta here. We all are.

Updated 12:17 a.m. Tuesday: Gotta add this picture our own Mike Siano from sent me last night. Those were his shoes after being on the warning track. He called it “special dirt.”


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