September 2008

Latest Leaders 9/17-24

UPDATED 3:09 PM ET FRIDAY: Did you guys catch the starring attraction by our own Vanessa of Flair For The Dramatic in my Yanks-eliminated story on There were so many Yankee stories on our site fighting for eyeballs, I don’t know how many people saw it and how many clicked the link in it to her MLBlog. THANK YOU, Vanessa … Check out Baby Paul clapping … If anyone is interested in Photoshopping a nice 480×270-pixel graphic like the one above, representing a cool sampling of the MLBlogs community by using people’s profile pics, then email it to us and you might get some special love for your MLBlog. It could be a panel in coming days on….Will have maybe 15 minutes of intermittent service interruption starting around 12:01 a.m. ET on Monday for some routine maintenance. Just a quickie heads-up….Greg at Red Sox Ramblings just added a statcounter to his MLBlog’s header. Go there and make it spin, and see if you can get him into next week’s Latest Leaders. Got a statcounter? Tell us.

Want more visitors on your MLBlog? Below are the Page View leaders at MLBlogs for the week of Sept. 17-24. Leave a comment below with your FULL URL whether you are on one of these lists or not. It’s the best way to be on one, unless you’re playing second for the Cubs or have a national TV commercial running constantly. PROVEN STRATEGY!!! MLBloggers are here. Tell them in comments why to come and say hi on your blog, then build your community! Be a regular here, and be a regular commenter on other MLBlogs!


Just like his team, Mark DeRosa continues to be the top dog, as his blog has developed a very impressive following. The Dodger front office is once again keeping fans Thinking Blue and talking about the team’s run at the NL West title. Zack Hample snagged a Giambino HR and then snagged a third-place finish, while fans have stayed up to date on the latest Minor League news with the Org Report. Rounding out the Pro Top 5 is Bryan Hoch’s Yankee blog.

1. The Pulse – Mark DeRosa
2. Inside the Dodgers
3. The Baseball Collector – Zack Hample
4. Organizational Report
5. Bombers Beat – Bryan Hoch
6. Beck’s Blog – Jason Beck
7. CastroTurf – Anthony Castrovince
8. Brownie Points – Ian Browne
9. Inside the White Sox
10. October Gonzo
11. The USA Baseball 16U Blog
12. Major League Bastian – Jordan Bastian
13. *touch* ’em all – Alyssa Milano
14. Dining with ‘Dre – Andre Ethier
15. Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer – Matthew Leach
16. Postcards from Elysian Fields – T.R. Sullivan
17. Red Sox Insider Blog – mystery front office blogger
18.’s Fantasy 411
19. Newberg Report
20. Torre Stories – Joe Torre
21. Yankee Stadium Memories
22. Tommy Lasorda’s World – the original MLBlogger
23. Inside Pitch – Jim Molony
24. Behind the Mask – Bengie Molina
25. MLBlogosphere
26. Ben’s Biz Blog
27. B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful – Jonathan Mayo
28. Down the Line with the Phillies Ballgirls
29. Twins Ballpark Update
30. Gameday


Allen and Jeffery over at Red State Blue State continue their run atop the fan blogger leaderboard. The Prince of New York checks in with another strong showing, while All Baseball All The Time and Confessions of a She-Fan both jump one spot. Blogging Dodgers and Baseball rounds out the Fan Top 5.

1. Red State Blue State
2. Prince of New York
3. All Baseball All The Time
4. Confessions of a She-Fan
5. Blogging Dodgers and Baseball
7. Rock Pile Rant
8. Pick Me Up Some Mets!
9. Big Pupi- Baseball Dog Blogger
10. Bruce Markusen’s Cooperstown Confidential
11. The Brewer Nation
13. Yogi Brewer
15. Baseball, The Yankees, and Life…
16. Stefan’s Yankee Blog
18. Cambios y Curvas
19. Rays Renegade
20. Bucco Blog
21. Angry Fan’s Baseball Fix
22. sittingstill
23. Yankees Chick
24. Red Sox Hen
25. Baseball Cleats & Shoes
26. Prose and Ivy
27. Barrel Man’s Brewings
28. Diamondhacks
29. 1060 West Addison: A Chicago Cubs Blog
30. (Transplanted) Nation – A Boston Red Sox Blog
31. Bleeding Pinstripes
32. Rangers Farm Report
33. Dugout Diary by Joe Boesch
34. Phillies Red Pinstripes
35. The ‘Burgh Blues
36. The Bullpen Baker
37. Bronx Bombers Blog
38. 161 and River
39. Baby Paul’s Baseball Blog
40. Cardinal Girl
41. Baseball Bats
42. Hook, Line Drive, & Sinker
43. Ballpark Frank
44. Red Sox Nation Daily
45. Redbird Report
46. Joe Fuller Red Sox Fantasy 08
47. Blogging ‘Bout Baseball
48. nickyformets
49. Statistician Magician
50. Who’s in Right Field? — My Brewers Blog

Just randomly click a bunch of these. Get some ideas for your own MLBlog. Cardinal Girl does haiku. Baseball Bats is from the same blogger who builds in Google Adsense code just in case there’s a buck to be made. The Bullpen Baker makes cookies for the A’s bullpen pitchers and blogs about her delicacies. Big Pupi and Baby Paul show that anyone can blog. Click these links, become a friend on those blogs, and they’ll be a friend on yours. Make sure you have a profile pic of yourself on your MLBlog so there’s an identity, and tell us something things about you in the bio. Add a Link List with your favorite MLBlogs, and tell those bloggers and ask if they will please link back to you. Have fun!

Quick lameness check

Just wanted to check real quick to see if it’s lame to leave a longer comment than a person has blogged on their page. Yes: Lame. No: OK. See:

Game rises to occasion on memorable night is top headline on now pointing to my (very late in the) nightly article about the races this final week. See if you agree. That was mind-blowing all night. I hope I gave you lots of blogging fodder there, and vice-versa, I always like to read MLBlogs and see everyone else’s perspectives. I can tell you that my own work schedule has just reached high-velocity insanity mode and will become only moreso when I head for Chicago next midweek. I’ll be with the Cubs as far as they go, and my life will be talking to Cubs fans and living and breathing their ongoing hope of glory.

I will be writing this article again tonight well past midnight so feel free to drop a line and keep me company with any great thoughts about the day/night in baseball.

I just have to say that I will never forget what it was like in late October of 2004. I lived in St. Louis then, and I remember seeing all the Red Sox fans taking over the town. Hearing them tell me their stories was remarkable. I remember that night of Game 4 talking to many of them inside old Busch Stadium, and even in the eighth inning, they would tell me they can’t jinx anything and won’t talk yet about what it would be like to win it all. If we get to that point in late October with the Cubs, the exact same thing will happen. Cub fans will shut up before they go wild, trust me. It was starting to get like that in the 2003 NLCS before the disaster…everyone was talking about what-if…and more and more thoughtful about it instead of braggadocio. If the Cubs are in the World Series, I predict that Cub fans will swallow their tongues for several days first, hold their breath like never before, fear a jinx they have never feared in their lifetimes (unless they were around for the 1945 World Series), and only exhale upon Derrek Lee or someone catching the final out. If the Cubs are eliminated early, I move on to wherever there is another wonderful story in October, maybe in Florida or Massachusetts or Los Angeles or Milwaukee…who knows.

What do you think is going to happen next month? I can’t stop thinking about the possibilities.

Spheroid: North State Blues

Today I noticed an MLBlog called North State Blues for the first time.

The fact that I had not seen it before shows just how large this community has mushroomed in the year that we made it free rather than pay-based. Because trust me, this is an MLBlog you will notice and want to follow. I showed it to our own Alyssa Milano, and she immediately added it to her blogroll. I especially like the Dodger sketchings. What a cool use of an MLBlog. Instead of our usual 9-question Spheroid approach, I thought it would be interesting to contact this MLBlogger and invite him to email me some info on how this blog and the sketchings came to be, and I am going to share that with you as an introduction to our spotlight MLBlogger of the day. Here is what John shared, and feel free to drop by there and say hello with a comment and your own full URL to follow you back:

I first created North State Blues under the impression that it’d be mainly about my experiences as a Southern California native Dodgers fan living up here in Giants country the last few years, and that inspired the name of my blog. As time went on, I kind of hit a brick wall creatively, and stopped posting new blogs for a while (spending my time commenting on the Inside the Dodgers blog).
MannyDrawing.jpgI started doing the drawings because I was bored one summer day, looked up at my Dodgers Calendar, saw the picture of Chad Billingsley, and got a pencil, paper and just started drawing. I posted a link to it in the Inside the Dodgers blog, and even though I didn’t think it was anything too great, the commenters there seemed to like them. Then I looked back on my neglected MLBlog, and realized that I had something to post again. My first drawing post was on August 29, as the Dodgers were coming off an eight-game losing streak, and about to start a crucial series against Arizona. They lost, but the next day, I did another post, and they won. After my next post, and the Dodgers’ second straight win, one of the Inside the Dodgers commenters joked that I’d have to keep drawing now that they were winning, and in the superstitious spirit, I knew he was right. I stopped my consecutive drawing streak at five, but the Dodgers kept going until eight. I know I had no power over the Dodgers’ season-changing win streak, but with the Dodgers, who carry that magical couldn’t-be-scripted-in-Hollywood mystique, sometimes it seems every superstition counts as the season comes to a close.
Now, I try to do drawings often, but being an English major in two Literature classes, time is more difficult to come by than in the summer. I’ve even done two Photoshopped images when time was scarce but the ideas were still fresh. But I plan on doing more drawings before the close of the season. I’ve rooted for the Dodgers my whole life, and have been intrigued by drawing for some time, so I guess it was an eventuality they would come together.

I never imagined that what started out as notebook doodles would generate any interest (or have the possibility of being viewed by Alyssa Milano).  Have a great day!

Thanks, John! Everyone should please feel free to post URLs of any other active, wonderful MLBlogs here…doesn’t have to be your own.

Around the Sphere

Be sure to upload a profile pic of yourself on your MLBlog. That’s the only way you’ll be considered for that Featured Blog spot on October Gonzo is currently in that spot (he’s our postseason national ad dude drawing big crowds to this community and thus to you so he’s always going to be there or in the panel above through the World Series). If you want to be considered in that space, you must have a profile pic of yourself (not of a player), and we might swipe it to make it an 80×80 thumb in that space. Please leave a comment here with your full URL, letting us know if you’re one who has done that.

Just saw this on my dashboard here:

“You’ve written 326 entries with 2,194 comments.”

Wow, I had to stop and think about this for a minute. It’s easy to make 326 Twitter entries. I have Twitter followers who posts Tweets just to say “Morning Tweeple” or “I am driving.” To make 326 MLBlog entries means I have been doing a lot of these in addition to my primary writing, which is for It is not nearly as frequently updated as I would prefer but I am curious who has the most entries here. It would be one of you who liveblogs all the time, knowing that daily is not enough. I will look into this, and if I can find a ranking based on MLBlogs entries I’ll post a mini Latest Leaders here. Until then, feel free to say how many entries and comments you have and remember your URL! We’ll add to your total.

I also just saw this State Of The Blogosphere. It says it you get 100,000 unique visitors, you should be able to yank $75K. The initials of Bart Simpson come to mind, but hey, some people are more creative than others. Worth reading the comment thread there. The one person who told everyone to come by and click his ad did a smart thing. I’m sure his opportunity surged just by doing that little thing. Amazing things can happen. More people could be capitalizing here than they are. What would happen if everyone here at MLBlogs clicked on Baseball Cleats & Shoes, Baseball Bats, and Baseball Jerseys? I think there is at least one more of those by the same MLBlogger. Anyone else need an ad clicked for cash?

Another thought, a day after enjoying the Final Game at Yankee Stadium: The last batter in the history of Yankee Stadium was a guy from Baltimore batting lefty with the initials B.R. I’m just sayin’. OK, I won’t compare any further.

I am a little surprised by the vote totals so far on the October Gonzo poll. Fans voted at this season to determine which six games belong in the Essential Games of Yankee Stadium DVDs that have been selling strong at the Shop. Out of those, OG asked which one reigns supreme. So far, the Aaron Boone game is the overwhelming choice. I think perhaps younger fans tend to skew polls sometimes, as 2003 is the most recent, and then 2001 is No. 2, and so on. But it’s up to you all.

Saying goodbye to Yankee Stadium


1:19 a.m., Sept. 22, 2008. I am leaving Yankee Stadium now, one last time for good. Farewell to this wonderful place. What an incredible day, truly the kind that you remember all your life. Amazing. I will never forget the fans’ walk around the warning track before the game, the tears on their faces, the pure joy and love for their tradition. My “they will never forget article” is on Above is the last
at-bat I photographed from behind home plate, Brian Roberts to Cody Ransom 3-unassisted with Mo Rivera on the mound. Right to my left was a female police officer who was mostly savoring the moment like everyone else. Below is my video
of “DEREK JETER! DEREK JETER!” after he was substituted for and given a curtain call in the ninth. We are highlighting many MLBlogs that are talking about the Final Act, and be sure to leave your URL with your own thoughts. Also check out the Yankee Stadium Memories blog and feel free to leave your own comment there if you haven’t already. OK. I’m outta here. We all are.

Updated 12:17 a.m. Tuesday: Gotta add this picture our own Mike Siano from sent me last night. Those were his shoes after being on the warning track. He called it “special dirt.”


Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Sunday is the last baseball game at Yankee Stadium. Ever.

I can’t believe I just typed those words. On that day, I will be there and filing our scene story for and Any other MLBloggers who will be there, feel free to help be my eyes and ears that day and post comments here. We also will be looking for Yankee Stadium goodbye posts and will highlight them at MLBlogs, so leave URLs here. And if you haven’t already done so, you are invited to add your comment on the special Yankee Stadium Memories MLBlog (first comment there is mine) that we launched during All-Star FanFest, promoted at

userpic-423-250x250.jpgI have been to a lot of farewell parties, I have been to Ripken’s 2,131st and Big Mac’s 62nd and Joe Carter’s walk-off and Dr. J’s Last House Call and Kareem’s last All-Star Game and 10/28/04 and the most magical Michael moments including Slam Dunk ’88 and golfed with the Golden Bear and served in Arnie’s Army and interviewed Ali and run the NYC Marathon and looked up last month at Li Ning running sideways above me around the top of the Bird’s Nest to light an Olympic cauldron. It has been a life with a countless array of so many fabled moments in sports history, but I think I am about to experience something unlike anything I have ever felt in my lifetime, and I’m not even a native New Yorker. I get chills thinking about it right now. I can’t wait to read the blogs of others who are there that day or following it over MLB.TV or another means. I think the last game at Yankee Stadium is going to have a place in that history for generations of people everywhere.

It doesn’t matter if you love or hate the Yankees. This is it, American History. Man, I love Fenway and I could sing “Sweet Caroline” with fans there every night. I’m mostly a Cardinals fan at heart and I love and adore Redbird fans who even once cheered their own (Larry Walker) for striking out, and I love the view high atop Dodger Stadium and those mountains you see at Coors and the View Level View in San Fran and that open space on the mezzanine of Comerica and the big sign at The Jake and Wrigley’s ivy and something in particular about every ballpark I’ve ever seen, Majors or Minors or my sons’ youth fields where rites of passage took place. But there is no more famous baseball franchise, no place that can simply be called “The Stadium.” When you walk through the blue-painted passageways in the catacombs inside, when you slap the DiMaggio quote sign entering the dugout from the clubhouse tunnel, when you step on the grass…it transports you to days when the cleats of Mick and Whitey and Babe and Lou trod this ground. We’re all baseball fans and I think this Sunday is for all of us, a climax before the annual MLB denouement. Even Red Sox fans — so much of your history is here (ie 2004 ALCS Game 7), for one last series.

It will be Reserved Tear Seating.

I just wanted to post this video in honor of our fellow blogger over at The Profound and the Blurry — since some of the lyrics were posted there. I wonder how other MLBloggers would put their feelings to music as Last Game Day comes.

Latest Leaders 9/10-17

Page View leaders at MLBlogs for week of Sept. 10-17


Mark DeRosa, by virtue of actual pregame blogging on the same evening
he helped secure teammate Carlos Zambrano’s no-hitter, zoomed to the
top of the MLB PRO BLOG traffic rankings and took the overall top spot.
Yes, it actually helps to have something interesting to say — and if
you read DeRosa regularly, then you know he does just that. Andre
Ethier jumped after a sweet article in the WSJ (see recent post).
Yankee Stadium Memories is now No. 27, and it’s your chance to leave a
comment for viewers about your favorite story if you’ve
ever been to The House That Ruth Built.

1. The Pulse – Mark DeRosa
2. Inside the Dodgers
3. Bombers Beat
4. Organizational Report
5. The Baseball Collector – just caught Giambi’s HR ball!
6. Inside the White Sox
7. CastroTurf
8. Beck’s Blog
9. The USA Baseball 16U Blog
10. Brownie Points
11. Dining with ‘Dre – Andre Ethier
12. October Gonzo
13. Major League Bastian
14. *touch* ’em all – Alyssa Milano
15. Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer
16. Red Sox Insider Blog – Mystery person in Boston front office
17. Postcards from Elysian Fields
18. Tommy Lasorda’s World – first-ever MLBlogger
19.’s Fantasy 411
20. Newberg Report
21. MLBlogosphere – greatest blog in history
22. Behind the Mask – Bengie Molina
23. Torre Stories – Joe Torre
24. Twins Ballpark Update
25. Ben’s Biz Blog
26. Down the Line with the Phillies Ballgirls
27. Yankee Stadium Memories
28. B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful
29. Phillies Insider
30. Gameday


Red State Blue State* is numero uno among fan MLBlogs, and I actually owe that blogging tour de force an apology because I just realized that the same should have been true in the previous Latest Leaders. It seems that while I was working the Olympics in Beijing and shooting video of Giant Pandas and jumping fences to get a one-on-one with Jacques Rogge, we launched our own Jim Molony’s MLBlog, and somehow chose the same name for it that belonged to an already well-established MLBlog by Carl the Cabbie. So that’s why Inside Pitch was listed No. 1 in the previous leaders — and actually it should have appeared somewhere in the midst of MLB PRO BLOG leaders instead. No offense to our buddy Carl, but that’s why Inside Pitch was listed high last time — should not have been considered a fan MLBlog template. Ah, the intrigue and drama at Latest Leaders! Next time I promise there will be more brainstorming about creative MLBlogs titles here at MLBAM! Right behind RSBS is Paul the Prince, and let’s hear it for Don at Rock Pile Rant, now #3 and our resident catcher after he caught someone stealing. Jane Heller’s meteoric rise here continues unabated. Make room for Barrel Man’s Brewings. Kyle at Redbird Report profited not only from good blogging but also being the Featured Blog on the homepage for a few days. Nice debut by Bloggin ‘Bout Baseball, one of the best examples of going to games and blogging. Meanwhile, the guy who started A Look at the MLB…From Tallahassee had one page view.

1. Red State Blue State*
2. Prince of New York
3. Rock Pile Rant
4. All Baseball All The Time
5. Confessions of a She-Fan
7. Blogging Dodgers and Baseball
8. The Brewer Nation
9. Barrel Man’s Brewings
10. Big Pupi- Baseball Dog Blogger
11. Pick Me Up Some Mets!
12. Redbird Report
13. Bruce Markusen’s Cooperstown Confidential
14. Rays Renegade
15. Bloggin ‘Bout Baseball
16. sitting still
17. Prose and Ivy
18. Yogi Brewer
19. Angry Fan’s Baseball Fix
20. Dugout Diary by Joe Boesch
21. 1060 West Addison: A Chicago Cubs Blog
23. Baseball Cleats & Shoes
24. Phillies Red Pinstripes
25. That One’s Long Gone!
26. Yankees Chick
27. Baby Paul’s Baseball Blog
28. Red Sox Hen
29. Baseball, The Yankees and Life…
30. Statistician Magician
31. Mets’ Magic Number
32. Diamondhacks
33. Bleeding Pinstripes
34. Cardinal Girl
35. Baseball Bats
36. Red Sox Nation Daily
37. Party like it’s 1982
39. The Trop Autograph Collector
40. Joe Fuller Red Sox Fantasy 08
41. Phillies Phollowers
42. Who’s in Right Field? My Brewers Blog
43. We’re talkin Homer, Blue Jays and MLB
44. Hook, Line Drive & Sinker
45. For everything else, there’s Yankees Baseball
46. The Green and Gold Gal
47. Ballpark Frank
48. Bronx Bombers Blog
49. Rachel’s Redbird Ramblings

Four words is all you get

Awards season will be upon us before you know it, and I already have one to give out.

The MVP — Most Valuable Post.

I know it because I just saw it.

It is only four words long. But they are four perfect words.

WE — a word that says community, plurality, common interest, sellout crowds, loud noise, 80 million fans, widespread contention for races, and thousands of MLBlogs.

REALLY — completely unnecessary, but when added for effect in this sentence it tells you that even more emphasis is needed for what’s inside.

LOVE — the verb of our pastime, even moreso than “play.”

BASEBALL — not just the sport we love, but a bold and beautiful word said with meaning.

This is why we are all here, and a new MLBlog has said it as succinctly and appropriately as it can possibly be said. Thanks.

If you only had four words for a post right now, to express your own baseball opinion and passion, what would they be? Comment below — you only get four words.


Ethier MLBlog in WSJ; Z and Jeter posts galore


Around the Sphere

AndreEthier301.JPGWSJ writes about an MLBlogger: Great piece by Hannah Karp (with video) about Dining with ‘Dre, the MLBlog about cuisine, maintained by Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier. . . . Phillies fans are feeling good. This could be the second straight year for a dazzling September comeback by those guys. BTW, do you realize that right now the red-hot Marlins have a record that would be good for a share of the NL West lead? They are playing some great ball…actually not out of it. . . . Restless Crew fan. . . . While so many people are caught up in the Cubs’ developments, you may have noticed that the other Chicago team is very much on postseason course:

Making sure you saw Mark DeRosa’s latest post from neutral-site Milwaukee before he made a huge play to help preserve Carlos Zambrano’s no-hitter. Also making sure everyone sees all the great posts about the no-hitter, starting with:

That’s the article by our friend Rafael in Venezuela, who also posted this on his Space Race MLBlog:

This Cub fan said it was a bad idea to move the series: (he wrote that before the no-hitter).

Please feel free to post your Permalinks if you’ve blogged about Z and this incredible ongoing Cub story…

the same goes for all these Jeter blogs. The captain just caught Lou
Gehrig for No. 1 all-time with most hits at Yankee Stadium. Examples

Latest Leaders

Updated 4:37 p.m. ET on Friday: Looking forward to all the posts on the new stadium-travel blog by Baseball Tourist. Cool to see our friends at Phillies Ballgirls posting their favorite moments of the season, you might want to do the same. Congrats to Jane Heller on some great pub for her upcoming book about the Yankees. Hey, Skip, glad to have you here and I’m sure you’d like to have April to do over again. Welcome back, Tiff!

Updated 7:55 p.m. ET on Thursday: My story on MLB.TV Home & Away
just went live on the homepage and all club sites. Be sure
you’re an MLB.TV subscriber — now there is another great reason!

Here are MLBlogs latest leaders as of 2 p.m. ET on Sept. 10 — based on page views for month to date. Leave your comments on any of these with your URL and you have just boosted your own visibility. Then keep them on your blog because you’re great.


1. Organizational Report (#1 overall MLBlog)
2. Inside the Dodgers
3. The Pulse – Mark DeRosa
4. Bombers Beat
5. The Baseball Collector
6. October Gonzo
7. Brownie Points
8. Beck’s Blog
9. Castro Turf
10. Inside the White Sox
11. Major League Bastian
12. Postcards from Elysian Fields
13. *touch* ’em all – Alyssa Milano
14. Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer
15.’s Fantasy 411
16. Newberg Report
17. Dining with ‘Dre – Andre Ethier
18. Red Sox Insider Blog
19. The USA Baseball 16U Blog
20. Torre Stories – Joe Torre
21. Tommy Lasorda’s World – Tommy Lasorda
22. Behind the Mask – Bengie Molina
23. B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful
24. Around the Horn in KC
25. Gameday
26. Friar John’s Blog
27. MLB Urban Youth Academy
28. Yankee Stadium Memories
29. Down the Line with the Phillies Ballgirls
30. Twins Ballpark Update


1. Inside Pitch
2. Red State Blue State
3. All Baseball All The Time
4. Blogging Dodgers and Baseball
5. Prince of New York
6. Stefan’s Yankee Blog
9. Confessions of a She-Fan
10. The Baseball Collector – Chris Los
11. Pick Me Up Some Mets!
12. Big Pupi – Baseball Dog Blogger
14. Yogi Brewer
15. Angry Fan’s Baseball Fix
16. Bruce Markusen’s Cooperstown Confidential
17. (Transplanted) Nation – A Boston Red Sox Blog
18. Rays Renegade
19. 161 and River: Yankee News and Analysis
20. Pittsburgh Pirates – Bucco Blog
21. nickyformets
22. sittingstill
23. Redbird Chatter
24. The Brewer Nation
25. Yankees Chick
26. Bleeding Pinstripes
27. Diamondhacks
28. Red Sox Hen
29. Rock Pile Rant
30. Baseball, The Yankees, and Life…
31. Joe Fuller Red Sox Fantasy 08
32. The ‘Burgh Blues
33. Baby Paul’s Blog
34. Cardinal Girl
35. The Mets Blog
36. Who’s in Right Field? — My Brewers Blog
37. District Boy
38. Hook, Line Drive, & Sinker
39. For everything else, there’s Yankees Baseball
just Google for the following:
40. Baseball Bats
41. Phillies Red Pinstripes
42. Academy Barons
43. We’re talkin Homer, Blue Jays and MLB
44. Unfinished Business: The San Diego Padres 2008 Season
45. Dugout Diary
46. Bears, Beers, and Yankee Baseball
47. Statistician Magician
48. Ballpark Frank
49. Phillies Phollowers
50. Red Sox Nation Daily

blogmain.jpgAt the end of the season, I’ll put together a 2008 list to see who dominated the year in MLBlogs traffic. Hope you guys like the panel image (right) that I cobbled together for the homepage. Hey, everyone: Please make your profile pic YOU! This is one reason — I just looked for profile pics to swipe from MLBlogs to make that graphic. You can put pics of your favorite player within your blog posts — use the profile pic to show people the blog author’s identity.

October Gonzo kind of owns that real estate these days, so I wanted to slip this in and we’ll do it more. BTW, for the few MLBloggers I have seen who gripe about OG getting too much limelight on the homepage, my question to you is this: How many times do you have a nationwide TV commercial running constantly that prominently says at the end of it and thus is driving lots of viewers here to possibly experience fans’ blogs for the first time? I am so proud that MLB decided this year to make blogs the centerpiece of our national TV postseason ad campaign. Keep it up, I’ll make sure there are a thousand OG images on the MLBlogs homepage if needed. Instead of complaining that OG gets too much attention, I would think the
smart blogger would regularly post astute comments (with your URL) on his blog, giving people a glimpse of why they need to keep visiting you, being a key part of the OG community. Be smart when you promote.

Big welcome to some new Halo bloggers, and I want to especially make sure you check out a GREAT post by this MLBlogger. It’s a perfect example of how an MLBlog can be your way of documenting that dream day at the ballpark.

Make sure you join the new MLBlogs Facebook Page! Lots of other MLBloggers like (starting off at No. 200 overall) are over there. It’s another way for you to promote your MLBlog. Be sure to join, post images/pics, and say hi to everyone.

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