Latest Leaders

Here is the ranking of the top MLBloggers age group 7 months or younger:

1. Baby Paul.

Here are the top FAN MLBlogs over the last 7 days by page views (not PRO template):

2. The Rumor Mill – MLB Rumors | Spheroid
3. Ranger Trade Talk
4. Red State Blue State
5. The Hot Corner
6. Pick Me Up Some Mets! | Spheroid
7. Phillies Phollowers | Spheroid
8. The Baseball Collector – Chris Los
9. The Brewer Nation | Spheroid
10. Blogging Dodgers and Baseball
11. Who’s in Right Field? My Brewers Blog
12. Yogi Brewer
13. Prince of New York
14. The Boston Red Sox Blog
15. Yankees Chick | Spheroid
16. Bleeding Pinstripes
17. Baseball Cleats & Shoes
18. I Was Born in October of 1986
19. Dean’s Baseball Blog
20. Major League Ballhawk
21. Flair For The Dramatic
22. Hook, Line Drive & Sinker
23. Rock Pile Rant…Colorado Rockies
24. Angry Fan’s Baseball Fix | Spheroid
25. Phillies Red Pinstripes

Updated 2:19 p.m. ET on 7/23: The MLBlogs Creativity Award for the week goes to Dodger lyrics.

Keep it going, baseball bloggers! And be sure to leave comments with your URL on Trade Talk (51 percent of the entire community’s traffic this past week) and October Gonzo (MLB’s official 2008 postseason national TV campaign). I’m just sayin. Be where baseball fans are.

Meanwhile, the top 10 overall MLBlogs this past week by page view:

1. Trade Talk
2. Inside the Dodgers
3. The Pulse
4. Bombers Beat
5. The Baseball Collector
6. Beck’s Blog
7. CastroTurf
8. Inside the White Sox
9. Obviously You’re Not a Golfer
10. *touch* ’em all

Everyone please leave Baby Paul a comment and report back here if you did…let’s see if we can make Baby Paul a happening like the e*trade baby.

Around the Sphere: I missed it when CJ Wilson (20th overall) posted four days ago, and that is always worth making sure people see. He’s still my favorite professional athlete blogger because this guy is on his laptop filing from wherever at any hour and no one edits. … Welcome to Patti O’Shea Talks Baseball. Nice to have another author here, will add you to the side panel on this community blog in the Authors Link List. … 2 Legit DeWitt said “these blog layouts are trippy” and we just wanted to introduce her trippy MLBlog. Capital keys optional. … What happens when a Giants and a Dodgers fan both maintain one MLBlog? See for yourself. … If you are a Yankee fan living in New Mexico, what are you gonna do? Crank up an MLBlog. If you are a Yankee fan living in Alabama, what are you gonna do? Crank up an MLBlog. … Welcome to Mike Greenspire and welcome to District Boy. And a big welcome to all new MLBloggers.


Why does MLB implement instant replay if they aren’t going to use it when they should? The Izturis Homerun should of at least been reviewed by the umps with the fan clearly making contact with Damon’s glove and was debatable whether or not he had reached over the fence in order to do so.

Thanks for the information! This is awesome. My first month blogging and I’m at number 5 on the list. What an honor.

Visit my blog – “The Hot Corner” –

We’ll check on that, Noni, thanks.

Tried Baby Paul, same problem!

Just went to Trade Talk and it said I am not allowed to comment there. what’s with that?

Ranger Trade Talk is no. 3? But he has 2 comments… doesn’t make sense. Is there something I missed?

-EJ/Kid From New York

By the way, I’m surprised the Yogi Brewer blog made it that high. I checked it out and he hasn’t made an entry since April.

Wow, I just had another blogger point the Top 25 list out to me and I’m honored and flattered to come in at #11. Thanks to any and all that take the time to check me out.

Wow, I just had another blogger point the Top 25 list out to me and I’m honored and flattered to come in at #11. Thanks to any and all that take the time to check me out.

Wow, I just had another blogger point the Top 25 list out to me and I’m honored and flattered to come in at #11. Thanks to any and all that take the time to check me out.

I’m # 10 !!! Awesome. Thanks everyone for visiting 🙂


Jeff…possibly in a different form, with user-submitted video…wouldn’t be like we did before (not much being done these days audio-only at BAM) but there are some things being considered. No ETA…Homer: Thanks, we’ll keep adding new rankings, whatever we can do to show MLBloggers.

I wish i could blog when I was a baby. My whole life could be in that. You compiled a good list of some solid bloggers.

Check it out holmes! Xavier Nady, Damaso Marte deal coverage from a New York Yankee and a Pittsburgh Pirate fan. Who knew!

Mark, I was going through your archives and noticed MLBloggers used to get spotlighted on “Under the Lights” on Fridays. Any plans to have MLBloggers featured again through the programs like that one? With all the talent out here in MLBlogosphere land, seems like it’d be a fun thing to bring back.


random minor concern here: i don’t know if it looks that way just on my computer but I put a new profile pic up and it looks like shifted to the right, right next to the words “about me” instead of under it. it’s not that big of a deal to me. it just looks a little weird. is it because there’s some sort of height limit for profile pics?
oh and i understand about the OG thing, but you know you loove putting CJ’s picture up lol jk 🙂
thx mark.

Bruce, we’ll have Barry B up there. There is a beach with my name on it this weekend, for a long training run and for long glasses of mojitos.

I’ll be blogging later today about the first official day of Hall of Fame Weekend. (I think the weekend really starts on Thursday, but Friday is usually considered the first big day). I’ll be interviewing four Latino Hall of Famers today and tomorrow for an exhibit the Hall is unveiling in 2009. I’ll be talking to Aparicio, Cepeda, Marichal, and Perez. Should be fun.

Any other MLBloggers going to be in Cooperstown this weekend? Mark, are you around this weekend?

Take care,

Bruce Markusen
Cooperstown Confidential

Mark– You mentioned that the All-Star game would take up a good chunk of your time, so I held off asking. Would love to get those DVDs to review. Let me know if you need my address again.


Gee, I had no idea that anyone, outside of a few fellow Phillies blog and a follower of the Marlins, was actually following my little blog. To say that I’m actually flattered is an understatement. Thanks for the watching fellows, and if you have something to say in my blog, please, do not hesitate. 🙂

Hey, Mark, and [] …

I just would like to offer a quote from my blog: “Baseball, The Yankees, and Life” for consideration to be listed on: either, “Featured Blog” – or – “Blog Quote”, sections … My lastest post is about the great pitching performance by Mike Mussina, in yesterday’s [July 23th], 5-1, Yankees win … The quote from the post is: … “Mussina was like an artist on the mound, mixing up pitches and changing speeds, using the 105 pitches he threw as if they were strokes of a paint brush” … Thanks for the consideration, Mark … Take Care … Jimmy …

Thanks Mark for posting that! I am glad that I am in the Top 10! I am going to do a blog entry about this in the next day or so.

Post a comment in my Snagging Blog when you guys get a chance. Thanks!

The Baseball Collector

Steve did I ever get DVD(s) to you…let me know, All-Star Week took over everything. Good luck breaking into top 10! Jenn, keep up the phun blogging. EVERYONE LEAVE COMMENTS FOR BABY PAUL…the baby blogging machine! Never pacifies his audience, only himself.

Thanks for the post Mark! I was wondering how it was going…and thanks to everyone who’s been stopping by and leaving comments and feedback too :o) You guys rock! Have a peachy day :O)


Hey, #14 is not too shabby. Let’s see if another run at a World Series can propel my blog into the Top 10.

Steve T.

Bruce, thanks for the heads-up. Everyone, last time I saw Bruce he was on Main Street in Cooperstown at the last Ripken/Gwynn Induction Weekend/Woodstock and he was signing one of his many books for fans. This is one guy you definitely want to follow along with through HOF Induction. Mets Main Man, just left you a comment. I’m telling you we have to get Baby Paul a huge crowd at the BP comment crib.

I’m glad Born in October of 1986 made the list. I’m always commenting for him and we’ve been trying to help each other’s Mets blogs more popular. Sadly he’s had more success than I have but I’m still glad for him.

Good morning, everyone. I’ll be blogging live from Hall of Fame Weekend, starting later on Thursday night. We’re expecting crowds of about 15 to 20,000 this weekend for the induction of Goose Gossage and Dick Williams. 53 Hall of Famers are expected to attend the festivities, along with a number of other retired stars. Dave Winfield was the earliest to arrive in town; we saw him last night on Main Street.

And later today, I’ll have a new “Card Corner” post on the late Norm Cash, one of my favorite players and one of baseball’s most colorful characters.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Bruce Markusen
Cooperstown Confidential

Awesome, Mark. Thanks for the info. At RSBS, we’re trying our hardest to catch those Future Angels! Keep coming back. To all you newbies, Mark is right on leaving the URLs. Drop by RSBS and leave yours. You’ll get good exposure and more hits. Cheers!


Vanessa, do you think I sit here 24/7 waiting to see if CJ posts so I can hurry up and put a photo of him up? hahaha. Seriously we just do the best we can with present layout on the landing page. Our resources at BAM go to a million things. And also it’s important to note that these national TV commercials are telling millions of baseball fans to come to So when they get there you have to find OG…that fact won’t change at any time this season. We are talking about doing some more things to the page, will see. Best self-promo (besides being a good blogger) as always is to comment on other blogs (starting with those listed above given they have the most traffic) with your URL and be seen and swap links with other bloggers. EJ and JB: leaving those comments are good steps forward, keep it up. Everyone, check ’em out1

I hope one day I’ll be in the Power 25!

Thanks for the mention, Mark. Remember, I cover every team on blog. I write about a bunch of random topics, but maybe that’s a good thing. Who else thinks Nelson Cruz needs to be in the majors? Anyway, it’s really cool seeing my blog’s name up there on this blog. An achievement within itself.


Thx for posting the list. Looks great to see my blog up there 🙂
One thing I would love to see on the main page though is more coverage of the new or not well known blogs. No knock on Rick Gonzalez but October Gonzo is being plastered everywhere. There are a couple of blogs that I think should get some attention, like Small Ball or Texas Rangers Chick and more.
And about CJ, I was wondering why his face didn’t show up at the home page after his post lol. Ceej’s blog is my fav player blog too.
V –

Aww, man. I missed out. I never got the rookie treatment here. This sucks. Oh well. 😛

Check out my blog, where I discuss the Yankees and give my honest opinion. There’s a new section called the Bold Statement of the Day, where I say something arguable and courageous and give my explanation for it on the next post. Every post comes out at around 8:35 PM EST daily with occasional days off. Tons of pictures and cold hard opinion. Wanna hear more about why I think Joe Girardi’s better than Joe Torre? Wanna know why I say the Yanks will have the Wild Card lead by the end of August? Check out my Yankees blog,


-EJ/Kid From New York

Hey Mark,
Thanks for posting those results. It is nice to see that a lot of the Blogs I read are made the list..Don

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