Going for Chinese food

Lots of you are blogging about Manny. Like Sarah and Ian and The Heirloom and Rob (VP of Red Sox Nation). Leave a comment here with your URL if you are doing likewise. Andre Ethier is not blogging about Manny. ‘Dre is blogging about food. Mark DeRosa is not blogging about Manny. The Pulse says to “Bring on the Brewers.”

Gibson is not blogging about Manny. Gibson is dreaming about October.

Meanwhile …

nǐ dài wǒ qù nǎlǐ? (where are you taking me?)

wǒ bèibǔle ma? (am i under arrest?)

wǒ xīwàng gēn lǜshī liánxì (i want to talk to a lawyer)

nǐ qīpiàn wǒ (you’re cheating me)

qǐng zàilái yìlún (another round, please)

Yes, your friendly neighborhood MLBlogs rancher is bound for Beijing next week and the Summer Olympics. I have never been on that side of the world. I have no prayer whatsoever of speaking Mandarin. Even if I could learn “useful phrases” I would have to master the five different “tonalities” and thus I risk asking for coke instead of a Coke and thus I should know those phrases above. Seriously, inasmuch as I am from Indiana and thus still learning my own language, I welcome any input.

I will be with the USA Baseball Team wherever they go for MLB.com and USABaseball.com, from the Wall to the pandas to the Opening/Closing ceremonies to the competition at Wukesong Stadium from Aug. 13-23. We’ll have one of the players blog here as well. So I anticipate many translators. But there will be times when I am winging it and that is when it will get interesting. I am basically going to carry a “playbook” around with me (printouts, manuals, whatever it takes) and point to stuff. I might never open my mouth there, except when I am gasping for air while training 30 miles a week in smog. I am sure I would do nothing but possibly wind up in a prison or something. And let’s hope the security is up to the task because I’m already tired of reading about terrorist plots.

Seriously, it is a great time of year and I can’t wait to be there for it. I don’t know about you, but I grew up with those McDonald’s cards that would give you a Big Mac for gold, fries for silver and a drink for bronze depending on what event is listed on the card. I grew up with Mark Spitz, Mary Lou Retton, Carl Lewis, Michael Johnson, and the voices of Jim McKay, Bob Costas, and that singular Olympiad music. I am looking forward to being around a team of players whose lives normally are a single-minded obsession of reaching a parent MLB roster, yet now focused on representing a nation. Next stop Beijing, next week…

Welcome to the proprietor of Brewing for Glory, who is ready for Crew vs. Cubs again. Welcome to Ever Ever After, who seems to have been touched by the October Gonzo spirit. (Did you vote on OG’s blog? Aaron Boone’s walk-off homer in 2003 is leading in the polling results as of this moment.) By the way, how do you like seeing MLBlogs.com on all of those incredible MLB national TV ad spots that started running at the All-Star Game? This community sure has come a long way in three years, folks.

Here are the highs of being a Blue Jays Fan

I am just guessing that Pinstriped Ponderings is not voting for McCain. I may be wrong. What do you think? “America’s most disgraced commander-in-chief” — blog author’s words. Hmmm, there have been some doozies. Jeff at Red State Blue State probably oughta weigh in on that MLBlog. One thing I definitely agree with is the comment about Jeff Samardzija. Watched him on the hill for the Cubs yesterday and this is Mark Prior II as far as Cub hysteria.

Welcome to Phillies #1, who is unfazed by a recent meltdown. Welcome to our own MLB.com Organizational Report, which — similar to Trade Talk — is maintained by 30 writers. … If you are a fan out West and you think East Coast Bias is a real thing, then why not start your own MLBlog? This person did. Sometimes I think I spend way too much of my personal time trying to debunk “East Coast Bias” mythology with reasoned replies. I can speak from personal experience on this one. I will write 15 consecutive articles for MLB.com that are teeming with references to Angels and A’s and other West Coast clubs, and if I write a 16th that fails to mention them (ie my Final Vote coverage last month, when there again were no nominees from the AL West), I get nastygrams saying I have East Coast Bias. Trust me, if you want to look like there is an L on your forehead, email MLB.com with a complaint that we have East Coast Bias. No other media entity sends 30 traveling beat writers out into the world with insane amounts of 24/7/365 coverage for all 30 clubs, regardless of W-L standings. But welcome anyway to West Coast Bias. … More MLBlogs traffic-stat fun in the next 24-48 hours!

Remember to leave lots of comments here and on other MLBlogs like OG’s WITH your URL so people can find you. Have fun!

…and here are the lows of being a Blue Jays Fan.


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Chinese food….Aah!!,i love it very much.I am working for a poker company which is among the biggest dealer in
“>bonus 4 absolute poker. I have a few web designs projects in hand and wanna hire some professional web designers.

OOPS…forgot my site’s link:


Thanks for the props on my coverage of Manny. The conclusion wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned, but that’s the game for ya!

Also, thanks for that other mention on the All-Star coverage. It’s good to know that my work has been looked at by you guys and, hopefully, the fans.

This stuff is inspiring. The blogs, the fans, the game…even those who’ve written about the game. I’ve was always told to write about my passion and let that passion shine in your writing. There’s nothing further from the truth about writing on the subject of baseball.

Again…a million thanks! Keep up the good work.

I hate Manny being Manny he is so annoying
get your Mets news at http://thewrightway.mlblogs.com/

I have to go on record and thank Russell from “Arizona via Slough” for his comment above. It’s true. I speak Mandarin for a living and lived in China for many years. For an in-depth look at how I took baseball to the 1.3 billion people, check out this story my staff dug out from the archives:

…oh, and Mark, eschew from any political conversation. You’ll have a better time if you heed that warning.

Jeff over at “Red State Blue State” is fluent in Mandarin and would be the ideal person for MLB to send to China.I’m easy either way about bringing him back.


Wow, Im jealous. What an opportunity. Makes me wonder what snagging a baseball at an Olympic game would be like. Have fun..Seems like this trip could be a bloggers dream….D

Hey, Arielle! I’ll be on the lookout for your fellow aspiring scribe. Who knows what I’ll write about. I am going with an open mind. Yo, Bruce: I would imagine the crowds were way down simply because Ripken/Gwynn was maybe a once-in-a-lifetime/Woodstock thing. I think 2007 was the celebration by all of fans of two guys who did it all right set hard against the backdrop of Bonds chasing Aaron and ongoing PED discussion. The next monster Hall crowd will be for Jeter…all the Yankee fans taking over Cooperstown in a decade. … Man, did Huff’s HR off Farnsworth tonight almost knock down the right-field stands or what? That was one of the hardest-hit balls I’ve seen in a while.

I just posted a long wrap-up of Hall of Fame Weeekend 2008. While the crowds were done, the sightings of Hall of Famers and retired stars were up. Next to this year’s All-Star Game, it’s hard to find as many oldtime ballplayers in any one place as you will in Cooperstown over induction weekend.

Bruce Markusen
Cooperstown Confidential

Yeah, I’m unoriginal so I’m blogging about Manny.

I don’t know any Chinese, but my school did an exchange program there this past spring and the Chinese don’t really take a liking to anyone who blogs about Chinese politics, so you might want to abstain from any of that. A teacher who was in China chose to blog about some political issue (I’m not positive it was Tibet) and the Chinese government shut down her e-mail account.
In other news, a kid from my town is also in China covering the Olympics. Keep your eye out for Cory Francer . . . he’s from Ithaca College and you’ll probably never run into each other, but if you do . . . well, say hi! He wants to be a sportswriter once he graduates just like me.


Thanks, if I don’t make it back here within a month you all have to send diplomats there to rescue me.

Have a great time in China and tell us all about it!


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