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July 24-30 page views within the MLBlogs Network:

Most Visited FAN BLOGS

1. The Rumor Mill – MLB Rumors
3. Heading Around First
4. Flair For The Dramatic
5. Red State Blue State
6. Prince of New York
7. Blogging Dodgers and Baseball
8. Pick Me Up Some Mets!
9. 15th Street Reds
10. Bruce Markusen’s Cooperstown Confidential
11. The Brewer Nation
12. The Baseball Collector – Chris Los
13. Phillies Phollowers
14. The ‘Burgh Blues
15. Yogi Brewer
16. Yankees Chick
17. Can of Corn
18. Ranger Trade Talk
19. Bleeding Pinstripes
20. Baseball Cleats & Shoes
21. Baseball, The Yankees, and Life
22. Phillies Red Pinstripes
23. Red Sox Nation Daily
24. Southside Pride
25. My Brewers
26. Statistician Magician
27. Baby Paul’s Baseball Blog
28. sittingstill
29. Red Sox Hen
30. I Was Born in October of 1986

movers include THE BOSTON RED SOX BLOG (Steve soars from #14 to #2),
Heading Around First (upstate NY 16-year-old debuts at #3), Flair For
The Dramatic (Vanessa familiar as commenter on many MLBlogs, rockets
from #21 to #4), 15th Street Reds (brought comment friends, debuts at
#9), Bruce Markusen (blogs live from Cooperstown, inducted this week at
#10), The ‘Burgh Blues (JB asks here last week in comments and ye shall
be rewarded); and, of course…BABY PAUL!

Most Visited MLB PRO BLOGS

1. Trade Talk

Updated 10:23 p.m. ET on 7/31: Just wanted to thank Trade Talk for being so successful that it pretty much immobilized our tag search and commenting capability at MLBlogs! Next time we will be better prepared and apologies for the trade-deadline service disruption.

2. Inside the Dodgers
3. The Pulse
4. Organizational Report (new)
5. Bombers Beat
6. Beck’s Blog
7. Brownie Points
8. Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer
9. CastroTurf
10. The Baseball Collector
11. Inside the White Sox
12. Postcards from Elysian Fields
13. *touch* ’em all

Make sure you check out Alyssa’s post about welcoming Manny to LA.

14. National Youth Baseball Championships
15. Beat the Streak Report
16.’s Fantasy 411
17. Major League Bastian
18. Newberg Report
19. Siguiendo a los Mets
20. B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful

You guys don’t love me anymore.

Leave comments with your full URL on other MLBlogs such as these powerhouses above to attract visitors, and then keep them coming back because you blog like Josh Hamilton homers in the first round! Also offer to trade blogroll links. Have fun!


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Hey, are you going to be doing a “Latest Leaders” post for the week of July 31-August 6? Thanks a lot!

‘Burg Blues,

Your update on the Angels vs. Yankees game, on Sunday, August 3rd, only gave the score to the end of the top of the 8th … You were correct, the Angels just scored four runs [in the 8th] on a “grand slam” by Mark Teixeira, to give the Angels the, 9-8, lead at the time … But, as you know, the Yankees made a dramatic comeback in that game, and scored 6 runs in the bottom of the 8th, to take the lead, 14-9; and, closed out the 14-9 victory in the bottom of the 9th … That was a big win for the Yankees against the Angels … The Angels led 5-0; the Yankees tied the game, 5-5; then went ahead, 8-5, when former Pirate, Xavier Nady, hit a three-run homer, in the bottom of the 7th … Tex then hit his grand slam that put the Angels in the lead, 9-8, in the top of the 8th … Nady led the way for the Yankees, going (4-for-5), including the homerun, and driving home six runs in the 14-9 Yankee win … Just a final update, is all … By the way, you have an excellent blog [The ‘Burg Blues] … I will visit soon to offer a comment … Take care … Jimmy [27NYY] …

nevermind lol

Hey I just created my account and it uses my e-mail as my username. I can’t change it.

i’m having some trouble with the link lists.
for some reason when i click to edit a list nothing shows up. one of my lists isn’t visible on my page as well.
– F4Td

You guys ROCK ! I’m # 7 Thanks !


I do comment much lol.
Nice to be making some progress with readership.
V –

Mark Teixeira………………… LAA 9 NYY 8 (8th)

Next Century Is Here: I will post rankings whenever I can. I’m leaving Tuesday for Beijing and will be there through Closing Ceremonies on behalf of MLB, with the USA Baseball Team. The next three weeks will be a little tricky for a lot of reasons, but we’ll try to keep the big train rollin’, including the occasional Latest Leaders. You guys seem to love these.

Homer Food and History: Glad you like the new Organizational Reports. I’ll pass that on, I’m sure the operators would appreciate that. It’s a LOT of work at

Reid, glad to hear from you again. Good job on the placement and keep using MLBlogs. I always tell people to use MLBlogs to promote other blogs. I am sure I’m not the only one with countless blogs/profiles out there. This place has the advantage of being linked to from basically every page operated by, which does billions of uniques per year. (Fondly called “The Mothership.”)

Kylie: Sorry you are having problems with the commenting/logging in. Do you want the honest answer or the PC version? 🙂 Hang in there.

Mets Main Man/others: Say what you want about Baseball Cleats, but the proprietor has basically every part of the baseball uniform covered with multiple blogs, each one uses Google’s adsense, he’s been on MLBlogs longer than almost everybody (since start of 2006 I think), and I have a sneaking suspicion he has seen dead presidents. There is money to be made out there for the enterprising. Why don’t you leave a comment on his blog and communicate with him?

Jenn: Always good to feel the love.

Everyone, see you from Beijing. – Mark/

I just posted a story on one of the game’s tragic figures, Bob Moose, who is featured in the latest Card Corner. On Monday, I plan to have a report on Old-Timers’ Day at Yankee Stadium–the last one in the ballpark’s history. Also we’ll be updating our homepage baseball card image soon.

Thanks for reading.

Bruce Markusen
Cooperstown Confidential

The organizational report blog is great for my fantasy keeper league. I get the latest info on all the upcoming prospects.

I’m new to the blogging experience, but enjoying it. Is there someplace to go to see all rankings or is this just a periodical list that is put out?

Oh well, if anybody is interested in what a die hard Cub fan has to say, check out my blog.


I thought you might want to know that a post I wrote about Manny Ramirez over two years ago was recently featured on You can find the story here:

As you know I launched on MLBlogs about three years ago but have since migrated to another blogging software. I’m working on devising a system to keep the blog I have here updated, however, and I will keep you posted.


Yeah, Cleats guy… I don’t get it. And the Rumor Mill? Really? Not a fan of signing people up for spam. But that’s just me. As for blog search engines, I signed up for technorati a while ago but I haven’t gotten many hits from it yet. It is a cool tool though. Check it out.

Congratulations to everyone, especially Vanessa, Chris and Zack!
On a side note, is the “you do not have permission to comment on this blog” issue ever going to be resolved? I’m getting tired of having to log out and in to comment on a new blog.
Kylie —

I don’t understand why people keep going to Baseball Cleats and Shoes, it doesn’t have anything to do with MLB.
But I am glad October 1986 made it again.

Thanks for the advice, just one question. What exactly is a blog search engine?

JB, believe it!

Wow! This is awesome. I can’t believe people are reading about and enjoying Pirates Baseball…

Phillies Red Pinstripes: Keep commenting on other blogs and welcoming newbies and leaving your full URL. Also place your blog on blog search engines…I invite someone very savvy in that department to comment with some great advice on how to do that (Technorati, etc.). People helping people.

I’d just taken a look at the new rankings and I’d noticed that I’d moved up three spots to no. 22. No. 22? Man, I must be doing something right. I’d just wished I knew what it was so that I can continue doing it.

Second place is an honor, to be sure. I suppose if Manny gets traded today, I’ll drop back considerably, but for now I’m grateful to be enjoying the view from (near) the top!


Hey man,
I love reading your blog in my free time. Its great knowing about other blogs in the MLBlogs network!

Keyon V,

Went from lucky #7 to even luckier #13…hee, hee! :o) Ya know, I’ll take whatever I can get. It’s been fun to hear from such a wide variety of fans this month! Please keep stopping by to let me know what you think. And Mark, you know I still love you :o) I think you are PHANtastic! …could not resist, as I know how much you love the Phillie-ism’s ;O) Have a good one!


Apparently I fell out of the Top 25. Interesting to note that two other Brewer blog are ahead of me despite not having updates in over a month (Yogi Brewer, My Brewers). I wonder how that happens?

Wow, the Northeasterners are on a roll on MLBlogs. I like to think we at RSBS are staying steady, consistent, like an Albert Pujols’ career numbers…

Hey, Mark [and,] … This Is A Great Honor !!! …

WOW !!! … It is great to make the “Top 30” [#21] list of MLBlogs … This is AWESOME ! Thanks to all who have visited my mlblog; and, of course, all are always welcome to visit any time … I will try to continue to visit as many of all the other “great” blogs on the list, [as well as others], as often as I can … and, offer comments and my thoughts … Also, I look forward to all future comments and thoughts from those who visit my blog !!! … CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL MLBLOGS ON THE LIST !!! … Take Care … Keep Blogging … Enjoy The Rest of The Baseball Season … and, Have Fun !!! … Jimmy [27NYY] …

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