Four words is all you get

Awards season will be upon us before you know it, and I already have one to give out.

The MVP — Most Valuable Post.

I know it because I just saw it.

It is only four words long. But they are four perfect words.

WE — a word that says community, plurality, common interest, sellout crowds, loud noise, 80 million fans, widespread contention for races, and thousands of MLBlogs.

REALLY — completely unnecessary, but when added for effect in this sentence it tells you that even more emphasis is needed for what’s inside.

LOVE — the verb of our pastime, even moreso than “play.”

BASEBALL — not just the sport we love, but a bold and beautiful word said with meaning.

This is why we are all here, and a new MLBlog has said it as succinctly and appropriately as it can possibly be said. Thanks.

If you only had four words for a post right now, to express your own baseball opinion and passion, what would they be? Comment below — you only get four words.



“It’s gotta chance….GONE!” [Pat Hughes, Chicago Cubs]

Nice article on the 2009 schedule, Mark. That’s a lot of info to have to write about coherently, and you pulled it off!

I’m so excited to have moved up the Latest Leaders list to #5. Woohoo!!!!

My four words for now? Miller Park isn’t neutral.
In general? I live for this. Cheesy, and they print it on the side of the bases, but I really do. Check my profile picture to make sure.
Kylie —

16-straight losing seasons.

Yes, every game matters.


Wow, four words huh?

Sox Dynasty is Inevitable.

Steve T.

Another nugget not included in my MLB schedule story (link above), which is long enough without adding more to it…

The Red Sox return to The District for the first time since they won a pair of exhibition games at RFK Memorial Stadium, April 4-5, 1992, over the Orioles (4-3) and Phillies (9-3), respectively. The Red Sox also won their most-recent regular-season contest in Washington, 4-3, on September 19, 1971 at the expense of their Hall-of-Fame outfielder, Ted Williams, who was managing the final version of the Senators at the time.

Everyone, thanks for having fun with this. This is some entertaining stuff. Keep it up if you’d like…great how all you need are four words to make a statement. We write so much…

Have been busy with you-know-what. Four ejected MLBloggers in 3 1/2 years is a pretty good track record. Better than Bobby Cox. In case anyone needs reminded, hacking someone’s Internet account and stealing their identity and deleting their posts is a cyber crime. Use hard alphanumeric passwords. Nuff said.

Latest Leaders coming soon. Meanwhile I have these two articles on homepage if you have any thoughts:


Well, I’ll offer another four words that sums up my great passion for baseball …

“Baseball, The Perfect Game” !!!! ………..

My four words:

Team that won’t die!!!


Okay. I’ve gotten the Yankees partisan thing out of my system. Now I’ll address your larger challenge, Mark.


Because truthfully, whenever people ask me to go somewhere or do something, I beg off if there’s a ballgame on.

My four favorite words in the English language are: “THE NEW YORK YANKEES”

“Never Give Up Hope” or… “Red State Blue State!” Haha!

“Touch Em All Joe” from the great Blue Jays radio voice Tom Cheek (who should be in the Hall of Fame), in due time.

Okay Mark,

I did not want to over promote myself………I have to be humble since last night’s walk-off win.

For laughs, here is one:

$200 Million = 4th

I could have put my link at the bottom, but this is about 4 words associated with baseball, not getting free looks at your blog, atleast that is how I feel.

Beat them Mets boys!

Lots of MLBloggers are still forgetting the cardinal rule: Post your URL after your comment always. Why miss the chance for people to be able to just click and go straight to you? Three of the four comments immediately above this one missed the boat….those would have been eyeballs.

here’s 4 words for the NY Mets:
wake up boys. you won’t shake public opinion unless you get it together. You are the team to beat. Now let’s f’n win it!

Atlanta Braves please win

Obviously the greatest four words ever uttered about baseball are, “And that’s a winner,” a la the late, great Jack Buck. Nothing better than listening to the radio and hearing him say that at the end of a game.

– Tiffany

Thanks for the front page recognition. Great series for the Rays.

I have another one.

“Rays clinch playoff berth”


Wait Till Next Year

(for those teams sadly backing spoilers)

Hey Batta Batta Batta

Going Going Going Gone

And That’s A Winner

Welcome To The Show

Manny Ramirez Just Homered

Throw It Here Meat

I Live For This

Get Your Hot Dogs


Obsession is perfectly fine


Love the first one.

How bout ” Rays will destroy Beckett”


I will have to leave two 4-word for my personal team, and one for MLB at large:

My Personal one:

“Rays Win The Pennant.”

For MLB at-large:

“There is Always 2009”

Padres will get better….
Kaybee (

“Baseball Perfectly Imitates Life” !!!

“Read Prose and Ivy”. : )

My four words…You guys freggin rock…Don..RPR

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