Trouble logging in?

We’re getting a few reports of problems logging in to blog dashboards. If you’re encountering an error about your session ending, clearing your cookies should do the trick.

If you’re unfamiliar with how to clear your cookies, this page has instructions for many browsers on both Mac and PC.


HELP!!! I got a new computer, so I don’t have my bookmark to my dashboard. When I try to log in, it pulls up a page to start a new blog. How do I get to the log in page???

Hi, Mark.

I just joined the MLB Blogs community with my first entry tonight and I intend to blog daily. I’m the author of 13 novels. My nonfiction book about my passion for the Yankees comes out in February. (See my profile or web site, How do I get listed in your “Book Authors” link?



Hey Mark,

Here’s a suggestion for the comment on the MLB page:

“If the Rockies can pick up just two games by the end of next week (September 6), THEY WILL WIN THE DIVISION.”


So far team Canada has lost 3 one run games. Its too bad because I would’ve liked to see Michael Saunders, Scott Thorton and the other 6 lefthanded hitters in the lineup.

Cuba looks good, as always, and the Japanese team has some good pitching and crafty hitters, as always. I like watching the U.S. team, because I have a lot of those guys on my fantasy keeper team. Should be a interesting medal. This is just getting me more pumped for the World Baseball Classic.

Arielle, beyond words. Ran the Great Wall yesterday. Life is good. U.S. baseball team hanging tough.

Russell, good one! You’re right, no ETA for that yet. Thanks for the astute comment! What, are you 7? We’re doing pretty well here.


I can’t believe you got to be in Beijing when this happened.

Thanks everyone! I’ve got the counter working again…I deleted it and started over and that seemed to work…the name thing is still an issue, but Mark is working on it. I am going to dump the Technorati code next though as Steve suggests to see if that is making things go haywire. Will find out next time I post :o) Thanks again!!


I believe that these issues will be dealt with in the new upgrade. No ETA for that as yet.

Hi Jenn,

I just went to your site. Nicely done. My guess is something went wrong with your code. I just checked mine and it’s working fine. I also see you’ve got the technorati faves link in there. It’s possible that you don’t have the proper separation between the code for technorati and statcounter. It may be something as simple as adding to the end of the line of code. Hard to tell without actually having a look, but the best bet is to get the lines of code from sitecounter and technorati and re-paste them into your description section.

My other piece of advice is to dump the technorati code completely. I’ve had some luck getting visitors through them, but not a ton. This version of moveable type is very basic and can’t sustain a lot of code. I’m sure things will get easier as upgrades come along, but for now keep it as simple as possible and make the main reason people visit your site the good writing and frequent posting.

Steve T

Need help! My stat counter has suddenly STOPPED counting (zero today and I have had multiple comments, so I know it is not zero). Also, everytime I update something on my site (add an entry, edit and entry), my front page Profile Name automatically changes itself!!! I believe it is using my account nickname (jennzee) – I have to keep going into “Edit Profile” and changing it back to “Phillies Phollowers.” Now, I do not claim geniuis here, but I am willing to bet these 2 issues are related as my stat counter code is also on the “Edit Profile” page (and no, I have not tried to change it at all since I first installed it). What is going on? Please help me :o( Thank you!


I am having similar problems. I am on a blog, and about every 20 seconds an AOL AIM search page comes up.

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